My Top Ways to Stay in Shape For Summer

Good evening Leaps readers!

I hope you are all having as splendid a day as I’m having! Tonight I want to discuss all of my favorite ways to exercise. Summer is just around the corner, and although my swimsuits are high-waisted, I’m still hanging on to my New Year’s fitness goals (well, somewhat). I’ve been eating healthier and losing a little bit of weight, and so once summer hits, I want to create more muscle tone than I currently have. I will be reactivating my gym membership (since I can’t afford it while I am in school), and will continue eating as healthy as I can. Here are my top four ways I exercise during the summer time!

1. Traditional Gym Workout


I decided to start with this one because this is the most common for me in the summer. I will go to the gym and start with either a run on the treadmill, stairmaster climb, or elliptical session for 25 minutes. Then I dry my face off, wash my hands, and do either an arm circuit with free weights, a glute/body weight circuit, or do legs on the machines. I finish every workout with 10 minutes of abs and 20+ minutes of stretching! I switch which muscles/muscle groups I target every gym session so I’m toning and firming all parts of my body.

2. Yoga


With my gym membership comes unlimited fitness classes, so I try to make it to 2-3 yoga classes a week. I LOVE yoga. Not only is it a workout, but it’s good for centering and focusing one’s mind and thoughts. Furthermore, you are toning and creating long LEAN muscles. And nothing beats shavasana (“corpse pose”) at the end of class when you can lay there and meditate. Sometimes the instructors will even come around and massage your temples or shoulders while you meditate. Taking a yoga class is a win-win!

3. Barre Fitness


Another fitness class my gym offers, this class combines Pilates, yoga, and ballet techniques to create an integrated workout that also creates lean and long muscles and muscular definition. Unfortunately, the barre teacher at my gym is not the best, and I don’t really like the instructor, but it’s a good alternative to not being able to make it to a dance class (dance is expensive especially over the summer and I am on a tight budget!). If you’ve always wanted to try ballet, but don’t want to go to an open adult ballet class (that might be intimidating for people who have never danced before), barre fitness is a great way to combine basic ballet positions and movements into a full-body workout.

4. Hikes


I love hiking! There is something about being out in nature that is peaceful and fun! This summer, I want to go on more hikes since I wasn’t able to go as frequently last summer. Hikes help you explore new places while also exercising your whole body! Plus, you get to take in nature’s beauty and some amazing scenery!

Those are my top 4 ways I workout and will continue my fitness journey this summer!

Have you ever tried yoga or barre fitness? What’s your favorite way to workout? Post your favorite workouts in the comments so I can try something new this summer!

Have a great night!