Marshalls Haul & Try-On

Hello internet loves!

Yesterday was Saturday, and I officially deemed yesterday, “Treat Yourself Saturday”! I’ve been going through a rough time, and I decided to go to Marshalls and try to find some new sneakers, and new clothes for my summer at the American Dance Festival! Here are some of the awesome clothes/shoes I found while I shopped! 🙂


These sneakers are ADORABLE. I love that they don’t have laces, yet they are snug and supportive of my ankle and foot. They are light weight, and would be great for treadmill running, exercise, and everyday running to and from my different jobs/rehearsals.

OMGosh! I’ve been DYING for a pair of Danskins ever since Jenna Dewan Tatum became a spokesperson for them (lame I know, BUT I love her, soo…). As a teenager, I bought Danskin shorts and yoga pants from Wal-Mart, but the Danskin line in Wal-Mart is not the same as the leggings you get from the online store, and these are the ones from the online store! They are high-waisted and long in length which fit my legs so nicely! The compression and shaping are great, and they are not see-through at all. I LOVE them! They also make the booty look good, so that is not a bad feature either 🙂


Please ignore the stains on the mirror, they are paint and not makeup or anything. Just paint spots that won’t come off!

These are so cool, I had to buy them! Not only do they fit well, and are not see-through, they have this super cool design on them that is super unique. I’ve never seen athletic leggings like this before, and I had to have them. They were super affordable, too which makes it even better!


I really need to update my actual wardrobe. As you can see, I buy a lot of athletic clothes, and a lot of my “normal” clothes I also use for class and rehearsal. I need more blouses for going out and looking like I’m not coming from the gym, so my best friend picked out this top for me. It is such a beautiful shade of blue, and the off-the-shoulder silhouette is very summery and flattering.

I’m so excited to wear all of these beautiful clothes and shoes! 🙂 Marshalls is great for finding great style deals, and for buying cute and lasting athletic clothing that doesn’t break the bank. Marshalls also always has great deals on Skechers if you want comfortable athletic shoes at an affordable price tag!

Talk to you guys soon, xoxo

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Essence Cosmetics Gel Nail Polish System

Hi everyone!

Recently I bought some Essence Cosmetics brand “gel” nail polish, with their recommended base coat and top coat. My mom and I have been trying the polishes with the base and top coat system, and I wanted to review it for you all so you know what you are buying when you purchase these items! They claim to last 60% longer than traditional nail polish with no UV lamp required.


Let me start by saying I am really impressed with these polishes. Are they as good as a salon gel manicure or one that you need a UV light for? Honestly, no. You’re only going to get an “authentic” gel manicure by buying an at home system with a UV light or by going to the salon. HOWEVER, these polishes are super fast drying, they apply really well, and the base coat and top coat are the quickest drying base and top coats I’ve ever used. It makes it easy to have a nice foundation layer before adding color.


These polishes come in a decent range of colors, and as you can see, they have beautiful mauvey pinks, deep purple, and a mauve blue color. I love these colors so much. They also have a beautiful light purple color I want to eventually try. There is a color for all seasons and occasions which is nice.


The colors run for about $1.99 United States dollars, and the base coat and top coat are priced at $3.99 a piece which is not bad for a “gel system”. I bought mine at Harmons Face Values, but you can also purchase these at Ulta Beauty. The product claims to be ultra-long lasting, and I have to disagree. My nails lasted about two days of normal day-to-day activities before they chipped, and I’ve actually had better lasting time with other affordable polish such as Sinful Colors price.


Nonetheless, they have a normal level of staying power, and like I said I LOVE the colors they have available. The formula is a bit thicker than a regular polish for both the colors, and the base and top coats, but I think that is part of whatever makes the polish dry quickly. Although the formula is thick, it does not sit heavy on the nails nor does it feel goopy or chunky which is a definite plus. The wand and brush are short and fat which makes application a little hard if you don’t make sure the product is not globbed up on the brush bristles.

Currently, I’ve tried the shades You and Me?, Jeans On!, and Plump Power, and they all look really nice on the nails. I suggest buying these nail polishes if you want a quick drying nail polish product with a lovely range of color shades. It’s great if you’re working within a budget or if you just want to try something new.

Have you tried these nail polishes before, or their gel system? What do you think?


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Discount Dance Fall Order

Hi beauties!

Today I wanted to share with you my recent purchase from! Discount Dance is an online store that has literally everything and anything you need as a dancer. Leotards, tights, Therabands, accessories, costumes, rosin – you name it and they probably have it! I’ve written about Discount Dance before on my blog (see Dance Christmas Wishlist), so if you are a dancer and you haven’t visited their online store, I suggest you do so! They have great prices for quality dancewear.

This past week, they had a super awesome promotional code for free shipping and 15% off of your order, so I ordered some new tights and a new leotard! As I’ve raved before, I LOVE Natalie Dancewear. For real if I could be an affiliate for Natalie I would! Their leotards are EXTREMELY well made, long lasting, and super comfortable. Not to mention, they are great for dancers who have boobs. Their leotards compliment, support, and shape bigger breasts as opposed to making them look squished or not being supportive enough.


I actually own this leotard in a different two-toned color scheme (it is two different purple colors), and I love it so much that I bought it in Navy and Light Pink. This picture doesn’t do it justice – the colors POP and look so nice together! I bought my first one of this style leotard at the beginning of sophomore year of college, and it still works as well and looks brand new today which is over two years later!


Next, I wanted to try the new Theatricals tights. First of all, I’ve LOVED Theatricals tights since I discovered them freshman year of college. They had this INCREDIBLE elastic waistband that did not dig into your sides and were super flattering to wear. Unfortunately, Theatricals is no longer making them that way, and instead have released a new version of their convertible tights that I wanted to try. They rid of the elastic waistband, and replaced it with a knit waistband similar to Body Wrappers tights.


Unfortunately, I tried these tights with the new waistband on and I do NOT like them. They are super soft like the old style, but the waist band digs into my sides and is not flattering to wear over or under my leotard. I bought a pink and a black pair thinking I’d like them, and unfortunately I do not see myself wearing them often.

If you are looking for a new leotard to purchase, I highly suggest Natalie dancewear. They are incredible and super cute/stylish for class and rehearsal. As for the Theatricals new tights, I’d say pass if you loved the old style like I did!


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July Ipsy Unbagging – Hot Summer Nights

Good evening WordPress loves!

I wanted to do a quick rundown of my July Ipsy bag for you all since I did not post an early access reveal for this month’s bag. This month’s concept was super cute, and beach themed, and I really enjoyed the bag design! As for the products, I wasn’t really looking forward to any product in particular, however, I do feel as though I made out well with the products I did receive.


July’s bag includes:

  1. Model Co. Power Lash Mascara
  2. Vasanti Cosmetics “Eyeshadow 2” brush 
  3. The Balm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner in  the color “Jac B. Bronze”
  4.  Too Faced Hangover Hydrating Primer
  5. 4 Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets

Let me begin with the bag itself. As you can see in the image above (which does not have a filter!) the bag was a holographic design of a beach with the Ipsy logo looking as if it is lounging under the umbrella in the sun. I love this bag so much! I was so happy to see a summer themed bag for July, because June’s bag concept was really disappointing to me (I’m talking about the Ipsy Rebel Rebel theme). Anyway, this bag is super cute, and I love the light pink and blue zipper/lining on the inside. I see myself using this bag for pocketbook organization when the fall comes around!


As for the products, I’ve never heard of the Model Co. Power Lash Mascara. I am interested in trying it though because I love mascara, and I am always looking for mascara that lengthens and dramatizes my lashes. For me, lashes are go big or go home.

I was happy to see the Vasanti Cosmetics Eyeshadow 2 brush in my bag this month. I’ve also never heard of this brand, but I think this brush is going to work well! I love eyeshadows, and I can never have enough makeup brushes – especially eyeshadow brushes since I use eyeshadow everyday. I anticipate this brush being able to pick up and apply product well. I also read you can use the Vasanti Brushes wet or dry, which is exciting because usually I am hesitant to wet my brushes in fear I will ruin them (unless I’m cleaning them of course).

The Too Faced Hangover Hydrating Primer was especially fun to find in my July bag! I love Too Faced, and I actually used this primer once this week and it felt really nice on my skin, and had a pleasant scent. It seemed to dry very quickly though, I’m curious to see how I like it through more use.

I love The Balm cosmetics, but I was annoyed I received this eyeliner in this color. Last month, I received the ColourPop Creme Gel Liner in the bronze color, and this month is yet another bronze eyeliner. I don’t think I will use this that much since I already have the ColourPop one, and I wish I received The Balm plum colored liner instead.

Finally, I’m interested to try the Nunzio Santiago Anti-Frizz Sheets. I need a haircut, and my hair is super frizzy in the summertime, so I am curious if these sheets actually work to counteract frizz, or if it’s just a gimmick. These sheets claim to “control static, tames flyaways and define curls” while it’s “Enriched with coconut oil to give you a straight-outta the salon shine”. Sounds good, so I think I might use one of them today to try it!

July’s bag was a bit anti-climatic. I didn’t make an early access post because I didn’t feel like I was overly-excited for anything in my bag. Maybe in August and the coming fall months Ipsy will curate a better bag with more diverse products, that fit the theme of the month better. Nevertheless, I will still find use for the products I did receive!

What did you get this month from Ipsy? Did you like this month’s bag?




Vera Bradley Order – 4th of July Deal

Hello Leaps readers!

I hope you are having a wonderful evening. It is late, but I’ve been collecting some fun mail and I wanted to share with you some awesome stuff I’ve hauled. First I’m going to talk about my Vera Bradley order, and soon I will post about my recent Ulta online order!

Vera Bradley was running an awesome sale for Independence Day – 50% off their sale section AND free shipping. I also had a 25% off birthday coupon Vera Bradley sent me in the mail a few weeks ago, and had a $15.00 Vera Bradley gift card my brother gave me for Christmas, so I figured I should take advantage of the sale and buy myself a new bag and wallet. My last three or four pocketbooks have been Vera Bradley, and although I ADORE all of her colorful prints (I probably have 14 Vera Bradley bags/backpacks/duffles, etc.), I really wanted a solid colored bag this time in a crossbody style – something that looked a little more “grown-up” for my 21st.


Lucky for me, all of their “Plum” colored pocketbooks were 50% off (and we all know how much I love purple!), so I ordered the “On the Go Crossbody”! This bag is originally priced $88.00, and it was on sale for $44.00 before my coupon or gift card. Then I added the “Trifold Wallet” in the print “Rosewood” to my cart. I love the colors and print of this! The wallet has the same plum color in it’s print/design as the bag does. This wallet is originally $42.00, and was on sale for $21.00, before my coupon or gift card.

Altogether, this would have totaled $65.00 for the on sale price, or $130.00 if I bought both of them at their regular price. But after my coupon, free shipping, and my $15.00 gift card, I paid $37.16 after tax!  It was such a steal, I didn’t feel bad spending the money on myself! Plus – look at them ❤ They are too pretty to pass up!

I really love this bag, and it is very well made. The cross body strap is thick (which I like), and it is adjustable! The wallet is spacious and forced me to clean out my other two wallets (which was beneficial for me – I found out a lot of old gift cards still had money on them!). The wallet also has an awesome license display inside which can show off my new, updated 21 yr old license ;).

I am so happy with my new Vera Bradley merchandise, and it really is my FAVORITE pocketbook brand. I don’t know how someone can’t love her stuff because she has styles, prints, and colors for everyone! I’m really excited to start using this bag, and I hope you all sign up for their email list so you can get in on their awesome sale and clearance deals!

Do you like Vera Bradley? Do you own any of her bags? What’s your favorite?

Until next time loves!