Hooked Siren – Halloween Mermaid Makeup

Hi beautiful ghouls!

Yesterday I created a Hooked Siren look, complete with shells from the ocean and a hook straight out of my dad’s tackle box. This look took me about an hour and 45 minutes to complete, and I used a hell of a lot of different beauty products/Halloween sfx products to do it. All products used will be bolded so you can find them easily.


For my face, I used a moisturizer to prime. Then I added e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation and e.l.f. concealer to prep my skin. Next, I added a cream contour to my face – to my temples and around my forehead, the hollows of my cheeks, and my jaw line. I blended this out and finished with It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores setting powder.


Next, I created the scales! I put a pair of old fishnet stockings around my head, and created an ombre effect of scales using my Julia’s Leaps of Faith eyeshadows! If you don’t know, those are the shadows I make myself! I used the color Puddles ( a bright blue) and Introspective (a smokey purple) which are both currently available for purchase on my Etsy, and then I used a color that is not released on my Etsy shop yet called Mermaid Lagoon (a black based dark blue) for the darkest scale shade!


After my scales were on, I created the hook injury using a real fishing hook, flesh liquid latex, and ripped up tissues. I let this set and dry on my face while I completed my eyes! For my eyebrows I used Colourpop’s Supershock Eyeshadow in Rhinestone which is a black-based metallic blue/green color on a small angled brush, and filled my brows in like I normally would. This eyeshadow color gave my eyebrows a blu-ish green hue that is reminscent of the ocean floor! Then I used TooFaced Sugar Pop palette and completed my eye makeup with the purples and blues in the palette. I topped the center of my eyelids with the glitter sheer Supershock eyeshadow from Colourpop in Alchemy.


I completed my eye look with some winged liner using e.l.f. Expert Liner and Ciate London Fierce Flicks. I created a “mermaid tail” wing instead of a traditional wing. Then I used the Essence Cosmetics False Lash mascara to give my lashes definition and length. By this time, my injury was dry, so I picked at it to give it a distressed effect. Then I added my foundation around the outside to make it flesh-toned. I added red and purple tones to the perimeter using the e.l.f. Mad for Matte 2 palette so the wound appeared bruised and infected. At the end, I dumped some fake blood all over it, and let it run down my neck to give the appearance that it was still bleeding.

Sirensong4 (1)

I finished my look with a rhinestone headband, and glued some sea shells to my forehead using more liquid latex (this part was surprisingly difficult!). I finished with the Ulta Matte Lip Cream in the shade Allusive for a dark, moody lip that fit the dark blues and purples of this look!

To complete the costume, I added a blue/green sparkly crocheted light-weight sweater (I borrowed from my mom) that looked like a fishing net. I wore a black crop top camisole underneath the netting. Then I wore pearl earrings, a pearly bracelet, and a pearly necklace (all fake of course) to match my underwater theme!

I had SUCH a fun time creating this look yesterday, and I received many compliments on it whether it was in-person compliments, Instagram, or compliments from DMs on Snapchat! I hope you like this look, and try it for yourself! The great part of this costume idea is that you can use any color scheme!

Until next time, stay scary!

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I Checked in to the Cortez Hotel, & it Looks Like I’m Not Checking Out Until the Season is Over

AHS Hotel

Good evening followers! And by evening, I mean late night! I just finished watching the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, and there are so many emotions I am going through currently! From fearful, to perturbed, really disturbed, impressed, excited, anxious.. honestly I could keep going, but let me leave it at I am experiencing all of these as I type and as the last two hours of television resonates in my mind. Let’s have a quick chat about Hotel, shall we?

So first of all, the set and the costumes are fan-freaken-tastic as always. They nailed the hotel’s 1920’s art deco theme right down to the intricate designs on the room keys and the numbers on the room doors. The costumes are also amazing. It is the perfect blend of modern-age and period-dated wear, and each costume was perfect for the characters who were introduced tonight! It is insane how much attention to detail goes into creating this show.

Secondly, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates are queens! I have a lot of respect for them as actresses since they can literally embrace and nail any role! Sarah Paulson is supreme because she has been with the show since season one, and she keeps getting better and better! Furthermore, the queen herself – Lady Gaga – was absolutely incredible in establishing her role and her character on tonight’s premiere episode. Lady Gaga is a wonderful performer (I’ve not only seen her on t.v., but also live in concert), and there isn’t really anything she can’t do. She is a total “proud to be me and embrace my inner weirdo” kind of person, and I absolutely love her for it. There is a lot of potential for her to really embrace her role on this show, and I know she will continue to do so!

Thirdly, the story already has me swept up in all of the side plots, intertwining story lines, and the different character flaws each character is harboring. From the blood and gore, explicit sex scenes, graphic depictions of drug use, and the brutal murders, there are so many intense moments. Some of them are hard to watch sometimes! For example, I hate watching people do drugs, even if it’s a fictional depiction. It makes me really sad. But hey, that’s the beauty of late-night television, right? Definitely pushing the boundaries of television censorship, and viewer’s comfort zones!

Finally, I heard this season of AHS is supposed to connect all five seasons together somehow.. I don’t know how they are going to do it on the show, but if you have read any of the fan theories exploring the connections and possibilities between the last four seasons, you know what I am talking about! If you haven’t read any of them, go to Google and do a brief search and I’m sure you’ll find some interesting material to read before you nod-off tonight!

I can’t wait for the next episode, and I am wondering who is going to check in to the Hotel next!

Did you check in tonight? What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let me know!

What Happens When You Pay Attention

Hey y’all! I have a scary story to share today! School has been crazy, I haven’t talked to my boyfriend in a while since this phase of training is not over yet, and since I haven’t many friends I confide in at my college, I’ve been dealing with this alone. It’s been okay, but I want to share with you all what happened to me the other day in hopes that it never happens to you!!

On Monday, I have an ensemble rehearsal after my day of classes, so I do not leave school until 5:45pm. I was driving back to my aunt’s house (where I live while I attend college), and I decided to go a different route home because I needed to fill my car gas tank. I was nearing the gas station, and had to take the jug-handle (U-Turn) to be on the correct side of the highway in order to be able to pull into the gas station. At this point it was about 6:00pm, and the sun was still blazing in the sky, but it was starting to set and it was very, dangerously bright outside. I had my sunglasses on and my sun shade flipped down so I could decrease the amount of glare. I rounded the jug-handle as I have done a few times in the past, and since it was 6:00pm, the road traffic was pretty heavy. The light had turned red, so a lot of cars were stopped and waiting for the “go”.  I was stopped at the red yield sign for about 6-10 seconds waiting for an opening in the traffic. The light right off the jug-handle ramp turned green, and cars began to move again. Fortunately for me, I was looking left to wait for an opening, and two cars (one in the middle lane, one in the fast lane), stopped and waved me on to enter the highway. I was relieved because I couldn’t see much to my left due to the intensity of the sun’s glare. I waved to them, and proceeded to enter the highway and suddenly slammed into another car.

I was not able to see this car coming up quickly in the right lane. As I mentioned, I was stopped at the yield for a good amount of time, and I waited until what I thought was an opening for me to enter the highway. Unfortunately, although I was looking to my left, the sun glare was so terrible I couldn’t see out of my periphery vision to the very left of me where cars were coming up the right lane. Thank goodness nobody was hurt, and the cars were not totaled. The cars are drivable, and they both can be fixed. The officer who came to the scene was very nice, and he was happy to help us out.

Now, I am firmly against texting and driving so my phone was in my pocketbook and on silent, and I did not even have the radio on because I was so tired from dancing all day and didn’t want to listen to music on the radio. I was without distractions. But even though I wasn’t distracted while driving, there is still a possibility to be BLINDED while driving. Technically, I did not break any laws, however, I could not see to my left, and it was my fault for assuming I was alright to go and then running into her car.

My message to you lovely people is that even if people are waving you to enter the roadway, DO NOT GO UNLESS YOU ARE POSITIVE THE ROAD IS CLEAR. Even when you are fully alert and paying attention, if you are blinded to ANY side of your vehicle, do not move unless you are 100% positive it is safe to do so. I was extremely lucky nobody was injured or killed, lucky the passenger in the other car was okay, lucky our cars were both fixable, and lucky I was not written a ticket. I always prided myself on being a careful driver, and now I am going to be even more alert and aware every time I am behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Even if you are a careful driver and are doing the right things at the right times, following correct driving procedures, and waiting before you turn, look both ways multiple times before deciding to pull out into traffic. I checked the roadway at least four or five times, but the glare being so intense could have costed me and the other driver more than just damage to both cars. If you experience really bad sun glare while you are driving, please be super cautious when operating your vehicle and do not do pull into traffic or switch lanes without knowing 100% you are safe to do so. I hope whoever reads this can keep my story in mind the next time you are driving in rush hour traffic (which happens to be when the sun sets), or even morning traffic when the sun is rising.

Please be safe today and may God bless you all!