New Natalie Dancewear Dance Socks

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On Wednesday, I was on my way to rehearsal when my phone lit up with an Instagram notification! A few weeks ago, I entered a contest on Instagram with – the online retailer I purchase all of my dancewear and needs from. They were having a contest, and to enter you had to comment below their photo your favorite blog post from the Discount Dance blog, and why for a chance to win THREE pairs of the new Natalie Dancewear Dance socks!

Well, as I am walking down 8th street in the East Village NYC, my phone lit up with a “liked comment” notification, telling me Discount Dance liked my contest entry comment. At this point, I totally forgot I entered the contest two weeks prior, and thought it was nice of them to acknowledge my comment (I wrote a lot, and really liked the article from their blog). Five minutes later, I received another notification from Instagram from a tagged comment from Discount Dance, saying I was one of the lucky winners!!

Coincidentally, this summer I discovered Natalie Dancewear made turn socks, which I put on my birthday wishlist! I didn’t necessarily think those socks were going to be great because they had padding on the ball of the foot of the sock, but I thought they  would be interesting to try. I never ended up buying them or getting them as a gift, so when I saw Natalie made a new design for their dance socks without padding, I new I had to enter the contest! If I didn’t win, I told myself I’d buy a pair just to try whenever had a free shipping deal.

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Now, I have three pairs of these socks coming my way for free! I was so shocked I won, and I cannot wait to try them out! They remind me a lot of the Apolla Shocks socks, which are the biggest name in dance socks on the market right now, with each pair retailing about $30. I don’t own Apollas, but I know a lot of dancers and dance educators who do who love them.

The Natalie socks retail for about $11.00 a pair (but right now they are on sale on their website for $5.91), so I will definitely be writing a follow-up post about their wear, durability, and traction once I have a few weeks to test them out! Here is a link in case you want to check them out:

Natalie Dance Socks

This was one of the highlights of my week, so I just had to share it. I hope you all enjoy this snow day we’re having if you live on the Northern East coast, and if not, have a fabulous Friday anyway!

**This post is not in any way sponsored by I entered the contest and was choosen by the decision of Discount Dance**



Discount Dance Fall Order

Hi beauties!

Today I wanted to share with you my recent purchase from! Discount Dance is an online store that has literally everything and anything you need as a dancer. Leotards, tights, Therabands, accessories, costumes, rosin – you name it and they probably have it! I’ve written about Discount Dance before on my blog (see Dance Christmas Wishlist), so if you are a dancer and you haven’t visited their online store, I suggest you do so! They have great prices for quality dancewear.

This past week, they had a super awesome promotional code for free shipping and 15% off of your order, so I ordered some new tights and a new leotard! As I’ve raved before, I LOVE Natalie Dancewear. For real if I could be an affiliate for Natalie I would! Their leotards are EXTREMELY well made, long lasting, and super comfortable. Not to mention, they are great for dancers who have boobs. Their leotards compliment, support, and shape bigger breasts as opposed to making them look squished or not being supportive enough.


I actually own this leotard in a different two-toned color scheme (it is two different purple colors), and I love it so much that I bought it in Navy and Light Pink. This picture doesn’t do it justice – the colors POP and look so nice together! I bought my first one of this style leotard at the beginning of sophomore year of college, and it still works as well and looks brand new today which is over two years later!


Next, I wanted to try the new Theatricals tights. First of all, I’ve LOVED Theatricals tights since I discovered them freshman year of college. They had this INCREDIBLE elastic waistband that did not dig into your sides and were super flattering to wear. Unfortunately, Theatricals is no longer making them that way, and instead have released a new version of their convertible tights that I wanted to try. They rid of the elastic waistband, and replaced it with a knit waistband similar to Body Wrappers tights.


Unfortunately, I tried these tights with the new waistband on and I do NOT like them. They are super soft like the old style, but the waist band digs into my sides and is not flattering to wear over or under my leotard. I bought a pink and a black pair thinking I’d like them, and unfortunately I do not see myself wearing them often.

If you are looking for a new leotard to purchase, I highly suggest Natalie dancewear. They are incredible and super cute/stylish for class and rehearsal. As for the Theatricals new tights, I’d say pass if you loved the old style like I did!


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Dance Christmas Wishlist

Hello WordPress! Thank God it’s Friday, right?! I survived my first week of finals. That’s right people – I have two whole weeks of finals! That’s a dance major’s life anyway. During our last week of classes, we have our movement finals during our scheduled class times, and then during the actual finals week (the university-wide finals time), we have our dance jury. A dance jury is basically a time where you go into the studio alone to face the panel of your professors and they ask you to perform whatever final they want to see (we have different movement combinations/variations for each teacher and for each style of dance). After you dance, they give you your final evaluations and critiques for the semester.

I am the first one out of the department to have my jury this year (I don’t know why, but hopefully it’s a good thing!), and I have the holidays on my mind! I also am thinking of all of the dance stuff I need for next semester, so here is a brief list of everything I want!


A few of the items I want from

As I’ve written in the past, I L.O.V.E.! It is my go-to site for everything I need for classes, rehearsals, and shows. All the items I want this Christmas can be purchased on DiscountDance!

  1. Bloch Sonatas: Bloch Sonatas are the pointe shoe I currently use! For one of my ballet teacher’s classes, we are doing a few different variations and solos from Swan Lake, and my pointe shoes are just at the point where they are about to break or die completely. They mold to my feet really well, and I love how the platform takes a while to become squishy. The pair I currently use is still pretty hard in the platform/box, however, I need a new pair for next semester.
  2. Bloch Elastoribbon: I’ve never tried this elastoribbon before – I’ve always had to sew on regular elastics and regular ribbons. But for my next set of pointe shoes I want to try this ribbon and see if it gives me any more support, or if I like it better than doing traditional elastic and ribbon separately.
  3. Natalie Long Sleeve Leotard: I want a long sleeve leo for the winter, and this leotard is super cute! It has a low cut back with a pinch twist, and it looks super comfortable. Every Natalie leotard I own fits me really well and wicks away moisture well too!
  4. Feather Lites Gel Toe Pads: (not pictured) I use gel toe pads in my pointe shoes to protect my feet, and I haven’t used this brand before. These come in a pretty pink or purple color, and I’d love to get them in purple since it’s my favorite color! Plus, with colored gel pads, I wouldn’t be able to see the discoloration from repeated use which makes the regular transparent toe pads look icky (don’t worry – I wash and baby powder my gel pads each week, but they still become discolored over time).

There you have it y’all! It’s a short and sweet list, but unfortunately dance apparel and shoes are expensive, so even though it’s a short list, it’s all worth over $100. Hopefully Santa brings me some cool dance gear this year!

Do you dance? What dance brands do you like?

My Favorite Dance Brands

Hey lovely followers!

There is so much going on recently, and school has been whooping my butt! But I wanted to write a quick post about my favorite dance wear brands and why they are valuable to invest in if you are a dancer!


First and foremost, leotards have to be the best, cutest, worst, best and least flattering, pieces of clothing anyone could ever try on. There are so many different brands and variations of leotards (biketards, unitards, camisole straps, strappy-back, high neck, etc.). However, leotards are also super cute and nowadays you can find so many unique types that can really highlight your personality and the way you move! Unfortunately, higher-quality leotards or super unique leotards come at a somewhat high price, so like many dancers, I usually shop at Nonetheless, I have one brand that I always come back to when I’m in need of a new one-piece for ballet class. Natalie dancewear is by far my favorite! Not only do they have super cute styles, colors, and cuts of the leotard, they are also very affordable – usually running between $25 and $35 dollars a piece. Additionally, for a dancer more well-endowed like myself (in the chest area), Natalie leotards give me a lot of support and shape me well so I don’t have to wear an annoying sports bra under my backless leotard (because when you buy a backless leotard, the one thing that ruins the line of your body is a blocky sports bra cutting your back in half).

Buy here: Two Tone Leotard


Okay, I’m going to be honest here. I hate tights that dig into my sides and are too tight in the waistband. I also hate tights that don’t have a thick waistband that is distinct from the actual tights themselves. Another thing I don’t like about tights? Paying $18 per pair which will get ruined after two weeks of use (I go through tights fast). I finally found a brand (since I have been a dance major in college) that suits my body and my needs, that wicks moisture away pretty well, while simultaneously holding up through many hours of technique and rehearsal! This brand is called Theatricals, and it doesn’t hurt that they run around $6.75 a pair! I usually buy multiple pairs at a time, and they come in a huge variety of colors! Theatricals is definitely something to invest in the next time you shop for dance stuff online.

Buy here: Convertible Tights

Ballet Slippers

As a dance major who has four days of ballet class a week, my ballet slippers wear out quickly! I never have time to sew on new elastics (or the patience I’ll admit!). My solution? Bloch Zenith canvas ballet slippers! They come pre-sewn and mold the shape of my foot perfectly! They also accentuate my arches, and make the line of my foot look finished and neat! Also, if you buy them at DiscountDance, they are super affordable (around $23), as opposed to some mom & pop run dance stores which sell them at a hefty $36 a pair. These shoes come in a few different colors too! Definitely shop online for  these if you new ballet slippers are what you need, and if you are looking to get new dance gear and stay on budget.

Buy here: Zenith

These are my top 3 dance brands at the moment! I do love many others, but recently these have been my go-tos. DiscountDance is a great resource if you are a student on a budget, and I hope my fellow dancers out there find some awesome new dance wear to wear to ballet or modern class!

Have a wonderful day everyone!