Essential Dance Teacher Supplies and Resources

Hello WordPress! Sorry for my hiatus – there is a lot going on and I have not had time to make a post in a while!

Anyway, today I want to show you of the equipment I use that is SUPER helpful as a dance teacher. Since being a dance teacher is my primary source of income, it is important for me to stay organized and keep choreography and lesson plans documented.

Camera – Coolpix L840 (my personal camera!)


A reliable camera not only lets you document choreography, combinations, and class exercises, but it is also essential to create a dance reel or a teaching reel to book teaching gigs. This camera has the look of a DSLR with the ease of a point-and-shoot. It operates off of 4 Double-A batteries, and shoots in 1080p with 16megapixel imaging and video stabilization. I received this as a Christmas present 2 Christmas’ ago and it is one of the most useful and best gifts I’ve ever received!


journal 1

A journal is essential as a dance teacher. For me, a journal helps me document ideas and lesson plans when I do not have my camera handy. It also helps me write down corrections when watching my students dance my choreography, and helps me organize formation changes, and even to-do lists for dance classes and performances. This cute journal I found on Amazon and you can personalize it with your name, and buy it in either college-ruled or checklist paper. If you want to order one you can click on the image! I love the personalized touch of adding your name, too.



If you don’t have stickers and you teach young students (primarily young girls), you NEED them. My students lose their minds over princess or fairy stickers (in a good way!). It is essential to have them to reward young students, to help young tap students know which foot to use by putting a stick on top of one of their tap shoes, or to mark certain places on the floor to remind young students where to stand in their dance.

SpotifyColor-Spotify-LogoDuring senior year of college, I contemplated buying Spotify for the classes I taught, but the first year after college I HAD to subscribe. It is so much cheaper than paying for individual tracks of music on iTunes or Google Play. I’m an avid Android user anyway, so for me Spotify was a great choice. For $10.65 a month, Spotify gives you non-stop streaming of all of your favorite music, and I’ve also found amazing covers of songs to use for choreography through Spotify’s recommendation lists. It’s perfect making playlists for all of the classes you teach.

Dance Teacher Account on


If you don’t know what this is, then you should! is an online dance retailer carrying a lot of popular and trusted brand-name dancewear and supplies. (See Discount Dance Fall Order). If you are a dance educator, you can enroll in their dance teacher program for special teacher pricing, a special teacher discount code to give to your students to use when they order (so you get credit for their order), and access to certain performance wear and teacher-only items! It is a great resource to have access to, and for discounted items and supplies you may need for class (shoes, tights, knee pads, Therabands, etc.). Plus, it is free to sign up! ❤

These are some of my favorite items to have on me at all times as a dance teacher! Let me know your favorite supplies and resources you use that helps you be the best dance teacher you can be!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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Heartache Playlist

Hey loves!

Tonight’s post is going to be a little different than usual. Due to recent events, I’ve found myself dealing with a broken heart and honestly, I think I’m handling it much better than I thought I would be. I also feel like I’m comfortable in my new found solitude, which is not something I expected would be the case. Nonetheless, we all have those moments when we our emotions hit us all at once, and we find ourselves longing for a reliving of past glory days where everything seemed OK. And we all have a soundtrack for our lives, and I thought tonight I’d share some songs that have been helping me through this emotional time. They range from songs that helped me cry, songs that helped me channel my anger, songs that helped me feel confident, and songs that helped me cheer up. I will hyperlink all song titles in the list below so you can listen to them on YouTube. They are in no particular order, but if you’re dealing with heartache like I am, here are some songs to make your healing process a little better! ❤

Heartache Playlist

  1. Love On The Brain – Rihanna
  2. Who’s Loving You – Jackson 5
  3. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Amy Winehouse
  4. Me Too -Meghan Trainor
  5. Sorry – Beyonce
  6. Higher – Rihanna
  7. I Want To Break Free – Queen
  8. You Don’t Own Me – Grace ft. G-Eazy
  9. Closer – Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
  10. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  11. Holdin’ Onto You – Twenty One Pilots
  12. Helena – My Chemical Romance
  13. Are You Lonesome Tonight – Elvis Presley
  14. Oh Darling! – Florence and the Machine
  15. Sweet Thing – Hozier
  16. All I Wanted – Paramore
  17. Freak – Lana Del Rey
  18. Make Me – Britney Spears ft. G-Eazy


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Ps: That photo was taken by me 🙂

Rockette Holiday Spirit

Hello everyone!

Today marked my official last day of finals, so I am home free for the next five weeks! I am so excited, I can’t believe I don’t have to pick up another textbook for over a month.

I’ve been keeping super busy the last few days – moving into my bedroom at home, cleaning my bedroom out, decorating with my mom for Christmas, wrapping presents, Christmas shopping, and working at my retail job! Yesterday, also in the Christmas spirit, I was able to buy my audition ticket for the Rockette Summer Intensive (RSI). For those of you who don’t know what the Rockette Summer Intensive is, it’s a week-long summer program at Radio City Music Hall where girls can train with the Rockettes for a week and learn Rockette repertoire, and at the end of the week they perform the repertoire for family and friends at a theater in Manhattan. I auditioned in 2012 and did not make it because I was too sick to be dancing (I was suffering from anorexia at the time), so my audition was a bit of a flop. So I decided to give it another go now since I’m in college, a lot healthier, and a way better dancer than I was four years ago. 🙂 I’ve always loved the Rockettes, and for those of you who don’t know much about the Rockettes other than their famous, synchronized kickline, here is a little backstory.

***Disclaimer: All of the information presented below was part of a research project I did on the Rockettes for one of my jazz classes during my freshman year of college***

The Rockettes are an all-women’s dance-troupe that performs annually at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. They started in 1925, when a man by the name of Russell Markert formed a troupe of female dancers in which he titled the “Rockets” down in St. Louis, Missouri. Showman at the time, S. L. (Roxy) Rothafel brought Markert’s group of women to New York City in 1932, where on the opening night of a new theater, a venue titled Radio City Music Hall, the Roxyettes (as they were newly named after Roxy), performed along with 17 other dance and performance acts. From this point forward, the Roxyettes would soon be able to call Radio City Music Hall home permanently. In the midst of the 1933 holiday season, Radio City Music Hall presented The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular for the first time ever on stage. This new show featured the Rockettes (now changed from Roxyettes), a living nativity scene (live animals included), and a journey with Santa Claus himself.

There’s a little back story for you all, and if you click on the highlighted link in the text above, it will bring you to some vintage footage of the Rockettes I also used in my project! If you haven’t seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, I suggest you see it one day! My favorite part is obviously the athletic and beautiful dancing done by the Rockettes, however, there are many magical moments throughout the whole show.

Today, after I took my last final (which was an online final), I decided to watch one of my favorite movie-musicals Chicago. I love everything about the Broadway show (which I’ve seen in NYC), and the 2002 movie, and all the movie made me want to do is dance! The only thing I am sad about for my winter break is that in the next five weeks I won’t be dancing much at all. But it inspired me to make this post telling y’all about the Rockettes, me registering for my audition for their summer program, and sharing some holiday gift ideas for the dancer in your life or a lover of the Rockettes! All of these gifts can be found at the Radio City Music Hall online store.


Fun Rockette-themed gifts for the dancer in your life!

The first of the three items pictured is a Rockette makeup gift set. It comes with a compact with the same design as the beautiful packaging (which is in the 1920s art-deco style just like Radio City Music Hall), and a tube of  lipstick in the classic Rockette-red hue. As a dance and makeup lover, this is actually something I am considering buying for myself. I want to wear a Rockette-red shade of lipstick when I perform, because who doesn’t want to feel as glamorous as a Rockette when you’re up on stage?!

Buy it here: Rockette Makeup Set

The next item pictured is just a basic women’s tee-shirt in my favorite color (purple of course), and the word ROCKETTES down the side in a metallic print. It is such a cute shirt, and I think any Rockette fan or dance lover would love this as a gift. It’s also simple in design, so it’s a neutral option if you aren’t sure about what shirt to buy for someone (and the Radio City Music Hall online store has plenty of cute Rockette apparel).

Buy it here: Rockettes Tee Shirt

Lastly, the final item is a Rockette plush doll. Okay this is a little young for me (a 20 yr old), but I think it is super cute and cuddly looking! For younger or older girls, I think this would be something super fun to have in your room on your bed nestled between all of your pillows!

Buy it here: Rockette Plush Doll

I’ve obviously had dance on my brain, and even better yet the Rockettes and Christmas! I hope if there is a dancer who loves the Rockettes in your life, or a lover of the Rockettes in your life, you go peruse the Radio City Music Hall online store for some fun holiday gift ideas. If you can make it into New York City to see the show, I also recommend doing that!

Are you auditioning for RSI 2016? Are you seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, or have you in the past? Let me know!



School Days, Dance, and New Jams

Junior year of college has officially started and is in full swing! Unfortunately, my longer posts won’t be as often, and any posts I do make at all will be as short and sweet as I can make them. I am taking a full load this semester – 18 credits, a part time job, two dance ensembles with weekly rehearsals, and trying to have time to do homework and study! This will be my last 18 credit semester though (unless I choose to graduate a semester early, and in that case the next two semesters after this will be a full 18 credits as well). But it’s going to be a doozy and I am going to try to maintain my sanity and regular eating/sleeping habits as much as I can! Haha! I can’t wait to update you guys also on my new leotards, ballet shoes, leg warmers, tights, and favorite dance gear/dancewear brands and my favorite online retailers I buy from!! A perk of being a dance major – dance fashion is not only cute, it’s also fun to shop for! Plus, it’s required for class (leotards, tights, etc.), so it’s as if you must shop! 🙂

Before I write about my favorite dance products, I just wanted to give you guys some new tunes to jam to between now and the next time I post! I L.O.V.E. Hozier, and if you’re extent of knowledge of his music is “Take Me to Church”, you are doing yourself a disservice. His whole album is absolutely incredible (it’s literal title is “Hozier”), and he is also very talented live. Not only do I feel a kinship for Hozier because he is Irish and I am Irish, but he is a folk singer who writes with real emotion, is talented on various instruments, and is a skilled vocalist. All is pretty rare to find nowadays with mainstream pop and beats being the front-runner in popular music, and what most young people consider to be “talent”. I find Hozier’s album to be so romantic in a lot of ways, sedative and meditative at times, and also full of soul. If you haven’t listened to “Work Song” or “Like Real People Do”, go listen to them right away! Hozier is also really awesome at covering songs, and the songs I want to share with you guys include his cover of The Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know?” and Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing”. Listening to these covers throws me into a trance-y dream-like state of mind, and all it makes me want to do is shower my boyfriend in kisses and cuddles, and snuggle under a warm blanket on a comfy bed in a slightly chilly, and dimly lit room. Yes I just typed that. Haha, so please take a listen to this talented man, and enjoy his gift of music. Click on the highlighted song titles to go to YouTube and check out his music!

1 Year Baby!

Hello everyone!

Today C and I celebrate one year of love together! It is bittersweet because we aren’t together on this very special day, but I’ve been trying to look at the positives in the situation to keep my spirits up! To combat inevitable sadness, I’ve been listening to music that reminds me of C! Last year when I went back to school, I made C a playlist on of songs that reminded me of him! If you don’t know what 8tracks is, it’s a free digital mixtape maker online where you upload the songs you want, & then can send the link to anyone you want to share it with! It’s awesome!

Anyway, last summer I went back to school, but C and I swore to see each other every weekend (which we did!). I wanted to do something for him so the five days a week we weren’t together we both could listen to some music that reminded us of each other. One night while I was away at college and on the phone with C, I told him about the playlist and asked him what he thought I should title it, & he cleverly responded, “What about, ‘Wish You Were Here?'” So that was the birth of our playlist that we listen to when we miss each other, and play each last night we have together when we have to say goodbye. My profile on 8tracks is public, & I want to share it with you guys because I think it’s a great mix of music for anyone in a loving romantic relationship – whether you live 5 miles or 500 miles away from each other! I haven’t updated it in a while (because I’m broke and can’t afford iTunes giftcards), but there’s a long mix of love songs to make you feel the love and get you through the distance (if there is any). Feel free to visit my profile and take a listen (or two!) & let me know what you guys think!

As for my relationship, there’s 127 days until Christmas, which means we are 127 days away from giving each other 155 days worth of hugs and kisses! Have a wonderful day everyone, and remember to kiss your special someone tonight! I wish I could!

Click here: Wish You Were Here