Places I want to Visit this Summer

Good evening readers!

As American Dance Festival planning is now in full swing, I am looking forward to being in North Carolina for most of the summer! While I am in North Carolina, I am hoping some weekends my fiancè and I can escape to some other fun southern cities! We probably won’t be able to travel too far because of his military obligations and my dance obligations. Regardless, there are a lot of fun towns I want to see this summer while I am living below the Mason Dixon for 2 months, so here is my wishlist!

1. Charleston, South Carolina

charleston sc

Ok so I’ve been DYING to go to Charleston for the longest time. I am obsessed with all of the southern charm this city posesses and the history it carries. I’d like to visit the main part of town with the rainbow rowhouses, and also visit the some of the old plantations. U.S. history interests me, and it would be fun to learn more about U.S. history by visiting a historic city in person! Also, I hear the main strip of Charleston has fun bars and restaurants, and I am always down to try local fare and explore!

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

New orleans LA

Unfortunately, I do not think I will make it to New Orleans this summer just because it is a tad bit too far away from Durham, NC 😦 However, I REALLY want to go, and if I can I will! My interest in New Orleans is tied with Charleston because they both have such a deep and intricate history in the formation of the southern United States. Also, I’ve been dying to go to New Orleans ever since I read “A Street Car Named Desire”. Am I the only one who has read the entirety of that play three times? No? Just Me? I’d love to see the French Quarter and visit voodoo shops, have a night of fun on Bourbon Street, and have beignets with espresso while listening to street jazz music!

3. Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington nc

I’ve been to Wilmington, NC before, but it makes number 3 on my list because it is fairly close to Durham, and I love Wrightsville beach. I mean – it is NOT a Jersey beach by any means – BUT it is clean and full of young people and the town strip has a lot of fun bars and places to eat! This will be a fun trip for the weekend before or after my birthday (which is July 3 FYI!). Fun fact – the great ice cream parlor in downtown Wilmington we always visit when we are there (called Kilwins) has a location in Ridgewood, NJ!

4. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah GA

Ah, another city whose southern charm appeals to my inner explorer! My fiancè had the opportunity to visit Savannah while on medical rotations in GA, and I was so peanut butter and jelly! I want to visit Savannah so badly because I hear the center of town is super cute (as this photo depicts). Savannah is a 5 hour drive from NC, so maybe we will have the chance to visit this historic city as well! I’d like to visit some local eateries, in addition to historic sites like plantations and Civil War battle grounds.

5. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outerbanks NC

Believe it or not, I’ve never made it to the Outer Banks in NC! Growing up, so many kids I went to school with vacationed to the Outer Banks for Memorial Day, the summer, or Labor Day, and I’ve always wanted to go to see what all of the fuss is about! I am doubtful the beaches are as nice as New Jersey beaches (can you tell I’m biased LOL), but if they are as nice as Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, I bet I would love them! I feel like the Outer Banks would be more of a “Plop my ass on the beach and not move all weekend” kind of adventure, and I am totally okay with that!

6. Charlotte, North Carolina

charlotte nc

I’ve been wanting to visit Charlotte for a long time. The only time I’ve ever been there was on a flight layover to Disney World when I was 12 and that doesn’t count! There are a lot of small dance companies based in Charlotte, and I would love to visit to take class and maybe even see a dance show! If this city is anything like Durham or Raleigh, I know my fiancè and I will have a blast exploring it! I want to try all of the local hotspots for food and check out some of the best bars. It is always fun to try some of the local craft beers in these southern cities also, and I’m sure there are microbreweries in or near Charlotte!

7. Nashville, Tennessee

nashville tn

Last but certainly NOT least is Nashville! I would L.O.V.E. to visit this city! A lot of people I know visited Nashville in 2017, and I WISH I could have gone! I am not the biggest fan of country music, but “when in Rome” I would definitely be into it if I were visiting! Also, just look at all of the lights, hustle and bustle, and all of the musical history that happened here! Nashville is probably too far of a drive (I believe it’s about 8 hours from NC), so I probably won’t make it here in the summer, but I would love to go at some point this year!

I hope you enjoyed reading through my wishlist! I hope I can actually visit some of these places this summer while I am living in NC! 🙂 Have you visited any of these cities on my list? Which are your favorite, and what do you recommend doing there? Let me know!

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Teamoy Crochet Hook/Supplies Organizer

Hello everyone!

If you are a crafter like me, I am sure you like to keep as organized as you can. When dealing with fiber crafts such as crochet and knitting, you not only have to keep track of your yarn, but also your hooks, needles, tapestry needles, measurings tapes, stitch markers, etc.


I found the cutest crochet hook organizer on a while ago, and I’ve been loving, so I wanted to show it to you! For $8.99, you can choose from a variety of patterns! I choose the fair isle with the blue moose print because it is wintery, and the moose are adorable. They also have other cute prints such as owls, elephants, watercolor painting print, and florals!

There are two sections specifically to store your different sized crochet hooks, and three mesh pockets to store literally everything else! I even fit my largest crochet hook in the largest pocket, which is nice because now all of my hooks are in one place!

In the smaller pockets, I store my darning needles and measuring tape, and also my elastic I use to make my crochet bun covers. I used to store all of my crochet supplies in a plastic bag in my yarn box, but all of my supplies would fall out and get lost among the yarn. This canvas wrap helps keep my supplies snug, but separated.


If you’re interested, you can purchase one of these organizers at this link: Teamoy Crochet Hooks Holder. This is not an affiliate link, but the same link I bought mine from to the $8.99 listing on Amazon!


If you are a crafter/crocheter, definitely pick one of these up from Amazon because it is amazing and a life-saver! It’s also small enough to throw in a bag for travel without having to worry about loosing any of the supplies on your journey!

How do you organize your craft supplies? Let me know in the comments if you’ve used one of these before and if you like it!


First Bridal Expo (with my Dad!)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I went to my first bridal expo EVER!! It was so much fun!! My dad ended up going with me which I was super happy about because I had mixed up the dates thinking it was on Monday the 15th, so everyone who was going to come with me today ended up not being able to. However, my dad offered to go and I think he was happy to come and be involved!

The expo was held at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ. The inn itself is a gorgeous place, and the inside was still decorated beautifully for the holidays! My dad and I were able to eat (A LOT!!) of yummy food, try some different alcohol (including some mimosas), and chow down on some cakes and desserts! There were a ton of different vendors, and a lot of bride-to-be’s walking around with their bride tribes and significant others.

Not only did we get plenty of free food and drinks, we received some awesome samples, discounts codes and cards. Check out my pictures below. Displayed are some of the many companies I interacted with.


The succulent plant was complimentary from a florist I really liked. Their whole table included purple, mauve, and succulent floral arrangements which is everything I want for my wedding day. They were very friendly, and reasonably priced, and compared to all of the other florists, their arrangements and presentation felt more similar to me and my style!


The squeezable groom is actually a stress toy so you can keep him in your pocketbook whenever you are stressed out with wedding planning or life in general! Haha! The groom toy and a discount was my gift from an awesome and local bridal hair and makeup company called Pretty Please bridal. I talked to a few bridal makeup places, and this one was my favorite at the expo!


I’m pretty sure I know which DJ company and photobooth company I want (they were not at this expo, I’ve found them through my own research), however, Dad and I took full advantage of the photobooth vendor who was at this expo!


Here is some of the information from the florist and the bridal makeup company I really liked! If you are a NJ, NY, or PA bride who follows me, these are great vendors to look into.

Speaking of which, I got a free eyelash application from a different bridal hair and makeup booth (I didn’t like them as much as I liked Pretty Please bridal, but free dramatic lashes is AWESOME!). The lashes she applied complimented my eye makeup today! I used the JaclynHillxMorphe palette. I used Pooter and Roxanne in my crease and inner and outer v. I brought those same two colors to my lower lashline to compliment the lid. Then I used Little Lady on the center of my eyelid, and used Enlight as a brow and inner corner highlight.

I really am excited to figure out a venue and nail one down with my fiancè so we can take our time planning and finding the perfect vendors for the other parts of our special day. If you’ve been a long time follower of my blog, you know he is in the military, so hopefully his job responsibilities don’t interfere with us waiting until 2019 to have our special day.

Next weekend I will be attending another bridal expo! Stay tuned for more bridal expo and wedding planning updates! I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

Lots of love!


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Happy 21st Birthday to Me & 240th Birthday to America

Hey everybody!

Sorry I went MIA this past weekend. My boyfriend came home for a very quick visit for the July 4th weekend! I turned 21 on July 3rd, and it was also my mother’s birthday (yes, we were born on the same day!), so there was a lot going on between running to and from the airport, dinners, and family events!

I had the best time this weekend, and it was nice my boyfriend was in our home state for the first time in 7 months! We went to hot yoga with his mom, went to the Melting Pot with my family, and I had my first legal drinks! The night ended with my sister, my boyfriend, and I being locked out of my house, so we had to climb through a window! It was definitely a 21st birthday full of shenanigans.  I also received a lot of generous and beautiful presents, so I will definitely post a birthday present post to show you all some fun makeup, yoga and gym gear, and alcohol related presents I received as gifts!

Thank you for being patient with my blog posts, and if you liked the outfit I wore for my 21st in the picture below, I will list where I bought the different pieces of my outfit!


The love of my life and I ❤

Listed below are the details of my outfit!

Body suit: Garage Clothing

Shorts: Garage Clothing

Necklace: Icing

Sandals (not shown): Urban Bay/Kohls

Earrings: Forever21

I hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend! Mine was very memorable even though it was a whirlwind of three days! ❤ What did you all do this weekend? How did you celebrate the birth of our country? Any birthday twins out there?

Talk with you soon!


Review of Leaps of Faith Eyeshadows

Hello internet beauties!

I’ve been playing around with formulating and making my own eyeshadows, and recently I gave one to my sister’s best friend to test out for me! She really loved Dusty Tulip, so I gave her a fresh-pressed one yesterday morning to have and test out for me! She used it in her eye makeup look tonight, and blended the pink color with some smokey colors to make her look. She sent me a picture and SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS! Here is the look she created:


The picture quality from her camera was a tad bright a bright, but you can see she blended it through the center of her lid and some through her crease! She said she absolutely loved it, and that it is very pigmented! I am so excited to have received such good feedback. If you don’t know what Dusty Tulip looks like, you can read about it in my post: Leaps of Faith Vegan & Cruelty-Free Homemade Eyeshadow

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to start selling my own eyeshadows! I hope to hear some more positive feedback from other people I make eyeshadows for! ❤

Let me know what you all think of her look!