Happy Birthday, ColourPop!

Hello everyone!

I finally have a spare moment to write a quick post about my most recent order from ColourPop! My midterm is tomorrow already for my first summer course, and last night at work I had floorset, so things have been a bit crazy for me lately! Nonetheless, I wanted to show you what I bought and swatch my items for you!

As you probably know, ColourPop turned 2 years old in May, so to celebrate, every order made on Memorial Day Weekend received a FREE limited edition eyeshadow in limited edition packaging. The color was called, “Birthday Boy“, and was a taupey brown/gold color loaded with purple glitter. It was also in purple packaging which I adore! I’ve been waiting for Birthday Boy to drop since the beginning of April, so of course, I decided to buy a lippie so I could get my hands on the freebie shadow! As I was waiting for C to pick me up from the airport last weekend, I decided to take a break from doing my homework and make a quick ColourPop purchase so I could finally own Birthday Boy!


Birthday Boy!

I purchased a MatteX lippie stix in the shade “Boa“. It’s a bright lilac color and I love it! I wasn’t sure how the MatteX formula would differ from ColourPop’s traditional Matte lippie stix, but I was very surprised and impressed with the results and longevity of the color!

I wore Boa to work for 4.5 hours and I applied it before I left my house! It was still on my lips when I arrived home hours later, and I didn’t reapply it once! It didn’t leave my lips feeling dry either like some liquid matte lipsticks or other matte lipsticks I’ve tried. This formula is really great if you want your makeup to stay in place

Here are swatches of my two products!


Top: Birthday Boy – Bottom: Boa

I really enjoy using Birthday Boy too! It’s a beautiful shade, and it actually blends well with some of the eyeshadows I’ve made myself! I use this shadow to make a very neutral eye, and it is perfect to wear the neutral eye with Boa since the lip color is so bold (for me anyway!).

Since Birthday Boy was free and my lippie was $5, with shipping my total came to $9.99. Not bad for a quick purchase! I was so happy I had a few dollars to spare so I could make an order! Thank you ColourPop for sharing your birthday with all of your cult followers and makeup junkies!

Thank you for reading JLoF readers, and also be on the lookout for my Ipsy Early Access post – I just found out I will be receiving some ColourPop in my Ipsy Glambag this month!! *Cue happy dance!*

Much love!


Memorial Day Weekend For a Military Girlfriend

Hello beautifuls!

It is really late on a Wednesday night, but I just wanted to tell you about my trip to see my boyfriend! As most of you know, my boyfriend is serving in the military, and we are only able to see each other for short trips at a time. This trip we had such a lovely time, and I can’t wait until July 4th weekend (my birthday weekend!), which will be the next time I see him hopefully!

I flew down to see him last Thursday. C was still training, so after I landed I had a few hours to kill. This was good because I had time to write a paper and finish taking notes on some of the reading I had to do for my summer class. He picked me up from the airport around 6:30pm, and together we drove back to post. We grabbed dinner at Mod Pizza on the way, which was absolutely DELICIOUS.

The next day, we woke up early, showered, went and got Dunkin for breakfast, and started on our way to the beach! It’s about two hours from post, but it was a gorgeous day so we didn’t mind the road trip! โค

We went to a Walmart in town really quick to grab some food for the beach and water bottles for the hotel room. We also bought beach towels because we didn’t have any. Then we drove to the hotel, checked in, put our swimsuits on called an Uber, and went to the beach!

The beach was absolutely gorgeous, and the water was really clean and nice to swim in (not to mention warm!). We were on the beach for about five hours, and later we grabbed an Uber back to the hotel where we showered and dressed up to go out to dinner.

We ate dinner at this place called Elijah’s which was a seafood restaurant right on the river in the downtown part of the city. It was great, and we had a really good time and some awesome crab dip.


My love and I dressed up for the night

Later, we hit up some of the local bars, one of which was an actual speakeasy!! It was called the “Blind Elephant”, and was so cool. – tucked away in an alleyway with nothing but a sign with a silhouette of an elephant, and one lamp over a door up some metal steps. They had a list of special “Elixirs” on the wall, so we ordered two to try. I drank a Moscow Mule which was made with homemade ginger beer, and C drank a special drink called the Golden Ticket. They were sooo good, and tasted really fresh. I took a picture on Snapchat of the inside of this place and didn’t think to save it unfortunately!

We went to two other bars that night, and finally caught an Uber back to the hotel. The next day said rain, so we were able to go to a beach (a different beach this time) for about 2 hours. This one wasn’t as great as the beach the previous day, but we had fun nonetheless. It began to get cloudy, so we packed our stuff up, bought ice cream, and ate it while we watched the storm roll in. We drove back to the hotel early and relaxed/showered/got ready to go out and meet one of C’s friends from college and his girlfriend for dinner.

We ate at a local brewery (called The Front Street) in the downtown area which was a lot of fun. The beer and food were good, as was the service. After dinner, we went to another local ice cream parlor, and we bought dessert! I didn’t want ice cream again, so I bought a white chocolate covered rice crispy treat which was delicious, but C got an ice cream in a homemade waffle cone! We walked around the Riverwalk to kill time before we met up with his friend and his girlfriend for a ghost tour!


Picture captured at sunset while on the Riverwalk

Finally around 8:30pm, C’s friend and his gf, and C and I met at a store for a ghost walk of the city! I bought the tickets the night before off of my phone while C and I were hanging out in the speakeasy, and we weren’t sure how good it was going to be because the forecast predicted rain. It didn’t end up raining, and the tour was so much fun! Our tour guide was a great story teller, and we definitely had the goosebumps a couple of times!


This old cemetery holds the first man in American recorded history who was accidentally buried alive!


We were given these beads before the tour started

Sunday was my last day in town, and most of the day was spent driving back to the airport. I hated saying goodbye to my boyfriend – it never gets easier – but we were so lucky to have had this trip and all of the fun memories we made. My flight home went smoothly, and I came home with so many memories and a decent tan!

I love C so much, and this trip reminded me of how much I want to be with this man for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to graduate, and to start building my career and moving forward with C and our life together. This was a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and I will cherish the memories for the rest of my life. It was also great I was able to be in town for such a special time for the U.S. military! โค I love my soldier and am so proud of him!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Any Milsos on here make any trips to see their loved ones?!