“Be…” BubzBeauty x BH Cosmetics Palette Review

Good evening readers!

I apologize for the lack of posts – I went to Puerto Rico over Columbus Day weekend, and this week was very hectic with school work. Nonetheless, this week gave me some time to play with my ย “Be…” palette from BubzBeauty and BH Cosmetics! I was so excited to find this in the mail earlier this week, and I am pretty impressed with the palette overall! If you want a little more backstory on this palette, click here:ย BubzBeauty x BH Cosmetics Palette Release


First, let’s talk about the packaging! I LOVE the rose gold lace detail on the front of the palette. It is so girlie and feminine. Second, this palette is a lot smaller and more compact than it looks, which makes it perfect for travel or even throwing it in your purse! It is literally the perfect size!! The packaging is cardboard like the other BH Cosmetics YouTube collaboration palettes, which makes it super light weight as well. Furthermore, this palette includes a mirror underneath the lid, which is always a plus!! Above the inside mirror is a little quote from Bubbi herself, which gives the palette a nice personal touch!


Anyway, the colors I was most excited for in this palette were “Genuine”, “Able”, “Hopeful”, and “Grateful”. These were the colors that made me drool over this palette and have to have it! All of the colors I have used or swatched on my eyelid, and they are decently pigmented.I haven’t found a lot of fallout with these shades, and instead, their formula is almost buttery for the most part. A few of them are a little more chalky than the others, but with the right brush and two or more coats, you can really build up the colors to their truest potential. I am thankful Bubbi included “Optimistic” and “Inspired” matte shades to use as transition shades!


Today I am wearing “Grateful” all over my eyelid, “Able” in my outer V and crease, and “Thoughtful” in my outer V as a definer shade. It gave me this warm, rustic eye look, and I also winged my eyeliner and applied a warm mauve lipstick to tie it all together! I would have posted a selfie, but the lighting in my room right now stinks because the sun is setting, so I don’t want to include a picture where you can’t even see the colors.

My final thoughts about this palette are that it was definitely worth the $12.50 for how many eyeshadows you get, and it’s perfect for travel. As BubzBeauty wanted, it is a very versatile palette where the colors literally can take your look from day to night! I highly recommend this palette for your collection, as well as for a gift if you need a present for a beauty lover!

Did you order the “Be…” palette? What do you think of it? Let me know!

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Natural Colour(Pop) Swatches and Review

Good evening everyone! I hope you all are having as wonderful of a weekend as I am! I just arrived home from the Big Apple, and I had a really fun overnight trip with my parents. I had an audition this morning for a summer dance program (which I will write about a little later this week), but for my audition makeup I used some of my new ColourPop products!

If you haven’t read my last post, I bought the Lippie Stix in the color Aquarius, a SuperShock Eyeshadow in the color Cornelious, and a SuperShock Highlighter in the color Wisp, and I promised you all a review!


From right to left: Wisp, Cornelious, Aquarius

Also as I promised, I swatched them for you, so here is what they all look like in natural light!


From bottom to top: Aquarius, Cornelious, Wisp

Let me start with a review of Aquarius!

First of all, I love the name Aquarius for a lippie. I love the zodiac theme, and the name Aquarius reminds me of a hippie. A light peachy nude color sounds perfectly reflective of the 1960’s. This shade looks even better on the lips; it looks darker than it actually applies in the picture above, and it smells DELICIOUS! It’s scent is like caramel and it makes it even better to apply because it smells and looks amazing. It lasts for a decent amount of time too, and it is not too flesh-toned where it blended in with my skin.


As always, the lippie packaging is simple and cute!

Furthermore, I am SOOOOO happy I purchased Cornelious SuperShock Eyeshadow. This shade, as I predicted, is a perfect transition-crease shade! I’ve worn it three times since I received it in the mail this week, and I wore it today in my eye-makeup look as part of my audition makeup! It’s a warm brown with orange undertones, and I don’t usually like to wear orange-toned shadows, but this shadow is more brown than it is orange. It glides on super smooth. I love this shade for a natural look, or a neutral color-palette for eye makeup. I definitely recommend picking this one up!


Cornelious (It’s not actually this orange. It applies more like a warm light brown)

Finally, I need to talk to y’all about Wisp because it is GORGEOUS.

I am still learning how to apply highlighter correctly (especially creamy and liquid highlighter), and I’m still trying to find the best place in the order of my beauty routine to apply it. Nonetheless, I wore this beaut today for my audition, and it really made my face look performance ready! It is a warm, light bronze color with flecks of gold shimmer and sparkle. It is a natural color, and it laid nicely atop my foundation, and blended well with my bronzer. Lots of ColourPop customers have raved about this highlighter, and I’m excited to keep playing with it and figure out the best way to apply it.


This color is so pretty!

As you all can see, I’ve totally been digging my latest ColourPop purchase! Not only did these products help me make a pretty makeup look for my audition, my makeup gave me a nice confidence boost walking into the audition because I felt like I was ready to perform!

If any of you are like me, you usually grab the fun, sparkly colors ColourPop offers when you fill your cart online. Next time you all shop ColourPop, I really think y’all should try some of their more neutral-toned colored products if you haven’t already! As always, ColourPop has delivered, and this is why every month I buy more and more of it!

This week, look out for a post about my audition and trip into NYC, and a post about my trip into the M.A.C. store in Times Square (I may or may not have bought my first M.A.C. shadow and pigment). I’m very excited to use my new M.A.C. products, so there will be swatches and a review of those coming soon!

Until next time beauties!