Coastal Scents Hot Pot Sale!

Hello Leaps readers!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have had a great St. Patty’s Day so far, and guess what?! I started today by winning $92 off of 92.3 AMP radio station!! I’ve been calling all week trying to win, and today I was lucky enough to be caller #92 to win the $92! I was so excited! I attributed my good luck to my very Irish heritage, and the fact that it was my grandma’s birthday today. My grandma passed away in the summer, but I know she watches over me and my family, so I’m sure she gave me a little extra luck today!

It is also extremely coincidental because I’ve been filling my cart up all week on because I’ve been dying for some Coastal Scents Hot Pot eyeshadows. Particularly, I was looking for burgundy eye shadows, and unfortunately, I ended up filling my cart with taupes and silvery purples instead since the Coastal Scents website was all sold out of burgundys. Well again, lucky me, was going to place my order today without the burgundy eyeshadows when I received an email from Coastal Scents saying they are having a week-long Hot Pot sale!! Usually, all of their Hot Pots sell for $1.95 each. However, for the next week all of their Hot Pots are selling right now for 0.99 cents!! I won that radio contest just in time! 😉

hot pot sale banner

All of their Hot Pot shadows are back in stock – so naturally I bought almost every single mauve/burgundy shade they offered in their Hot Pot collection. Granted, there are still a lot of reddish colors I didn’t have the chance to snag because if you have never shopped the Coastal Scents Hot Pot page – they have over 380 different colors to choose from!

If you are familiar with the brand Makeup Geek or M.A.C., they have shadow pots in metal disks that you can then stick in a Z palette or a magnetized palette. Coastal Scents has a similar concept with their Hot Pots, as they sell over 380 different colors of shadows in Hot Pots, and then sell a variety of palette options so you can fill and build your own palettes! Their empty palettes come in single shadow “Go Pods”, to a quad that comes with an applicator brush, to a 12 shadow empty palette (you can choose either a clear top or one with a big mirror!), to a 28 shadow empty palette!

What is great about Coastal Scents is that their shadows are quality and have amazing staying-power, so you can purchase a lot of quality shades for a fraction of the cost!

Here are some images of all of the awesome colors I purchased! I also ordered an empty 12 shadow palette to hold all of my new shadows!



Some screenshots of my purchase!


I don’t know if you can see the colors clearly, but I am excited to play with the interchangeable palette and gradient these colors from taupes/purples, to warm pinks and burgundys! All of this PLUS shipping to my house came to only $23.08! That is how amazing this sale is y’all, and if you haven’t tried Coastal Scents, then you should definitely hit up this sale and try their AMAZING eyeshadows!

Click on this link to purchase! Coastal Scents Hot Pot Sale!

Let me know if you all place an order because I want to know colors y’all bought! ❤ I might even make a YouTube video reviewing this purchase as well! Comment below if you’d like to see me start YouTube videos!

Thanks for reading everyone, have a wonderful night! xoxox


My First M.A.C. Products!


New M.A.C. products!

When I was in NYC last weekend, my parents and I stopped in the M.A.C. store in Times Square. Because my mom is awesome, she decided to buy me an eyeshadow and an eye pigment that I ADORED. I picked out an eyeshadow in the shade Quarry and an eye pigment in the shade Kitschmas. They are beautiful, and here they are swatched below!


Top swatch is the eye pigment in Kitschmas and the bottom swatch is the eyeshadow in Quarry.

The eye pigment stood out to me right away – it’s a light pink taupe with amazing shine! I love it so much, and it looks beautiful with Quarry in the crease! I knew right away I needed both of these colors to wear together. This is the travel-sized pigment, and it retails for $10.


Eye pigment in Kitschmas

Quarry is absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful. I’ve never seen a shade like it before. The swatch does not do it justice! It is a grey taupe with brown undertones and it is super pigmented! I have been wearing it all week, and it is versatile enough to wear with a bunch of different other colored shadows. I’m in love, and this shade is a necessity in my collection of eyeshadows! This shadow pot costs $16.


I’m in love with this one!

This is my first time ever receiving or using M.A.C. and I’m so thrilled with how amazing it works! I definitely will be browsing more of M.A.C.’s products, and hopefully the next time I am in Times Square I can stop in their store again!

I definitely recommend both of these products if you are looking to try M.A.C.!

Much love to you all, have a great day!


Eyes Lips Face Mid-Winter Wishlist

Hey everyone!

I know I am posting a day early than when I’d say I’d be able to post, but I have some time before my night class and I decided to show you all what I’ve been itching to buy! I’ve been trying really hard to save my money, so I won’t be able to buy any new makeup anytime soon. Plus, my mom bought me some new M.A.C. makeup I’ve been LOVING when I was in NYC last weekend (I will swatch the shadows for you this weekend), so I’m trying to utilize all of the beautiful products I have before I buy anything new.

Nonetheless, here are all of the items I’ve been adding to my cart on If you are anything like me, I love the sun, and I’ve been missing those warm spring and summer evenings. Thankfully, the weather hasn’t been too horrid, but I’m still missing the shining sun, warm breezes, and all of the greatness that comes with spring and summer. Most of the products I want from e.l.f. at the moment are warm-toned, and highlighting products to give me a glowing-springy look since I’ve been fighting those winter blues.


The beautiful items I’ve been drooling over!

Here is a list of everything pictured:

  1. e.l.f. Brush Cleaner Wipes: I’ve been dying to try these babies because I am lazy and really don’t want to clean my brushes using traditional brush cleaner (and my brushes will need a good washing soon!). If these pads work, this is probably one of the smartest beauty tools I know of!
  2. e.l.f. Strobing Kit: So all of the curated kits (such as the strobing kit) were on a mega sale last week and I wish I had purchased it!! I knew I wanted to buy a lot more than just the strobing kit, however, and since I am pinching pennies I decided against it. So now I must keep admiring this kit from afar *sigh*. Maybe in the next few weeks I’ll have a few bucks to spare so I can buy this and start highlighting like a pro.
  3. e.l.f. Foundation Serum: I’ve been dying to try e.l.f.’s foundation. I am very picky when it comes to foundations, but I’ve been really impressed with e.l.f.’s quality of product lately, and this just seems like it will rest beautifully on my skin! Plus it gives me an excuse to buy the e.l.f. blending brush!
  4. e.l.f. Blending Brush: Okay so this brush is to DIE for. I’ve been wanting to use a brush to apply my foundation instead of using the makeup sponges I always use, but all of my brushes are already being used for powders and other face products. This brush seems like the perfect blending brush, and apparently the Foundation Serum works best when applied with this specific brush. It’s almost like I need to buy both to gain the full effect of both products, right? Right (#JuliaLogic).
  5. e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil: This pencil reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and I’m broke so I cannot afford ABH at the moment! I love the e.l.f. brow pencil I received for Christmas, and this product is new and looks like it would work super well! Right now I use an e.l.f. brow pencil and use a separate spoolie brush to do my brows, but this one is nice because it’s all-in-one!
  6. e.l.f. Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette: Out of this whole list, I want this palette the most!! Holy smokes, it is super beautiful! I love all of the colors, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this and play with it! Of course, this is a wishlist, so I won’t be able to purchase this for a while, but it is just too gorgeous to pass up.

I hope I pick up some extra hours at work so I can purchase all of these beautiful products and try them out! With my busy semester schedule, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon, but a girl can dream, right? 🙂 Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, and how they work!

Have a wonderful night beauties!


Natural Colour(Pop) Swatches and Review

Good evening everyone! I hope you all are having as wonderful of a weekend as I am! I just arrived home from the Big Apple, and I had a really fun overnight trip with my parents. I had an audition this morning for a summer dance program (which I will write about a little later this week), but for my audition makeup I used some of my new ColourPop products!

If you haven’t read my last post, I bought the Lippie Stix in the color Aquarius, a SuperShock Eyeshadow in the color Cornelious, and a SuperShock Highlighter in the color Wisp, and I promised you all a review!


From right to left: Wisp, Cornelious, Aquarius

Also as I promised, I swatched them for you, so here is what they all look like in natural light!


From bottom to top: Aquarius, Cornelious, Wisp

Let me start with a review of Aquarius!

First of all, I love the name Aquarius for a lippie. I love the zodiac theme, and the name Aquarius reminds me of a hippie. A light peachy nude color sounds perfectly reflective of the 1960’s. This shade looks even better on the lips; it looks darker than it actually applies in the picture above, and it smells DELICIOUS! It’s scent is like caramel and it makes it even better to apply because it smells and looks amazing. It lasts for a decent amount of time too, and it is not too flesh-toned where it blended in with my skin.


As always, the lippie packaging is simple and cute!

Furthermore, I am SOOOOO happy I purchased Cornelious SuperShock Eyeshadow. This shade, as I predicted, is a perfect transition-crease shade! I’ve worn it three times since I received it in the mail this week, and I wore it today in my eye-makeup look as part of my audition makeup! It’s a warm brown with orange undertones, and I don’t usually like to wear orange-toned shadows, but this shadow is more brown than it is orange. It glides on super smooth. I love this shade for a natural look, or a neutral color-palette for eye makeup. I definitely recommend picking this one up!


Cornelious (It’s not actually this orange. It applies more like a warm light brown)

Finally, I need to talk to y’all about Wisp because it is GORGEOUS.

I am still learning how to apply highlighter correctly (especially creamy and liquid highlighter), and I’m still trying to find the best place in the order of my beauty routine to apply it. Nonetheless, I wore this beaut today for my audition, and it really made my face look performance ready! It is a warm, light bronze color with flecks of gold shimmer and sparkle. It is a natural color, and it laid nicely atop my foundation, and blended well with my bronzer. Lots of ColourPop customers have raved about this highlighter, and I’m excited to keep playing with it and figure out the best way to apply it.


This color is so pretty!

As you all can see, I’ve totally been digging my latest ColourPop purchase! Not only did these products help me make a pretty makeup look for my audition, my makeup gave me a nice confidence boost walking into the audition because I felt like I was ready to perform!

If any of you are like me, you usually grab the fun, sparkly colors ColourPop offers when you fill your cart online. Next time you all shop ColourPop, I really think y’all should try some of their more neutral-toned colored products if you haven’t already! As always, ColourPop has delivered, and this is why every month I buy more and more of it!

This week, look out for a post about my audition and trip into NYC, and a post about my trip into the M.A.C. store in Times Square (I may or may not have bought my first M.A.C. shadow and pigment). I’m very excited to use my new M.A.C. products, so there will be swatches and a review of those coming soon!

Until next time beauties!