Ipsy August “Good Vibes Only” Glambag 2017

Hello beautiful readers!

finally decided to bring back my monthly Ipsy unbagging. I mean, I love Ipsy so much – I’ve been a customer for abouth a year and 5 months now! ❤ This month’s theme was actually amazing. With all of the celestial happenings in the universe this month (i.e. the solar exclipse, meteor showers, Mercury in retrograde, etc.), I think this “good vibes only” theme was perfect for this month. There were three bag designs available to Ipsy subscribers, and I actually received the one I wanted. My bag says “Wild & Free” *Cue Snoop Dog!*, and I mean, late summers adventures and nights are all about being “Wild & Free” (within reason, of course haha).


I was not a huge fan of the last two summer glambag designs, so this one was super refreshing and pretty! ❤ I will totally throw this one in my backpack or pocketbook to hold makeup or items I need!

Enough about the bag itself. Let’s see what I received!

  • First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay
  • theBalm Cosmetics theBalm Voyage vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha
  • MAKEUP FOREVER EXCESSIVE LASH Arresting Volume Mascara
  • Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer in Flush
  • Paula Dorf Cosmetics Mini Universal Brow Pencil in Taupe
  • IPSY POINT REDEMPTION – Full-sized Pixi by Petra Mattelustre Lipstick in Honey Bare


Last month, I received an eyeshadow pan in my Ipsy bag that was this really dark, sort of ugly brown/gold, and I was happy I received Kuwakaribisha from theBalm because it is a light, champagne gold color that will be gorgeous all over the lid, or as a highlight for the inner corner and browbone. The other option theBalm had this month was a similar ugly brown/gold, so I am happy my glambag review last month (that mentioned I disliked the eyeshadow color) worked and they chose a better color for me!

The Hikari bronzer/blush looks beautiful!! I cannot wait to use it later today and see how it looks on the skin.  As you can see, the pan has two pink tones, and two sparkly bronzer tones, so I am looking forward to how it looks on my olive skin.

I am curious about the Paula Dorf eyebrow pencil because I’ve never heard of her brand before. When I swatched the eyebrow pencil, it looks more brown than it does taupe (taupe is the color that best matches my eyebrows), but the texture and formula felt nice, and I will definitely try it out to see how I like it.

Finally, the Pixi by Petra point redemption is so exciting because I love the formula of their Mattelustre Lipsticks. The color is subtle, and natural, and I love the packaging. A lot of the Pixi by Petra packaging reminds me of retro beauty packaging from the 50s and 60s, so it speaks to my old soul. Plus their cruelty-free, so what is not to love?

I swatched all of the products on my arm, so you can see what I am talking about.


From top to bottom – Honey Bare Lipstick, Kuwakaribisha Eyeshadow, Hikari Bronzer, and Paula Dorf Eyebrow pencil.

What did you receive in your Ipsy bag this month? Did you like your products, and your bag design? Let me know!!

September marks the beginning of Ipsy’s fall glambags, and usually their fall bags are AMAZING. As much as I don’t want summer to end, fall beauty trends and colors are my FAVORITE. Can’t wait for next month!!


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Simple Fall Makeup Look ft. the Profusion Cosmetics Treasure Box!

Hello beautiful creatures!

IT IS FINALLY FALL!!! MY FAVORITE SEASON!!! AHHH can you believe it?! I can now indulge in all of my pumpkin spice and salted caramel flavored hot drinks without feeling guilty, and you better believe I’ve already broken out my boots, scarves and flannels. I am a BeautyPro on the Profusion Cosmetics Insider Network, and recently they sent me my second ProBox full of goodies to test and review for you all!


Contents of my latest ProBox ❤

This box included four full-sized products, and the one I’ve been playing with the most is the Treasure Box! I love the design of this product, and was SO ecstatic to see it in my package. The Treasure Box includes:

  • 35 shade eyeshadow palette
  • 10 lip gloss, 2 face powder
  • 2 blush
  • 1 eyeliner/lip liner pencil- applicator included

I was inspired by the simple fall look with purple lips created by BubzBeauty, the YouTuber. I decided to try my own spin on her look using this kit, and an Ulta Cosmetics Matte Lip Cream in the shade “Allusive”.

Eyes: I used a light brown shade in the Treasure Box and dusted it all over my lids, then I took a neutral sparkling shimmer shade and patted that all over my lids too. I used e.l.f. Expert Liner to wing my eyeliner, and Voluminous mascara by L’Oreal to coat my lashes and make them long!

Brows: Nyx Microbrow Pencil in “Taupe”, Essence Cosmetics Brow Gel in “Browny Brows”

Face: I used Boo Boo Coverup concealer, and Covergirl Liquid foundation as a base. Next, I applied the bronzer in the Profusion Treasure Box to the hollows of my cheeks, and the blush and highlight also from the Treasure box to the apples of my cheeks. I set my makeup with the Essence Cosmetics Matte Setting Powder.

Lips: I finished the look with Ulta’s Matte Lip Cream in the dark purple berry shade “Allusive” to complete my fall look inspired by BubzBeauty

Here is the final result! Check out that highlight!

Final thoughts on Treasure Box: I really enjoy the face products from the Profusion Treasure box. I like the bronzer and blushes a lot! They are very pigmented and stayed on well! Some of the eyeshadows are super pretty, but unfortunately, a lot of the eyeshadows in the Treasure Box are dry and flakey, and don’t stay on well, even with an eyelid primer. The colors I used in this look stayed on well, however. I haven’t tried the lip products in the box yet, but I plan to use them in the near future.

The packaging for the Treasure Box is adorable! It’s a large box with a simple gold cheetah print. Also, the inside lid of the box has a big mirror, though it’s not pictured, and I think this box would look cute on a big vanity. It’s not convenient for traveling, but it’s a one-stop shop for your whole face and your eyes.

I’m interested to keep playing with the Treasure Box and seeing what other fall looks I can create. I’m also excited to try the other products in my ProBox!

What do you think of the look I created? Have you tried the Profusion Treasure Box? Let me know!

Until next time, happy Autumn!!



Happy Birthday, ColourPop!

Hello everyone!

I finally have a spare moment to write a quick post about my most recent order from ColourPop! My midterm is tomorrow already for my first summer course, and last night at work I had floorset, so things have been a bit crazy for me lately! Nonetheless, I wanted to show you what I bought and swatch my items for you!

As you probably know, ColourPop turned 2 years old in May, so to celebrate, every order made on Memorial Day Weekend received a FREE limited edition eyeshadow in limited edition packaging. The color was called, “Birthday Boy“, and was a taupey brown/gold color loaded with purple glitter. It was also in purple packaging which I adore! I’ve been waiting for Birthday Boy to drop since the beginning of April, so of course, I decided to buy a lippie so I could get my hands on the freebie shadow! As I was waiting for C to pick me up from the airport last weekend, I decided to take a break from doing my homework and make a quick ColourPop purchase so I could finally own Birthday Boy!


Birthday Boy!

I purchased a MatteX lippie stix in the shade “Boa“. It’s a bright lilac color and I love it! I wasn’t sure how the MatteX formula would differ from ColourPop’s traditional Matte lippie stix, but I was very surprised and impressed with the results and longevity of the color!

I wore Boa to work for 4.5 hours and I applied it before I left my house! It was still on my lips when I arrived home hours later, and I didn’t reapply it once! It didn’t leave my lips feeling dry either like some liquid matte lipsticks or other matte lipsticks I’ve tried. This formula is really great if you want your makeup to stay in place

Here are swatches of my two products!


Top: Birthday Boy – Bottom: Boa

I really enjoy using Birthday Boy too! It’s a beautiful shade, and it actually blends well with some of the eyeshadows I’ve made myself! I use this shadow to make a very neutral eye, and it is perfect to wear the neutral eye with Boa since the lip color is so bold (for me anyway!).

Since Birthday Boy was free and my lippie was $5, with shipping my total came to $9.99. Not bad for a quick purchase! I was so happy I had a few dollars to spare so I could make an order! Thank you ColourPop for sharing your birthday with all of your cult followers and makeup junkies!

Thank you for reading JLoF readers, and also be on the lookout for my Ipsy Early Access post – I just found out I will be receiving some ColourPop in my Ipsy Glambag this month!! *Cue happy dance!*

Much love!


Coastal Scents Lippie Order

My mom is the absolute best! She subscribes to my blog via email and saw my Coastal Scents lippie wishlist, and what did she do? She ordered me the lippies I wanted to try (you can find that post by clicking here: Coastal Scents Lippie Wishlist! – I Need Opinions), and also bought herself three different items! She is so amazing, and I am so happy she bought these for me so I can give them an honest review. I really like them (I received two creamy lipsticks and two Smacks lip glosses), but I am a bit disappointed in the formula of the creamy lipsticks. If you’re short on time to read, jump to the end of this article to see swatches and my final thoughts.


The gifts my momma bought me!

First off, let’s talk about the packaging. I really enjoyed the Coastal Scents packaging because the lip glosses had different colored swatches which corresponded to the color printed on the boxes depending on the gloss color you bought. You can see it in my picture above. I also liked the fact that the boxes had the name of the shade you bought printed on the outside too! You can’t see it on the lipsticks, but the lipsticks have the number of the shade, and the color on the bottom of the box.


Coastal Scents Smacks Lip Glosses

Here is the other packaging for the Smacks lip glosses. I really like the tubes these come in. They are thick, and seem to hold a lot of product. Additionally, they have the name of the shade printed on the tube! I thought these were so pretty! My mom bought me the shades “Strut on Nude” and “Cosmic”.

I loved the formula of these glosses. You guys all know I am not a fan of lip gloss because I hate the sticky consistency, but these lip glosses were not sticky at all! They definitely lived up to all of the reviews which claimed they were not gloppy or sticky. The formula is a great texture! A+ in my book.

Cosmic goes on clear and metallic – very shiny and glittery! I love it. This gloss is perfect by itself or over another color! As for Strut on Nude, it was a little disappointing. The color goes on uneven, and it doesn’t stay in place. It is almost like a liquid lipstick in texture, but the color doesn’t deposit like a liquid lipstick – it deposits like a gloss. So the color payoff isn’t great, and looks choppy. I am going to try layering it over a nude lipstick, and see if that helps!


Creamy lipstick packaging

The creamy lipsticks are packaged in these cool bronze-y grey bullet lipstick tubes. They are light-weight, and are nice to throw in your pocketbook. My mom bought me these in the colors 2 and 7.

Color 2 is a pinker shade, and Color 7 is a nude. I’ve been wearing Color 7 the past few days, and I really like the shade! It’s a true nude, and it goes on very pigmented. Unfortunately, this color has the same problem Strut on Nude does – it doesn’t apply evenly. I feel like I need a lip primer or something for this shade to apply evenly and last a while. I don’t know if Coastal Scents sells a lip primer, but maybe I’ll exfoliate my lips or something beforehand and use a lip primer so this stays on better/applies better!

Color 7 is a pink neutral shade, and it is really pretty! I haven’t worn this color as much as I’ve worn Color 2, but this shade applies way more evenly on my lips. It doesn’t last a very long time, but like I said I think I may need a lip primer and to exfoliate my lips prior to applying these lipsticks.


From top to bottom: Color 7, Cosmic, Color 2, Strut on Nude

Here are swatches of the products. As you can see, the products are very pigmented, and the formulas are very creamy in texture (which I enjoy). The colors also compliment the pink in my skin tone I think.

My final thoughts on these lippies? My rating for them is a 7.5 out of 10 (1 being bad, 10 being awesome). For the price (and since they were on sale), I do not think my mom lost money on these because I will definitely use these products and play with them more. I love the shades, and I think I will make good use of them in the summer months to come because they are such summery colors! These lippies are above average, but they aren’t the best I’ve tried so far.

Have you tried Coastal Scents lip products? What are your thoughts?

Big shoutout to my momma who bought these items for me! Love you! ❤

Until next time!


I’m a Girl Who Loves Makeup, But I Am Not Superficial

There is a negative stigma among people who love makeup, but here is why we shouldn’t judge those who do.


Read my latest article on The Odyssey Online! This week I discuss why being a makeup lover doesn’t mean I am a superficial person! Like, comment, and share! ❤ Let me know what you think! Click the link below, or the image to be redirected to The Odyssey!

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