HorrorCon Fall 2018 – Atlantic City, NJ


I had such an amazing week last week – I will tell you all more information once some paperwork is finalized, however, I ended my amazing week by going to Atlantic City with my two good friends for the fall NJ Horror Convention!

This convention happens twice a year, and this season it was held at the Showboat hotel in A.C. My friends and I stayed at the Showboat, and had a super fun 36 hours running around Atlantic City!

We arrived at the hotel at midnight on what was technically Saturday morning (and technically the first day of fall). We checked in, went to our room, freshened up, and then took a Lyft to Bally’s for an Emo Night Brooklyn event! Emo Night Brooklyn is a DJ show where the DJ plays all pop-punk, alternative, and emo music ranging from the early 2000s to pop punk hits from today! It was held in the Wild Wild West casino in the Ballys resort. I’ve been wanting to go to an Emo Night Brooklyn event for a few months now, so to do it with my two good friends was special! I also ran into some friends from high school while I was there, which was awesome. We didn’t arrive back to our hotel until 3:30am!

Saturday we woke up, went for lunch in the hotel, and then went into the convention! HorrorCon has all types of horror-inspired small businesses and vendors come set up tables to sell products, and there was an independent horror film festival going on as well. In addition, there were so many actors and actresses/celebrity icons at this event! Cassandra Peterson (who was the original Elvira!) was the headlining personality at this convention, in addition to Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Bam Margera (MTV’s “Jackass”), and Linda Blair (from the Exorcist!). Tony Moran, the man who originally played Michael Myer’s in “Halloween” was there, along with many others.


I picked up a few awesome items from this convention! If I hadn’t lost $65 gambling, I would have probably bought more fun things! But when in Rome, you do as the Romans, am I right? 🙂 Anyway, here are the awesome items I bought!


My first and FAVORITE purchase is this print made by artist Scott Straka. He is a Philadelphia-based artist, and was selling his AMAZING portraits for an amazing price. I was drawn to his table for a portrait he did of Tate Langdon (Evan Peter’s character from season 1 of American Horror Story). It was an incredible drawing, but when I started looking at the other available prints, I FELL IN LOVE with this Bride of Frankenstein portrait. It gives me all of the old-Hollywood glam-gore vibes, and looks super pretty on my bedroom wall! This was definitely the best find while I was there.

Check out Scott Straka’s store if you want dope prints like this for your home! https://scottstrakaart.storenvy.com/


My next purchase was this tee-shirt advertising for Poisonous Pinups. Poisonous Pinups is an alternative pin-up model magazine (very similar to Suicide Girls if you are familiar with them), and I really liked their logo! The sticker of the red-haired monster/thing is also featured on the back of the shirt printed much larger, and it gives me all the badass lady boss vibes. This magazine is based in NJ, so it was cool to support this small business.


This pin has to be one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, and I was SO excited to buy it. This is from a company called Kneehigh Horror, and the owner makes and sells enamel pins from very niche horror films. This lovely lady pin is the Salma Hayek character Satanico Pandemonium from Quentin Tarantino’s movie “From Dusk Til Dawn”. Her character does a burlesque dance with this cool headdress and a python(!!), so naturally, I wanted this to display on my denim jacket!

You should definitely check out his shop if you’re interested in some niche and hard-to-find pins based on different horror series. https://www.etsy.com/shop/KneehighHorror

If you couldn’t tell, I had a theme to all of my purchases: badass ladies!

Anyway, later in the night I went out with my two friends, and we went to the new Hard Rock hotel for some dinner, drinks, and gambling! We even went to the Sugar Factory (which was my first time!), where we ordered a special 60 ounce watermelon mojito drink, topped off with sour watermelon gummy candies, and raspberry gummies inside the glass! It was delicious, and something I’ve always wanted to do!

Sugar Factory

None of us won any money unfortunately, but after a few hours out, we ended up going back to our hotel and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

This trip was definitely one I will always remember. It is such an empowering feeling to be able to geek out with my two friends who are also super into horror/Halloween/alternative styles, and be comfortable being the real Julia for the first time in what seems like my entire life. Since April, I’ve been trying new things and having all types of new experiences! Not only have I been going places I’ve always wanted to go, I’ve also been tapping into all of my interests, including those I haven’t thought to tap into in years. It is so weird to me how I never allowed myself to step outside of my comfort zone and be my true authentic self. Weekends like this help me realize all parts of me make me a badass boss lady (just like my Bride of Frankenstein and my Salma Hayek pin).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you’re in NJ/NY/PA, you should definitely consider attending this convention if you can make it! There will be another one in the spring, but I do not know yet where it will be. I’m not sure if I will attend the spring one, but it will be fun to make this convention trip an annual fall occurrence with my friends!

Xoxo Happy Autumn loves!

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Hooked Siren – Halloween Mermaid Makeup

Hi beautiful ghouls!

Yesterday I created a Hooked Siren look, complete with shells from the ocean and a hook straight out of my dad’s tackle box. This look took me about an hour and 45 minutes to complete, and I used a hell of a lot of different beauty products/Halloween sfx products to do it. All products used will be bolded so you can find them easily.


For my face, I used a moisturizer to prime. Then I added e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation and e.l.f. concealer to prep my skin. Next, I added a cream contour to my face – to my temples and around my forehead, the hollows of my cheeks, and my jaw line. I blended this out and finished with It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores setting powder.


Next, I created the scales! I put a pair of old fishnet stockings around my head, and created an ombre effect of scales using my Julia’s Leaps of Faith eyeshadows! If you don’t know, those are the shadows I make myself! I used the color Puddles ( a bright blue) and Introspective (a smokey purple) which are both currently available for purchase on my Etsy, and then I used a color that is not released on my Etsy shop yet called Mermaid Lagoon (a black based dark blue) for the darkest scale shade!


After my scales were on, I created the hook injury using a real fishing hook, flesh liquid latex, and ripped up tissues. I let this set and dry on my face while I completed my eyes! For my eyebrows I used Colourpop’s Supershock Eyeshadow in Rhinestone which is a black-based metallic blue/green color on a small angled brush, and filled my brows in like I normally would. This eyeshadow color gave my eyebrows a blu-ish green hue that is reminscent of the ocean floor! Then I used TooFaced Sugar Pop palette and completed my eye makeup with the purples and blues in the palette. I topped the center of my eyelids with the glitter sheer Supershock eyeshadow from Colourpop in Alchemy.


I completed my eye look with some winged liner using e.l.f. Expert Liner and Ciate London Fierce Flicks. I created a “mermaid tail” wing instead of a traditional wing. Then I used the Essence Cosmetics False Lash mascara to give my lashes definition and length. By this time, my injury was dry, so I picked at it to give it a distressed effect. Then I added my foundation around the outside to make it flesh-toned. I added red and purple tones to the perimeter using the e.l.f. Mad for Matte 2 palette so the wound appeared bruised and infected. At the end, I dumped some fake blood all over it, and let it run down my neck to give the appearance that it was still bleeding.

Sirensong4 (1)

I finished my look with a rhinestone headband, and glued some sea shells to my forehead using more liquid latex (this part was surprisingly difficult!). I finished with the Ulta Matte Lip Cream in the shade Allusive for a dark, moody lip that fit the dark blues and purples of this look!

To complete the costume, I added a blue/green sparkly crocheted light-weight sweater (I borrowed from my mom) that looked like a fishing net. I wore a black crop top camisole underneath the netting. Then I wore pearl earrings, a pearly bracelet, and a pearly necklace (all fake of course) to match my underwater theme!

I had SUCH a fun time creating this look yesterday, and I received many compliments on it whether it was in-person compliments, Instagram, or compliments from DMs on Snapchat! I hope you like this look, and try it for yourself! The great part of this costume idea is that you can use any color scheme!

Until next time, stay scary!

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Hey Boo… Did you Get your Black Magic October Ipsy Bag?

Hello boo-tifuls! (Sorry not sorry for all of the puns). Are you as excited as I am for the October glambag?! It is sooo cute! I didn’t post early access this month because I wanted my bag to be a surprise – and I am actually quite happy with my bag this month! I only received one full-sized product, but all of the products I did receive work fairly well, and are very usable for my everyday makeup routine!

Let’s start with the glambag itself. The design was a collaboration between Ipsy and the animation artist Valfré! If you don’t know who Valfré is, I suggest you go to her site and look at her artwork – it’s super cute! The bag’s design goes with the theme of the month – Black Magic – and it’s not the typical Halloween orange and black color scheme which I like. The bag is actually a light lavender shade with black Halloween graphics all over it. The best part? The zipper is a ghost with hearts for eyes!! I love this bag!!

Here is a list of the products in my bag:

  1.  Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner
  2. the Balm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush
  3. ModelCo Instant Brows Brow Pencil in Light/Medium
  4. tre’StiQue Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux

  5. pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher with Mango and Shea Butters

Although only one product was full-sized, all of these products are quite functional for me!


The Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner surprised me! This was my favorite product in my bag! I don’t wear a lot of winged liquid liner anymore, if I wear any eyeliner at all, but this eyeliner works amazing! It’s a true matte black and goes on smooth. The felt tip of the pen is accurate and precise as well. I can see myself reaching for this product a lot!! It reminds me of the Lancome Art Liner (which I’ve used and LOVED!), but the Ciaté liner is actually MORE pigmented. The Lancome liner doesn’t smudge as much as this one, but the Ciaté liner stays put pretty much all day. The only smudging I noticed was a little in my outer corners at the end of the day.

My second favorite product was the Balm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush! I don’t buy a lot of blush, but the Balm never disappoints me with their products, so I knew this blush was going to be amazing. The color works well with my skin tone, and it stays pigmented and fresh looking all day long! I love this, and am considering picking up a full-sized pan! The only think I didn’t like was that this blush has a shimmery tint. I generally prefer my blushes matte, but this one was a nice exception.

The ModelCo Instant Brows Brow Pencil in Light/Medium was a disappointment. I enjoy the precise tip and the brow brush on the cap, but this color and formula didn’t work well for my eyebrows at all. The formula is not waxy, and the color is a little too warm for my hair color. I feel like when I wear this product, people can tell I filled in my brows (which is opposite of the effect I want from a brow pencil). I love brow pencils, but for this one I’m going to have to pass.

The tre’StiQue Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux was another sort-of let down product in my bag. I like the buttery formula of the lip crayon, but the color doesn’t work for my skin. It makes my teeth look yellow-ish (when my teeth aren’t really yellow), and the shade doesn’t look right on my skin at all. I was hoping I was going to receive the other color (Florence Fig), which is a neutral pink. Nonetheless, the color I received is not going to give me a lot of use.

Finally, the next and final surprising product in my bag was the pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher with Mango and Shea Butters. It is matte liquid lipstick season, and I am ALWAYS trying to moisturize my lips before I apply my liquid lipsticks. This products is AMAZING. It keeps my liquid lipstick from drying my lips out too much, and it leaves my lips feelings soft and supple. I will definitely be purchasing a full-size of this product once the late fall and the beginning of winter come. If you need a good product to prep your lips for liquid matte lipstick, this is it!


Overall, I’d give this bag a 4 out of 5 stars (1 being the worst, 5 being the best). I was a little disappointed with only one full-sized product, but I am so excited all of the products are so functional and useful for colder weather. I am also super happy with how well-developed the theme of this bag was, and how the design of the bag makes sense with the theme.

Halloween is only 10 days away!! What did you receive in your Ipsy Black Magic bag this month? Are you happy with your bag? What was your favorite product?

Until next time ghouls!

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Wet n Wild Fall Collection 2016!

Oh my gosh guys! I am so so terribly sad my summer break is over in about two weeks, but FALL IS COMING and I could not be any more excited! Trust me, I still need more beach days, lemonade, and summer time fun, but the fall season is approaching which means beauty companies are dropping all of their beautiful fall-inspired lines. Mauves, burgundies, plums, chocolate browns, and burnt oranges are all colors reminiscent of fall, and I am more than ecstatic to see these colors highlighted in fall makeup.

Fortunately, Wet n Wild (ONE OF MY FAV DRUGSTORE BRANDS), just released their fall makeup collection, and I am drooling over some of the products they released! They released two eyeshadow trios, four new matte lip colors, and four new Color Icon Colored Mascaras. Ugh! They are so gorgeous. Additionally, for the first time EVER they are selling a beauty box for the fall collection, which includes the products mentioned above, plus two of their best-selling highlighters!

wet n wild fall collection 2016

As the picture shows, you can grab the whole fall collection plus two MegaGlo highlighters for $28.99, when the box would retail for $37.99! I really wish I could purchase the whole box, but since I am broke and have other things I need to pay for, I will have to hunt for these products in Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS. The two eyeshadow trios are the ones I am most excited for! Here are close-ups of them!

wet n wild velour vixen fall 2016

Velour Vixen trio

wet n wild plaid to the bone fall 2016

Plaid to the Bone trio

The two trios include the mauvey plum Velour Vixen trio, and the green taupey teal Plaid to the Bone trio. The Velour Vixen trio colors are usually within the family of colors I find myself reaching for all of the time, but these colors are not shades I have in my collection yet so I definitely will be picking this one up! Additionally, I am usually not a huge fan of green and teal eyeshadows on me, but the Plaid to the Bone trio looks so awesome, and since I don’t have many colors like those in my collection at all I think it would be fun to pick up and play with! The trio looks very versatile even though it includes greens and blues. I mean for $2.99 each, how could you go wrong?!

The liquid lipsticks also look like they are going to be a hit for the fall. The colors are pictured in the fall beauty box picture above, and the names include Take It Like a Vamp – a chocolate brown matte lip color; Don’t Be a Plum-Plum – a plum toned brownish matte lip color; How Fleek Is Your Love – a warm fiery red; and Too Tulip To Quit – a rosy bubblegum colored pink lip color. These colors look really versatile, and though I don’t know how Wet n Wild’s liquid lipstick formula is, it would be nice to pick one or two of these colors up to try and play with. I only own two liquid matte lipsticks, one Too Faced Melted and one ColourPop liquid lipstick. Both formulas are sort of drying (ColourPop especially), so hopefully Wet n Wild’s formula is a bit better or slightly more hydrating.

Finally, there is the four Color Icon Colored mascaras. These look really awesome and fun to play with! They come in four colors – Unbreakable BronzeGreen as a ThistleSapphire Night Live, and Glamethyst Rock. The colors I highlighted the names in are essentially the colors of the swatches on the Wet n Wild website of these mascaras. The description claims they can be used alone or on top of black mascara, but I think these four colors would look really awesome for a look created with the eyeshadow trios, or even used alone for a pop of color!

What do you think of Wet n Wild’s fall line? I hope I can go to the store and find these items. They sell out so fast at the Walgreens near my house! I am excited to try these babies, and I am also excited to see what else my favorite makeup companies will be launching for the fall season! What beauty colors or trends are you excited for this fall season? Comment below!

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Click on the web link to purchase Wet n Wild online! Wet n Wild Fall Collection (Not an affiliate link)

*This is not a sponsored post. This is just a company I love that launched a really awesome fall collection I wanted to tell you all about!*



Hello lovely readers! I have been M.I.A. lately, and I apologize for that. I shouldn’t be letting my personal issues interfere with my blogging, but it has been happening and I apologize. I haven’t done anything autumn-y or fall-related the whole month of October (I know – I was so excited when October began and then I didn’t do anything fall related), however, the last 4 days have been very fun with celebrating my favorite day of the year – HALLOWEEN! My college threw a party on Thursday the 29th, and this weekend I drove to my best friend’s college and we celebrated actual Halloween on her campus! It was definitely a tiring last four days, but I had a lot of fun with my friends. I never have the opportunity to go out, so I was excited to have two different Halloween related events to attend for this weekend.

On Thursday, I went to my school event dressed as a lion! Our mascot is a female lion, and I wanted something simple that I could play around with some fun makeup! I think my makeup turned out great, and I wish my front facing camera was better quality so you could see how it turned out. I tried to edit the picture the best I could, but here is my lioness makeup!


I’d like to believe I was queen of the jungle on Thursday night!

I also had lion ears, and my hair ended up deflating by the end of the night, but it still turned out really nicely I think! The party at my school was very good, and I danced all night with my other fellow dance majors! Here is a picture of my friend and I – she was dressed in a onesie pajama set because she was dressed as a baby doll for Halloween (which makes sense because she is only 4’6″!, haha!):


A fellow dance major and I

At my other friend’s college yesterday, I went as a vampire! I was so upset because I had spent a lot of time doing my hair, makeup, and my bite wound (my first attempt at special effects makeup), and the vampire teeth I bought (Scarecrow brand mini deluxe fangs) did not work at all!! The glue mixture was not right and I followed the instructions down to a T, but they would not stay in my mouth. I unfortunately had to go without wearing them (which sucks because I paid $20 for them), but I think my makeup alone was still just as effective! The vampire fangs would have thrown the outfit over the top, but I wasn’t going to let the stupid teeth ruin my night!


Before I left to my friend’s college!

I have a natural ombre going on right now since I have been growing out my old hair color for the past year and a half. It worked to my advantage though, because I sprayed my hair with temporary red hair dye, and it turned out to look pretty awesome! I took this photo before I left to drive to my friend’s college. I went to buy gas before I started my trip, and the gas station attendant was really shocked when I pulled up!

Some liquid latex, eye shadow, and of course fake blood!

Some liquid latex, eye shadow, and of course fake blood!

I unfortunately didn’t get around to drinking any apple cider this month, but yesterday I was able to eat some Halloween candy (in the spirit of the holiday of course), and I was able to play with some fake blood which definitely made me feel like I was in the Halloween spirit! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I cannot believe today is November 1! Now the wonderful winter holidays are upon us! I can’t wait to see how the last 6 weeks of my semester go, and I will definitely be trying to update more often!

I hope you all had a stellar Halloween yesterday! What did you dress up as? Let me know!!