My Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse

Happy New Year beautiful people!

2020 is here, and it is a fresh decade! New beginnings are all around us! I wanted to share with you I recently joined Arbonne as an Independent Consultant, and will be completing their 30 Days to Healthy Living cleanse for the month of January! I’ve been debating on whether or not I wanted to invest in this cleanse since August. However, recent problems with my health and my stomach have inspired me to finally dive in.

My goals for this cleanse are to reset my gut health, reduce my bodily inflammation (hopefully helping the health issues I am dealing with), cut back on my dependency on sugar/coffee, sleep better, and reduce my anxiety. I also would like to lose about 5 pounds.

All of the symptoms and health conditions I’ve been dealing with, the 30 Days cleanse targets to resolve. The cleanse is supposed to reduce symptoms and signs of physical toxicity. Physical Toxicity is the state in which the body accumulates toxins from the different foods and alcohols we consume. These toxins build-up in the gut, and over time cause the body to be in a state of physical toxicity. The symptoms can include/are not limited to some or all of the following:

Acne/skin issues, bloating, insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, nausea, mood swings, PMS, difficulty concentrating, difficulty losing weight, brain fog, bad breath, low energy, headaches/migraines, fatigue.

Arbonne discusses the cleanse as a “cellular reset” – unclogging the “kitchen sink”- the “kitchen sink” being your gut. The cleanse eliminates inflammatory foods and food groups and sugar, and supplements your diet with clean protein (no sugar, gluten, dairy, animal byproducts, soy, or GMOs) and clean caffeine replacements; increases your fiber intake; and detoxifies your gastrointestinal tract.

They provide all of the nutritional products and supplements (you can choose your flavors), and provide you with support the entire 30 days. You’re given recipes, meal preparation tips, food shopping lists, tips for maintaining the cleanse while you travel, or if you go out to eat. You’re even added to a Facebook group with other women and men who are doing this month’s challenge with you, so if you don’t have a partner to do the cleanse with in real life, you have an online support system. The Facebook group is monitored by a registered dietician who can also help answer any questions you might have.

I spent only $222 (with free shipping!) for this cleanse (that’s the price as an Independent Consultant), and was also gifted over $200 of free products for signing up. I am trying two of their skincare products (their RE9 Facial Cleanser and RE9 Nightly Resurfacing Pads), their Metabolism Support powder, and will receive a free gym bag. I am most excited to try their protein out! I haven’t found a clean, vegan protein powder that was affordable in a long time.

I am looking forward to eating clean and feeling better in 2020, and I have a really good feeling this cleanse will help me and help my health issues that are not getting better.

I will be taking progress pictures along to the way, so stay tuned for a follow-up!

If you are interested in the cleanse, you can take a peak at my shop which I will link below. If you have ever completed the 30 Days to Healthy Living, I would love to hear your feedback and results.


Final Performances of 2018

As 2018 winds down, the curtain just closed on my last performance of 2018. I finished out the year with my one company’s annual Nutcracker Tea – an abbreviated version of Act II of the full-length Nutcracker. Guests are invited to eat sweets and pastries as they drink tea and coffee and watch the main company and the student company perform. It was so much fun, and I enjoy performing the Nutcracker for all of it’s magic and for the beautiful music.

This tea is most suitable for young kids, as we also have “fairy makeovers” available to them before the show, and they have the option to sit up front and close at the children’s seating right in front of the black box stage. Their eyes are usually so excited and curious as they watch everyone perform. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’re inspiring young kids, and I imagine this is similar to what people working at Disney feel like. I would still love to work for the Disney company one day. 

Other than Nutcracker, I performed in the gala for another company as their season opener on December 1. It was more of a wine and dine event for donors and patrons, but we performed a short, groovy dance for the attendees which was located at a really cute NYC dinner theater on West 72nd street. Lady Gaga apparently performed at this same theater before she became super famous, so it was kind of cool to think about that while having my own experience at the venue.

I have a few performances lined up for the new year already, as well as some auditions!! I’ll be performing a solo I’m choreographing at a showcase in March (which will be my first solo EVER!!), and I think we are going to be rehearsing for a full-length Cinderella ballet for May/June. The second week of January, I also have auditions for Disney World Orlando, and Royal Caribbean. They are open calls, so I’m expecting to be waiting a while as there are usually 400-600 people who show up for open calls. I will be re-auditioning for the Rockettes’ Summer Program in January or February as well, and hopefully more opportunities will be available soon. I can’t wait!

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Voices of Dance Festival  The Tank Theater NYC
September 2018

2018 was filled with many successes, adventures, leaps of faith, and new experiences. Although checkered by heart break and some failure, I’d say for what it was, I made 2018 the best I possibly could given my circumstances. I am looking forward to burying 2018 in the past, and moving forward into 2019 happier, healthier, stronger, and way more excited for the future.


2018 Goal Check-In

Hi ladies and gents!

I realized this month is almost over, which means 2018 is 2/3 of the way through! We only have 4 more months of 2018 (I really can’t believe it), and although it is not too much time, it is still a significant amount of time to get sh*t done!

At the start of this year, my goals included being persistant in the pursuit of my dreams… It’s quite vague really. I didn’t know what to specify because I had so many goals and so many options up in the air, I was very confused as to where I was headed and where I wanted to go. I am certain now, however, that 2018 has been a year to work on many goals relating to my bigger dreams. My dreams relating to dancing, training, and constantly growing.

Below is a list of my goals, and some updates on where I’m at with them!


Photography by John DeSanto

Dancing professionally: This year, I’ve had the pleasure to continue dancing for the company I dance with in Hudson Valley, NY; in addition to landing some apprentice positions in companies based in New York City. This month has been particularly demanding, as I’ve been auditioning my butt off for a bunch of different NYC-based companies, some of which I am still waiting to hear back from. The fall is looking like it will be really busy for me commuting in and out of NYC (especially in October), so I cannot wait to see how much farther I will go!

Graduate School for dance/movement therapy: I did a LOT of research, and finally found another dance/movement therapy program I want to attend (that is also low-residency!!). It is at Lesley University in Massachusetts, and they actually were ready to admit me in the spring before I even submitted an actual application! I would have sent in my application as well, but I attended the American Dance Festival for June and July, and the timing of the festival interfered with the first summer session for the graduate program. Alas, I am not in graduate school (YET!), but I will definitely be applying in the fall for this summer (2019)! Fingers crossed!


Photography by John DeSanto

Barre instructor certification: As you all probably saw, I’ve been working on my certification for Xtend Barre (see my post if you are not familiar! Xtend Barre Training). I am very close to finishing my certification and being able to teach my own classes! I will keep you all posted when I do. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years, so the fact that it is actually happening is SO exciting!

Travel: I road-tripped down to the American Dance Festival and had the most AMAZING 6 weeks ever (see I’m Back and Ready to MOVE!). I tried new food, new drinks, made so many new friends and connections, and experienced so much! I always wanted to attend the American Dance Festival, and I made it happen (on scholarship no less!). I also can now say I drove from North Carolina back home, by myself, in only 9 hours! It was incredible, and I hope I can take a few more smaller, fun trips with friends before the year is over!


Photography by John DeSanto

This is where I am at right now with my goals and my life, and I am so excited to see what the last third of 2018 has in store! I am sure there will be plenty more dances to be danced, and projects to completed before we can kiss 2018 goodbye and welcome 2019 with open arms. But I am not ready to look to 2019 (not yet anyway) – there is still so much to do in 2018!

How are the goals you set at the new year coming? Are you working towards any or all of them?! Let me know in the comments 🙂 I would love to hear how you all are crushing it!


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October Update and the Importance of a Plan

Happy Thursday beautiful people!

How are you doing on this damp and chilly fall evening? I apologize for the lack of posts, but my boyfriend had his phone back this week, so between classes, homework, and catching up with him I have been a busy bee. I am doing exceptionally well! I am super happy today because my boyfriend and I just made a plan for the next year and a half in context of our schooling/jobs/relationship and I think we have a really awesome goal to work towards now! I think we both feel focused and ready for the challenges the next 365 days will present, but the end payoff will be worth it (*Cough – like an engagement – Cough*). Yes, yes I know – This is super awesome! I am so excited I can barely contain myself!

My boyfriend is preparing for another period of time of no contact. He just received his phone back last Friday, but unfortunately he has to go right back to a new phase of training, which includes his phone being shut off until it is over. It really stinks, but this is a vital part of his training, so the sooner he gets through it, the better for everybody! I can’t wait for this part of training to be over. While he is gone though, I will have many things to do! I have midterms coming up, my family is going to Puerto Rico next weekend for the holiday, plus all of the fun fall things that come along with the glorious month of October! I might be going to my best friend’s college for Halloween, but also I might be going down to visit my boyfriend for that weekend! There are so many fun and awesome things that will be occurring this month, and I have a feeling October will pass by in the blink of an eye. It’s my favorite month of the year, so it is sad it will be over so quickly, but hey at least I am making the most of it, right?

With all of these awesome things happening, and my excitement I share with my boyfriend about our plan for the next year, it has inspired me to write an article about it. My boyfriend and I have discussed several plans for our future together, yet all of them before the current one left us a little uncertain about its solidity and a little apprehensive about the future. With our new plan and goals in mind, it has us excited and we have turned over a new leaf as a couple. Let me explain further why having a plan is important for military couples.

There is a lot of stress distance can put on a relationship. The uncertainty of when you’ll see your loved one, the financial strain of travel, and the demands of the military all boils down to making reuniting with your loved one a stressful and usually last minute affair. Because of all of the last minute plans, and the sometimes periods of no contact the military demands, it is hard to even know where to start to plan for the future if at all. Here are some tips for planning out the future as a couple, while keeping both you and your partner’s goals in mind, while keeping your sanity intact 😉

1) Don’t overshoot or undershoot your time frame. This is important because you don’t want to make your goal with your partner too much to handle in a short time frame, but you also don’t want to allot too much time to where it seems like it will take a millennia before you accomplish the task. For example, say you and your SO want to buy a new car together. Unless both of you have good jobs and are living together and are financially straight in all other aspects of your life, don’t set a goal of buying a new car in four months. If, as I just mentioned, all your ducks are in a row and it is financially possible in that little time period, then by all means go for it. But if not, try to shoot for 8 months to a year or something more realistic so you don’t stress yourselves out, and so you don’t feel defeated once the four months is up and you don’t have all of the funds yet.

2) Keep each other’s goals in mind. A relationship is a partnership. Don’t value your goals over your partners, and they shouldn’t value theirs over yours either! For example, in a year and a half, I will be done with college and my boyfriend will be done training. I will graduate college around the same time he will complete all his schools, and then we will move-in together shortly after we are both finished. This makes it easy on both of us because we both will be finished with the most stressful parts of our lives currently, and we can finish that portion of our lives with a degree for me and certain qualifications for him. Then we can begin the next chapter of our lives together and start a new part of our story! Both people in a relationship should try to find a way to make both partner’s life goals fit into the future plan to be together. It is hard since the military sends our servicemen and women where ever they see fit and whenever they need to. However, with enough thought, you can always try to find a way to be together that is compatible with both people’s careers and interests. Keeping each other in perspective will avoid conflict between partners and avoid resentment.

3) Make your plan realistic and be flexible. Life happens and it happens sometimes in ways which are not favorable. You should plan for change and have a contingency plan (a backup), whether that be a longer or shorter time frame, or even an adjustment to your original plan to achieve your goal. Military significant others have to be adaptable to change because that is the nature of a military career. Make sure you plan for the worst possible scenario, but also hope and work towards the best possible scenario. Being flexible and open to the possibility of change will reduce tension or stress caused by the change between you and your partner. You’re in this with them together, and the only way to conquer it as a couple is to drive forward together.

So there you have it people – just some things to keep in mind when thinking long term with your military SO. It is hard, and it takes a few plans to find the one that works for you and your partner. Once you find it, you will be excited and happy you have something to work towards! I hope this was a little helpful for you guys, and let me know if you have some exciting plans for your future with your milso, ie: vacations, engagements, weddings, anything! I’ll definitely be keeping you all posted about mine! 😀