Best Halloween Movies to Binge-Watch this Fall


You all ALREADY KNOW how much I LOVE Halloween and this spooky time of the year! I’ve always had an affinity for weird and unorthodox things and scary movies, so it is fitting I feel so nostalgic and happy throughout the Halloween season!

One of my favorite activities includes watching Halloween movies or scary movies, so here are the top 15 films you should be watching between now and All Hallows’ Eve! These are in no particular order, however, the top three are three of my ALL TIME FAVORITES.

Best Halloween Movies for a Spooky October

  1. Hocus Pocus (1993): Three witches are accidentally brought back to life by a virgin named Max who lights the cursed black-flame candle. They seek to steal the souls of young people before sunrise so they can live forever. It’s up to Max, his sister Dani, and his crush Allison to stop them.
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): Jack Skellington rules Halloweentown and their Halloween celebrations every year. But Jack is bored, and accidentally stumbles upon Christmas town, and wants to steal the holiday from Santa with his own Jack-twist. He’s a little too good at being scary, and ultimately chaos ensues on Christmas Eve.
  3. The Shining (1980): The Torrance family agrees to hotel-sit the historic Overlook Hotel for the winter so husband Jack can finish his novel. The Overlook sits in the mountains, and winter’s snowfall make the mountain impassible, so the family cannot be reached easily. Slowly, Jack starts losing his mind, while son Danny has terrifying premonitions about the past and future. Wife Wendy is naive to the severity of the situation until it’s too late.
  4. Halloween (1978): In 1963, Michael Myers brutally murders his sister, and is sentenced and locked away in an insane-asylum. Flash forward to 1978, he escapes and returns to his home town to wreak havoc and find his next victims.
  5. The Craft (1996): Sarah recently moved to a Los Angeles high school, hoping to leave her troubled past behind her. She soon discovers she has telekinetic abilities, and serendipitously befriends three wannabe witches. Together, they learn how to harness their powers, but fail to realize their powers have tragic consequences.
  6. Young Frankenstein (1974): Dr. Frederick Frankenstein learns he inherited his grandfather’s estate in Transylvania. Once he arrives to the estate, he recreates old experiments his grandfather once tried. In an attempt to reanimate dead tissue, he creates his own monster, which creates unforeseen issues, that are complicated further once his fiancée comes to town.
  7. A Quiet Place (2018): In what seems to be a post-apocalyptic Earth, one family seeks to survive a foreign invader. They can’t make any noise, because if the invaders hear them, they hunt them.
  8. Halloweentown (1998): Marnie fights with her mom who won’t let her or her siblings celebrate Halloween. By chance, she follows her grandmother home to “Halloweentown” where she discovers not only is her grandmother a witch, but she is too, and she has to help her grandmother fight an evil force from destroying the world.
  9. Corpse Bride (2005): Victor and Victoria have an arranged marriage. During the rehearsal ceremony, Victor forgets his vows, and flees to the forest to practice them. He recites his vows and slips the wedding band onto a nearby branch growing from the ground. This branch is actually the finger of dead bride Emily who was murdered on her own wedding day, who now believes Victor is her beloved and betrothed.
  10. Beetlejuice (1988): Barbara and Adam die in a car accident, and are stuck haunting their previous home. The Deetzes purchase the home, and Barbara and Adam attempt to scare them away. When they realize their tactics are not working, a spirit named Beetlejuice steps in to help them out, which causes more harm than help.
  11. Coraline (2009): Coraline explores her new home while feeling emotionally neglected by her parents. One night she discovers a small door in the house that leads to an alternate world. This world is like her own, but better, equipped with her own “Other Mother” and “Other Father”. Her “Other Parents” attempt to keep her in this alternate world permanently by trapping her there and hiding her parents. She has to fight to return home, and find her real parents before it’s too late.
  12. The Conjuring (2013): In 1970, the Perron family purchases a new home where they quickly realize everything is not as it seems. Paranormal activity soon escalates, and the Perron’s call in the Warren’s who are demonologist experts to help fight the evil present in the house. This movie is based on true events.
  13. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (1966): On Halloween, Sally is torn between trick-or-treating for the first time, attending Violet’s Halloween party, or waiting with her love Linus for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. The Peanuts celebrate at Violet’s party while Linus waits patiently for the Great Pumpkin.
  14. Edward Scissorhands (1990): A scientist creates Edward, and dies before finishing his assembly, thus leaving Edward with scissors for hands. A woman named Peg finds him, and brings him home, where Edward falls for her daughter. He is gentle and artistic, but his scissor hands make him an outcast, and cause problems.
  15. The Nun (2018): A young nun at a secluded convent takes her own life. A priest at the vatican is ordered to investigate the suicide, with the help from a novitate who has not yet taken her vows. Together, they venture to the abandoned convent only to find a demonic nun rules the convent, and they are the only people who can stop it.

If you haven’t seen Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or The Shining, you need to stop reading this post right now and go watch them!! They are ICONIC films, all for different reasons, and they will be sure to put you in the Halloween spirit! The Nightmare Before Christmas could also be considered a Christmas movie, so if you have the Santa spirit in you already (which you shouldn’t yet, but I’ll forgive you!), then definitely watch it first!

This list has a good mix of feel-good, family friendly films, to films that will scare your pants off and make you sleep with a night-light. Whatever the case, I hope you find something on this list to watch!

What are your favorite Halloween/scary movies? Sound off in the comments!

Happy hauntings! xoxoxo

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Teamoy Crochet Hook/Supplies Organizer

Hello everyone!

If you are a crafter like me, I am sure you like to keep as organized as you can. When dealing with fiber crafts such as crochet and knitting, you not only have to keep track of your yarn, but also your hooks, needles, tapestry needles, measurings tapes, stitch markers, etc.


I found the cutest crochet hook organizer on a while ago, and I’ve been loving, so I wanted to show it to you! For $8.99, you can choose from a variety of patterns! I choose the fair isle with the blue moose print because it is wintery, and the moose are adorable. They also have other cute prints such as owls, elephants, watercolor painting print, and florals!

There are two sections specifically to store your different sized crochet hooks, and three mesh pockets to store literally everything else! I even fit my largest crochet hook in the largest pocket, which is nice because now all of my hooks are in one place!

In the smaller pockets, I store my darning needles and measuring tape, and also my elastic I use to make my crochet bun covers. I used to store all of my crochet supplies in a plastic bag in my yarn box, but all of my supplies would fall out and get lost among the yarn. This canvas wrap helps keep my supplies snug, but separated.


If you’re interested, you can purchase one of these organizers at this link: Teamoy Crochet Hooks Holder. This is not an affiliate link, but the same link I bought mine from to the $8.99 listing on Amazon!


If you are a crafter/crocheter, definitely pick one of these up from Amazon because it is amazing and a life-saver! It’s also small enough to throw in a bag for travel without having to worry about loosing any of the supplies on your journey!

How do you organize your craft supplies? Let me know in the comments if you’ve used one of these before and if you like it!


New Years Eve Makeup

I know this is a day late, but I wanted to share with you all the products I used for my makeup on New Years Eve. This year, my best friend threw a giant party at his house, so my brother, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s brother went to his house to bring in 2016! I was excited to do my makeup for the holiday because I used my new makeup I received for Christmas.

I wore a thin, pink sweater I bought at the store I work at, so naturally I painted my eyes in shades of pink! I used ColourPop’s Puppy Love all over my lid, and ColourPop’s 3 on the outer corner. Puppy Love is a pearlized finish, and 3 is metallic so it has a lot of pretty glitter in it! Then I used glitterati in the corners of my eyes and under my brow bone. This is a similar eye look to the one I wore throughout my Disney Trip! Also, I’ve not been using any liquid liner the last two weeks, and I really like the way my makeup turns out when I don’t use the liquid eyeliner.


Puppy Love is on the left, 3 is on the right. As you can tell, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of these two shadows in the last three weeks!

For my brows, I’ve been using the e.l.f. brow stick in light/ivory. This product I received for Christmas from my Black Friday haul. It works so well, and I like using the pencil a lot better than filling my brows in with a powder like I’ve been doing. I use the ivory color to lift under my brows, and to highlight on top.


This is a bad picture, but it’s a dual-ended stick. The filler side (darker color) is the right side, and the highlight side (ivory color) is on the left.

To finish off the look, I used e.l.f. Setting Spray and their Matte Lip Color in Rich Red. These two products I also received for Christmas from part of my Black Friday haul. I’ve read some reviews saying the setting spray is good, and others that say it is bad. I have to say, this is the first setting spray I’ve used, and it worked really well for me. I fell asleep on NYE and woke up the next day, and my makeup still looked good. As long as you hold the spray away from your face a full arm’s length, it mists nicely. My face was a little wet for about a minute, but it dried soon and it made my face look dewy and my makeup look fresh.


e.l.f. Setting Spray in clear, and Matte Lip Color in Rich Red

With my CoverGirl Hello Gorgeous liquid and pressed powder foundation, Wet & Wild bronzer in Ticket to Brazil, and my CoverGirl blush in Rock n’ Rose, my pink eyes, cheeks, and cherry lips looked super cute with my pink sweater and curled hair! I have slowly been testing out all of my e.l.f. products I received for Christmas, and so far, I am LOVING all of them! What makeup did you use for New Years Eve? What makeup did you receive for Christmas and are currently testing/playing with? Let me know! 🙂


Rockette Holiday Spirit

Hello everyone!

Today marked my official last day of finals, so I am home free for the next five weeks! I am so excited, I can’t believe I don’t have to pick up another textbook for over a month.

I’ve been keeping super busy the last few days – moving into my bedroom at home, cleaning my bedroom out, decorating with my mom for Christmas, wrapping presents, Christmas shopping, and working at my retail job! Yesterday, also in the Christmas spirit, I was able to buy my audition ticket for the Rockette Summer Intensive (RSI). For those of you who don’t know what the Rockette Summer Intensive is, it’s a week-long summer program at Radio City Music Hall where girls can train with the Rockettes for a week and learn Rockette repertoire, and at the end of the week they perform the repertoire for family and friends at a theater in Manhattan. I auditioned in 2012 and did not make it because I was too sick to be dancing (I was suffering from anorexia at the time), so my audition was a bit of a flop. So I decided to give it another go now since I’m in college, a lot healthier, and a way better dancer than I was four years ago. 🙂 I’ve always loved the Rockettes, and for those of you who don’t know much about the Rockettes other than their famous, synchronized kickline, here is a little backstory.

***Disclaimer: All of the information presented below was part of a research project I did on the Rockettes for one of my jazz classes during my freshman year of college***

The Rockettes are an all-women’s dance-troupe that performs annually at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. They started in 1925, when a man by the name of Russell Markert formed a troupe of female dancers in which he titled the “Rockets” down in St. Louis, Missouri. Showman at the time, S. L. (Roxy) Rothafel brought Markert’s group of women to New York City in 1932, where on the opening night of a new theater, a venue titled Radio City Music Hall, the Roxyettes (as they were newly named after Roxy), performed along with 17 other dance and performance acts. From this point forward, the Roxyettes would soon be able to call Radio City Music Hall home permanently. In the midst of the 1933 holiday season, Radio City Music Hall presented The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular for the first time ever on stage. This new show featured the Rockettes (now changed from Roxyettes), a living nativity scene (live animals included), and a journey with Santa Claus himself.

There’s a little back story for you all, and if you click on the highlighted link in the text above, it will bring you to some vintage footage of the Rockettes I also used in my project! If you haven’t seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, I suggest you see it one day! My favorite part is obviously the athletic and beautiful dancing done by the Rockettes, however, there are many magical moments throughout the whole show.

Today, after I took my last final (which was an online final), I decided to watch one of my favorite movie-musicals Chicago. I love everything about the Broadway show (which I’ve seen in NYC), and the 2002 movie, and all the movie made me want to do is dance! The only thing I am sad about for my winter break is that in the next five weeks I won’t be dancing much at all. But it inspired me to make this post telling y’all about the Rockettes, me registering for my audition for their summer program, and sharing some holiday gift ideas for the dancer in your life or a lover of the Rockettes! All of these gifts can be found at the Radio City Music Hall online store.


Fun Rockette-themed gifts for the dancer in your life!

The first of the three items pictured is a Rockette makeup gift set. It comes with a compact with the same design as the beautiful packaging (which is in the 1920s art-deco style just like Radio City Music Hall), and a tube of  lipstick in the classic Rockette-red hue. As a dance and makeup lover, this is actually something I am considering buying for myself. I want to wear a Rockette-red shade of lipstick when I perform, because who doesn’t want to feel as glamorous as a Rockette when you’re up on stage?!

Buy it here: Rockette Makeup Set

The next item pictured is just a basic women’s tee-shirt in my favorite color (purple of course), and the word ROCKETTES down the side in a metallic print. It is such a cute shirt, and I think any Rockette fan or dance lover would love this as a gift. It’s also simple in design, so it’s a neutral option if you aren’t sure about what shirt to buy for someone (and the Radio City Music Hall online store has plenty of cute Rockette apparel).

Buy it here: Rockettes Tee Shirt

Lastly, the final item is a Rockette plush doll. Okay this is a little young for me (a 20 yr old), but I think it is super cute and cuddly looking! For younger or older girls, I think this would be something super fun to have in your room on your bed nestled between all of your pillows!

Buy it here: Rockette Plush Doll

I’ve obviously had dance on my brain, and even better yet the Rockettes and Christmas! I hope if there is a dancer who loves the Rockettes in your life, or a lover of the Rockettes in your life, you go peruse the Radio City Music Hall online store for some fun holiday gift ideas. If you can make it into New York City to see the show, I also recommend doing that!

Are you auditioning for RSI 2016? Are you seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, or have you in the past? Let me know!



Things That Become Better When Fall Arrives

Fall Flowers

Hello beauties! I am on a break between classes right now (I have a 3:00pm-5:30pm anatomy for dance class every Friday – yes I hate it and yes that exists at my school). It’s the only section available, so I have no choice but to have this Friday class.  Right now I should be studying for our test today, but instead I’m sitting outside at a picnic table and am going to write a post for JLoF! YAY! And more importantly, I’ll be writing it on my favorite season – autumn! Double YAY!

Today I am going to write about all of the things that almost instantly become better once fall arrives! There are so many reasons to love all of the seasons, but for me, the fall means a lot more than cooler temperatures and pretty foliage! Allow me to explain!

1. Coffee and Tea

If you are anything like me (or a college student!) you probably have at least one cup-of-joe a day to get you movin’ and shakin’. I LOVE coffee. Tea is really good too, and I prefer it later in the fall (like late October and November) when the temperatures begin to plummet. Nonetheless, once fall arrives, the variety and flavors of coffee or tea expand and the range of creative hot drinks increases ten-fold. I’m not just talking our beloved PSL (pumpkin spice latte); I’m talking salted caramel, caramel apple cider, different types of chai tea, chai tea lattes, different types of hot chocolates, and let’s not forget the fall-inspired pastries that pair amazingly with each of these drinks. I run to Dunkin and Starbucks a lot throughout the year, but during the fall, a trip to either one of these places becomes a trip in which you have to make a lot of crazy decisions and pairings and decide if you want to try something new, or stick to your old favorites.

2. Nature

Okay okay… I know I said fall means a lot more than pretty foliage. But that isn’t what I am really going to focus on with this point. I don’t just mean pretty leaves and preferred temperatures. Just hear me out on this one. I am a very outdoors-y kind of girl, and I LIVE for the summers because the air is fresh, the skies are blue, and the sun shines all of the time. But in the summer, I have one huge pet-peeve: THE BUGS. I hate insects and I hate finding moths or spiders or ants crawling on me or the chair I am sitting in while trying to catch some sun rays outside. Contrarily, in the fall, all of the insects decide to return to the holes in which they crawled out of (all puns intended), and because it’s cooler outside, you don’t have swarms of mosquitos or knats hanging out in large clumps because the air is so damp with humidity. I love hiking, but in the summer when it is humid, a small hike can become a sweaty endeavor, and the humidity can make it uncomfortable quickly. In the fall, the temperatures and the lack of gross, parasitic insects makes nature so much more enjoyable, and hikes a lot more bearable.

3. Fashion

Do I really need to explain this one? Break out the combat boots, scarves, sweaters, chunky knits, crew socks, Ugg boots, hats, dark denim, and cool jackets. Every store comes out with new leggings, and I personally feel the need to buy one in every color and print! I wear leggings a lot (because I am a dance major), so I get to basically live in leggings during the school days, and when I go out, and I can wear my nice dark jeans and ankle booties. Who doesn’t love to go out when it’s a little bit chillier out, and you don’t have to worry about sweating off your makeup? Basically, unless you’re in a club or an over-heated bar, you don’t have to worry about sweating too much and ruining your totally cute outfit.

4. Dates

This is also sort-of self-explanatory. For the autumn-aficionados like myself, the dating game gets super fun! Corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides, haunted houses, picnics, hikes, Halloween parties, farm visits, fall festivals, and even winery visits are all some awesome activities you and your loved one only get to do during this time of year. Not to mention, the weather is prime for outdoor cuddling – uhm who doesn’t love that either?!

5. October/HALLOWEEN

This… This is probably my favorite reason for fall. I am a Halloween/horror fanatic and honestly, I love Halloween and miss it during the 364 days of the year it is not Halloween. But Halloween becomes THAT MUCH MORE AMAZING in October because for people like myself, all of October is basically Halloween for me, and the anticipation leading up to the holiday makes it that much more fun! You have the start of American Horror Story on FX, the ABC Family Halloween movie specials, all of the home improvement and cooking channels have autumn themed projects and recipes to try, every classic horror movie airs at least once on one of the movie channels, Pinterest pins on your newsfeed all become Halloween costume/food/beverage themed – the fact of the matter is there is always something to watch that will keep the spirit of Halloween burning alive inside of you through the month until the holiday itself. There is so much to love about the 10th month of the year!

My friends, I hope you see how much this season means to me, and I hope this all makes sense as to why the fall makes all of these areas so much better. I really encourage you all to go and have the best fall season ever this year, and I hope you go out and find some fun fall festivals and activities to do locally near you! Now, I should probably get to studying since my test is in an hour, but I might have to get some coffee first! 😀 Cheers!