Bath and Body Works Black Friday Order

Hello beautiful people!

I wanted to show you all what I bought at Bath and Body Works over Black Friday weekend! I bought some hand soaps, Wallflower refills, and body sprays! I repurchased some favorite scents, and tried a bunch of new ones!


Bath and Body Works had $5 Fine Fragrance Mists Black Friday weekend, so naturally I picked up my favorite – Magic in the Air – and on my sister’s recommendation I ordered Coconut Mint Drop to try! I needed a new body spray to throw in my backpack for after work and rehearsal, and this scent smells tropical and wintery at the same time! Who knew there would be a scent with that combination? It’s different than what I normally like, but I enjoy it!


As for hand soaps, I chose a yummy Cinnamon Caramel Swirl soap, and Arctic Berry soap for the holidays! You cannot go wrong with the holiday hand soaps because they all smell delicious!


For the Wallflower refills, I choose Fireside Marshmallow, Vanilla Patchouli, and Frankincense! I think I will enjoy the marshmallow scent the best, but the other two seem like they would be good.

I was a little disappointed because my order took a long time to ship, but I am so excited my me and my room will be smelling really nice throughout the holiday season! 🙂 Did you take advantage of any of the amazing sales Bath and Body Works had Black Friday weekend? What are your favorite scents?


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Drug Store Beauty Queen – What’s in my Makeup Bag

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow, so we are having a big family dinner tonight! I am so excited! As I wait for dinner to be ready, I did my makeup and it inspired me to write an article about it.

I LOVE MAKEUP. I am obsessed with doing my makeup, and I love trying new beauty supplies and tools. Since I dance so much during the week, I only apply mascara since I would sweat other makeup off otherwise. On Thursdays and the weekends, however, I am able to do a full face and it so much fun for me!

I like to call myself a Drug Store Beauty Queen. I am coining the term right now! Haha, but seriously guys, I am a college student on a tight budget who only works at her retail job two or three weekend shifts a month since I take 18 credit hours on top of rehearsals. That barely gives me enough money for gas for the month, so I unfortunately can’t afford many higher-end brands for makeup. Nonetheless, I am able to make my makeup routine work for me, and the brands I use currently are great in staying put through my busy days! Here’s my makeup bag spilled out for you all to look at and I will list the products for you!

Makeup Bag

The contents of my makeup bag

Starting left to right:

1) Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in “Lust for Blush”

2) L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara

3) Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Rose Bud

4) Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eyeliner Felt Tip Pen

5) e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyelash Curler

6) Ready Set Gorgeous CoverGirl Liquid Foundation in 205

7) Wet n’ Wild Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil

8) e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyelid Primer

9) CoverGirl Cheekers blush in Rock n’ Rose

10) Ready Set Gorgeous CoverGirl Pressed Powder Foundation in 205

11) New York Color Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Let me start with my foundations, bronzer, and blush. I’ve been switching between a few different CoverGirl foundations in the last few years, and in the past eight months I have really been digging the Ready Set Gorgeous Line from CoverGirl. Not only does it stay on my skin and doesn’t turn blotchy as the day wears on, it also evens my skin tone without looking “cakey”. A little goes a long way with these, and they last me a long time! Both of them run about $5-$7 each at the drug store. As for my bronzer, I never used to use one. I was scared I would end up looking orange or like I just went for a really bad spray tan on only my face. This bronzer is very subtle and works well with my skin tone. I apply it only to the apples of my cheeks, along the rim of my forehead, and then on my jawline and on my neck. It gives me a perfect sun-kissed look each time, and when the sun hits my face, it definitely looks as if I had spent some time in the sun! Finally, the blush I use is great for everyday wear. I don’t always put blush on, but when I do CoverGirl Rock n’ Rose blush gives me just the right amount of rosy tint to my cheek bones. My face is naturally a little red (I blame it on being Irish), so this blush is a good option for me when I want a little color without my face looking like a tomato like I just ran a half marathon.

Next, let me talk about my favorite eye products. I love doing my eye makeup! It is probably the most fun and the most time I take on doing my makeup. First, I put e.l.f. eyelid primer on my eye lids to keep my eye shadow pigmented. Then I curl my eyelashes with the e.l.f. eyelash curler (you can buy this for $1 and it comes with a replacement rubber for the curler). I will apply my eye shadow, then use my eyeliner! I have an eyeliner obsession!! Right now I use Revlon Colorstay liquid eye liner pen. I never used to use this brand, but my grandmother gave it to me right before she passed away suddenly this summer. I use the pen to shape my eyeliner wings (I’m a huge fan of winged liner), and then I will fill in the outline with New York Color Liquid Eyeliner. The NYC liquid liner I have been using for a long time, and it is probably the brand that works the best for shape and for pigment! Lastly, I will apply my mascara using L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga. I have been using the regular L’Oreal Voluminous mascara for years, but Miss Manga separates my lashes well and gives them good volume and length – definitely living up to its name!

Some of my other favorite drug store finds are Maybelline and Wet n’ Wild lipstick. I love lipstick; it’s so feminine and really finishes a look. Maybelline Lust for Blush is my go-to color. It’s a matte purple with pink undertones, and it looks great with whatever color combination I use for my eye shadow. Just the other day, my friend Christina gave me a Wet n’ Wild lipstick in Rose Bud. I’ve never used this before, or have ever tried any of the Wet n’ Wild lip colors, but this one is super pretty! It is a very deep and rich pink, and it also stays on for a long time! It became a very quick favorite of mine, and I will be buying more!

Rose Bud

Wet n’ Wild lipstick

Now if you’re wondering why I didn’t list my eye shadow favorites in the “eye” section, it’s because my eye shadow is the only part of my makeup routine that I didn’t buy at a drug store. This palette is from The Balm cosmetics (I purchased it at Kohl’s), and the palette name is “The Nude Dude”. I LOVE this palette! It has a few matte colors and a few shimmery colors, and they are all named after adjectives. Like its name states, it is a palette of nudes, and the shimmery colors have gold-based undertones. This palette runs about $36, but it is well worth the investment. I have created a ton of different, beautiful color combinations using the Nude Dude, and the pigment is pretty rich (however it stays on and shows up better if you use a primer!). Additionally, the palette has a 1940’s-1950’s pinup feel to its artwork, and it is super cute!

Nude Dude palette

The Nude Dude palette

These are the beauty items I use on a daily basis. I highly recommend them for any girl looking for a new brand or look to try! Also, if you could pick up any of the eye shadow palettes from The Balm cosmetics, you definitely should! They are so much fun and beautiful! Let me know what brands you like. What’s in your makeup bag? Be proud to be a Drug Store Beauty Queen, and rock your look!!