The Inspiration Behind my Blog and Etsy Shop

Hello beautiful internet people!

I wanted to tell you all a story this evening about the inspiration behind Julia’s Leaps of Faith! There are so many reasons why I started my blog, but the blog it is today is completely different than the blog it began as, and the direction my blog is headed now has a definite backstory I think is important to share! There are two influences that helped me shape Julia’s Leaps of Faith into what it is today, so here we go!

As a child/teenager, I danced a lot at my local studio. I was taking seven classes a week, and to be honest I was no where near my peers in the amount of classes they were enrolled in. Truth is – dance lessons are super expensive, especially for parents of three who are paying for three childrens’ extracurricular activities, sports, and living expenses. I could not afford to dance as much as my peers, but in order to continue dancing as much as I was, I partook in a workstudy program at my studio. I student-taught/assisted classes each week, and I was given an hourly stipend to cut the costs of my monthly tuition (to help my parents pay the bills!).

This definitely helped my parents afford my dance lessons, and all the while I was able to assist my favorite teacher, Miss Sarah, in her ballet classes. Thursdays were the best because I helped Miss Sarah teach for two hours in the evening, and then I took two hours of her advanced class at night. Plus, I would buy us both Dunkin Donuts coffee every week, and in the fall we would delight over our obsession with Dunkin pumpkin coffee (hot with milk and sweetner on the side). See, Miss Sarah was a professional ballerina and always came to class with her hair in a PERFECT French Twist slicked back and pinned, her eyeshadow was flawlessly done, and the colors of her eyeshadow complimented her leotard and ballet skirt, and it complimented her earrings (she wore the prettiest earrings!).

I always admired her eyeshadow and earrings, and I knew when I was the lead dance teacher in the future I was going to try to compose myself in the way Miss Sarah did so gracefully! Miss Sarah also was the only teacher who never waivered in her belief in me to suceed and achieve in dance, and in all of my other endeavors. She is a big reason I am where I am today as a dancer/performer. As you can see, I only have very fond memories of this teacher, and she clearly left a positive impact on me!


Always leaping!

The same year I began student teaching with Miss Sarah, I also began dancing in my high school’s musical productions! It was the first musical I ever danced in, and I began experimenting with makeup A LOT. I never wore a lot of makeup – a little mascara and blush, but I didn’t wear eyeliner or eyeshadow. But since I was going to be performing on stage as a character, I needed to improve my makeup skills. I bought a Maybelline and a Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow trio, and I began my experimentation! I also tried to mimic the winged liner I saw all of the other dancers wearing!

Thus, this experience catalyzed my obsession with makeup and eyeshadow, and I have not stopped experimenting with makeup or beauty products since. I was 15 when this all began, and now as a 22 year old woman I am so thankful dance and makeup go hand-in-hand, and that I can merge my two favorite obsessions together! ❤


Talk about a throwback… Here is 15 year old me experimenting with layering white eyeliner on top of my winged black liquid liner. This picture was taken in 2011 (check out my auburn hair!)

I started making makeup because I wanted to have my own makeup collection available to performers and people everywhere who need cruelty-free and quality makeup, whether they need to perform on stage or at their workplace! Doing your makeup makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you shine! I want people to shine and feel as beautiful as they can because they deserve to! And who knows, you may be the person who inspires another young kid to go pursue their dreams and work hard, and to have kick-ass eye makeup while doing it (like Miss Sarah did for me)!

If you would like to purchase any of the makeup I make, or purchase a custom palette, visit my Etsy shop at! The link will direct you to my page.

Xoxo lots of love and positive energy

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Running With Scissors – Esty Shop Review

Hello beautifuls!

Today I wanted to show you the COOLEST necklace I bought off of Etsy from a shop called Running With Scissors (aka: RWS). She is an Arizona-based artist who makes laser-cut acrylic jewlery, and I found the coolest pin-up girl necklace on her page! This listing was described as a “Hula Girl Silver – Laser Cut Acrylic Pinup Charm Pearl Pendant in Silver Mirror”. HOW ADORABLE IS IT? (Especially with my romper which also looks retro?)


The owner of the shop is named Stacy, and she makes earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings – you name it! And she also takes custom orders. Her jewlery makes a statement, and is definitely sure to catch someone’s eye! From when I received this item (I bought it and it was in my mailbox 3 days later BTW!) until now, I’ve worn this necklace literally every time I’ve gone out somewhere. And everywhere I’ve been, people were intrigued by my necklace and complimented it! I adore the Sailor Jerry vibes I get from this design, which makes it perfect for summer. Yet the silver color allows it to be versatile for year-round use! This particular necklace was listed on the RWS “$5 sale” page, so it was a steal! ❤ I am in love with it!

Additionally, all of her orders come with a free acrylic ring, and come already gift packaged! Check it out below.

Recently, I’ve been loving acrylic jewlery that looks retro to add a fun element to my outfits. This was my first purchase of acrylic jewlery off of Etsy, and I recommend checking out the Running With Scissors shop if you want something cool to wear that you can’t buy at a regular store. I’m so happy I found this shop to help fuel my obsession with 40s-50s pin-up art/style.


If you would like to visit her shop, follow this link! Running With Scissors Etsy


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Leaps of Faith Vegan & Cruelty-Free Homemade Eyeshadow

Hi beautiful ladies and gentlemen JLoF readers of the internet! I have something to show you and I cannot contain my excitement!! Are you ready?!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered all of the tools and equipment necessary to begin formulating and pressing my very own eye shadows! All of the colors I ordered are vegan and not used on animals, and since I am testing the shadows I create on myself and some close people in my life, they are 100% cruelty-free!

I am most likely going to open an Etsy shop or some type of online shop to sell my homemade cosmetics beginning hopefully mid-summer! I also hope to begin making matte eyeshadows, blush, and highlighters! Here are the first three shadows I created (the names are names I created for the formulation):


They are so creamy and pigmented!

Babydoll is a light pink in a satin finish. Firebird is a metallic/sparkly warm red with orange undertones. Speak Easy is a multi-chrome glitter that looks green, red, purple, and even blue depending on the lighting and what base shadow you use under it!

Today I used all three colors to create an eye look! I only used my own shadows, and e.l.f. eyelid primer/e.l.f. expert liner. Check it out!


Babydoll all over lid, Firebird in outer v and blended out through crease, Speak Easy inner corner.

Today I created four other colors, and I have to let them dry for 12-24 hours so they are 100% good to use and set in their pans. Here are my newest colors!


Sun Ray, Mud Slide, Dusty Tulip, & Mojave!

Sun Ray is a warm peachy pink in a satin finish. Mud Slide is a warm chocolate brown with flecks of glitter, Dusty Tulip is a cool-toned dusty pink mauve color in a satin finish, and Mojave is a redder mauve with flecks of glitter, and it has more warm tones in it.

These are all my own creations and my own names for them to keep them organized. This has been my latest DIY project because I realized how much money I spend on eyeshadow, and how I can literally create any eyeshadow I want with a little bit of time and effort (and by spending a lot less money!).

I hope you all think these shadows are as gorgeous as I do!! What do you think? Would you be interested if I opened my own Etsy shop or online store? Comment below! Btw, part of the giveaway might be a few homemade eyeshadows from yours truly 😉

Sending so much love to you all! Until next time!


It’s almost giveaway time!

Good afternoon everyone!

Happy Sunday! I just finished a long homework session, But I wanted to let you guys in on some information! Remember in September I mentioned a giveaway with one of my favorite Etsy shops? Well it will be happening very, very soon! We are working out the final details, but the prizes will be super cute and customizable! It’s going to be an Instagram contest, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @julias_leaps_of_faith for all the information for entry (must be following my Instagram to enter!). If you’re not sure what shop I’m collaborating with, check out my other article Hair Bows for Our Heros!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Much love to all

An Anchor Of Love: Hair Bows For Our Heros!

Hello lovelies!

HAPPY HUMP DAY EVERYONE! The worst day of the week is over y’all – we are almost to that GLORIOUS weekend! I thought I was going to save this post until this weekend, but I have a child psychology paper due Monday at midnight, so I am going to dedicate the next few days to writing that paper for my professor. This is good news for you beautiful people, though, because you get to read this post early! YAY!

A few days ago, I gave you guys a little inside scoop about some fun things that will be happening on my blog in the next few months! If you haven’t read that post yet, which you can find here, definitely read it for more information! I mentioned in the post how I’ve bought a few really cool items from a woman who runs her own shop on Etsy, and creates custom military-themed accessories! Well, here is all you need to know about her, her shop, and her products! Her shop is called: An Anchor Of Love.

This shop is run by a woman named Pamela, and she is the spouse of a man who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy! She runs the shop by herself, so she makes every accessory by hand and to order. She has a lot of different colored and patterned fabrics, but she mainly makes military-themed accessories. By “military-themed”, I mean she uses various Army digital ACU/Multicam, Navy NWU II & III, Marine woodland/desert MCCUU, Air Force ABU, and even Coast Guard ODU materials to make her accessories! She makes everything from hair bows, to head bands, to makeup bags, to lanyards, to key fobs, even to thermos cozies to keep your hands from having to touch a burning hot cup of coffee!  The best part? Everything is customizable with color options, embroidery, and even thread color for the embroidery!

For example, a very popular item of hers if her “Name Tape Bow”. For those of you who are new to the military world, the name tape is the strip of material on your significant other’s combat uniform that displays his or her last name. Pam can make a name tape bow out of any of the military materials. For example, if your loved one is in the Marines, she can make you a Marine bow (she has various material options for the different Marine uniforms too) with his or her last name on it to wear in your hair! All bows come in sizes mini, small, and standard (big). These bows are perfect for homecomings, graduations, and even when your significant other or loved one is away on duty or training to show your love and support! For example, here is a small sized Army digital ACU bow I bought from her shop (the first item I ever bought from her!):

Army ACU

Pictured: Small sized nametape bow in Army ACU

As I mentioned earlier, she doesn’t just have military materials! She has American flag bows, pink digital camo bows, and a variety of other fun prints and colors! Also, you can add a name tape to any bow you’d like! So say you wanted an American flag bow with an Army ACU name tape with someone’s name on it, she could totally whip one up for you! Here is a picture of my flag bow!


Pictured: American flag bow, plain

Finally, occasionally An Anchor Of Love will run discounts, free shipping, or other promotions! Sometimes she even has contests – either on Instagram or Facebook! This past summer, I won one of her giveaways, and take a look at all of the awesome items I won (all I had to do as the winner was pay for shipping!) *roll over this picture for the description*:


Pictured: Makeup bag in multicam fabric with custom zipper color and interior color, mini pink digital camo bow, and standard sized multicam name tape bow.

Since I use the makeup bag every day and keep it in my purse, I decided I’d order a custom lanyard as well for my car keys to have it match (plus I really like the multicam print in general!):


Pictured: 17in lanyard in multicam fabric with a purple bow and multicam name tape to match the makeup bag pictured above. Also, I bought the heart-shaped key ring for an extra $1! So cute!

As you can see, I am a big fan of hers, and her products are not only adorable and affordable, but they are quality! Here’s a link to her Etsy shop (An Anchor of Love Etsy shop), however, as I mentioned in my post a few days ago, Pam is on maternity leave until November, so her Etsy shop is on vacation mode at the moment. This means you can’t view her shop as of right now. But what you can do now, however, is take a look at her Instagram page! If you guys have Instagram, definitely check her page out here @an_anchor_of_love! And while you’re at it, take a look at my blog’s new Instagram account @julias_leaps_of_faith! Feel free to follow, and when Pam opens her shop back up in November, be sure to start placing your orders!! Also, keep your eye out for our collaboration!