I’m Back and I’m Officially a College Graduate!

Hello my lovely WordPress readers!

It has been a long time since I last posted!! This final semester was absolute insanity – 18 credits (5 of which were academic classes), on top of 5 rehearsals a week, working 3 nights a week, commuting to work 6+ hours a week, etc. – It has been a rough and long final haul. But fortunately, tomorrow I will be graduating with my B.A. in Dance Performance, my B.A. in Psychology, and my minor in Dance Therapy! I am finishing senior year with a 4.0 GPA, and will be graduating Magna Cum Laude, so all of my hard work has paid off! Check out my decorated graduation cap below!


Here is a little update about my life since I last was able to post!

I went on a few auditions and am happy to announce I will be performing with Introspective Movement Project which is a contemporary jazz dance company! I will also be teaching at a local studio, and hopefully blogging way more often!! I am finishing up another application to graduate school as well, so hopefully I will know soon if I am called to an interview or not. I will be attending the American Dance Festival’s Dance Professionals Workshop in a few weeks, and I will be seeing my boyfriend a lot this summer thankfully! ❤ 2017 has been a great year so far, and I hope to keep this ball rolling through the end of the year!

It killed me to not have any time to write for JLoF while I trudged through this semester. I was doing a lot of research and reading for my senior seminar project for my psychology degree, which I may or may not post as a separate page on my blog! I’d love to share some of the research I’ve gathered pertaining to dance/movement therapy, and it’s effectiveness as a treatment modality. Nonetheless, I am sorry I took a four month hiatus, but I promise I have a lot of beauty reviews, dance-related posts, and summer blog posts to share with you all!

First up is a review of some Colourpop pressed eyeshadows, so be on the lookout for those and a graduation wrap-up post after tomorrow’s festivities!!

Can’t wait to share my experiences with you all! ❤


2017 signature

2016 Year-In-Review

Hello readers!

2016 was a whirlwind of a year. I don’t even know where to begin to describe it because I feel like the year flew past me like a speeding train. There was so much good and so many lessons that came out of 2016, and I’m as thankful for the year 2016 as I am glad it is over. 2016 made me laugh, cry, love, rejoice, pout, and count my blessings. I lost sleep and my sanity sometimes, but I also found a new sense of self-confidence and a reinvigorated drive for success. There is nothing I would change about 2016 because for the first time in a long time, I feel 1000% positive I will make my future successful. I’m excited – so excited, in fact, I can barely think about anything else but my future.

Some of my favorite moments from 2016 included:

  1. Performing at ACDA
  2. Spring 2016 dance concert
  3. Memorial Day Weekend
  4. Turning 21
  5. Trip to Lake Tahoe
  6. Being selected for the Randy James/10 Hairy Legs dance ensemble
  7. Working as a dance teacher
  8. Puerto Rico
  9. Performing in a performance art installation created by Kata Mejia
  10. Halloweekend
  11. Seeing the David Parsons Dance Company/meeting the dancers and David
  12.  Presenting my senior choreography capstone at the local nursing home
  13. Seeing Avenue Q
  14. Receiving my acceptance into ADF
  15. Christmas Eve/Christmas morning

2017 is going to be a year of many changes. I will graduate college with two degrees, I will attend a bunch of auditions and hopefully land a performing job. I will find out whether or not I was accepted into graduate school, thus I might enroll in graduate school. I will travel nationally, and possibly internationally (there’s always the possibility!). I could move out to my own place or stay at home. Etc. Etc. Etc. There are so many wonderful opportunties this year is going to bring, and I am so ready for all of them!

Final Photo 1

I hope you are as thankful for the past year as I am, and I hope your 2017 is amazing! Here is to 2017 and kicking off this new year right! ❤

*Both photos taken by my lovely best friend Kelsie*

Until next time,


Parsons Dance Company – A Day in Philadelphia

Hello beautiful internet readers!

I had the best day yesterday, and I wanted to share my adventure with all of you! ❤ Winter break is here in four days, and before finals week, my classmates and I were able to have a whole lot of fun yesterday while we deal with the stress of school. Were able to see two shows by the David Parsons Dance Company at the Prince Theater in Philadelphia!!

If you don’t know who David Parsons, go to Google and YouTube and look him up! I’d search “Nascimento” and “Caught” to gain some perspective. He used to dance for the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and started his own company in 1983. His choreography is extremely athletic, and he utilizes music commissioned by various composers. I personally love his music selection, and many of his dances are upbeat and bring a whole different perspective to modern dance and concert dance as a whole.

My one professor used to dance for the David Parsons company, and now works closely with him to create new work. Yesterday I had the opportunity to not only see them perform their show twice (at 2pm and 8pm), but my professor arranged for us to meet and warm-up with the company members before their two o’clock show! Additionally, WE MET DAVID PARSONS. I repeat – WE MET DAVID PARSONS. *Swoon* We were all starstruck and soooooo excited!


Fellow dance majors and I after the warm-up, and waiting for show #1 to begin!

We had such a whirlwind of a morning, and warming up with the company members in the studio at the theater was incredibly inspiring. I was in awe sharing the studio with so much talent. Parsons dancers are athletic, graceful, and full of crazy energy, and I could feel their energy even during the warm-up. I aspire to achieve their caliber of precision, athleticism, and grace. It was a special opportunity because it was one of those moments where my dreams became tangible. For an hour, I was actually within and among a network of professionals, and I want to be as high-achieving as they are!

After the first show, my classmates, professor, and I ate at a cool restaurant called the Misconduct Tavern, and afterwards, we bought Starbucks and walked around Philly’s Wintergarden at City Hall. There was a lit Christmas tree, and pop-up tent shops, in addition to the beautiful Wintergarden itself. After a stop here, we made our way back to the theater for the 8pm show. Yesterday was my first time ever visiting Philadelphia, and I enjoyed the area we were in.


Under the trellis in the Wintergarden

The shows we saw them perform were special. This week in Philadelphia, David Parsons and his company debuted a new experimental work called, “The Machines” (Dancing with Drones), which fuses technology and creative expression. The company members dance alongside drones which were specially designed by undergraduate students and professors from Drexel University. The drones are computer operated (not hand operated) by infrared light and special computer software which syncs the choreography and flight of the drones with the movement of the dancers. My professor who coordinated this trip actually assisted in choreographing this work, which is amazing! This work is not a finished product, but the company plans on presenting an updated version of it at the Joyce Theater in New York City later in May, which I will definitely be going to see!

Other dances performed included: “Finding Center”, “Hand Dance”, “Almah”, “Caught”, and “In the End”. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but my top favorites were “Almah”, “Hand Dance”, and “In the End”. I think the 8pm show was better than the 2pm show, even though they featured the same dances, and I was happy we bought tickets to see both performances.

I love visiting new places, and this trip was very memorable for my senior year! I suggest you all see the Parsons Dance Company if you ever can because you will not be disappointed. It is not traditional modern dance in any sense of the word, and you will find yourself wanting more long after the curtain comes down.

Have you ever seen Parsons perform? Have you ever been to Philadelphia? What was your experience like? Let me know!

Until next time,





Planning Post-Graduation: American Dance Festival!

Hello beautifuls!

Tonight’s post is going to be a bit different than normal. I want to talk about my post-graduation planning.

I will be earning my undergraduate degrees and walking in May with my two degrees (dance and psychology), so I need to start optimizing my summer to prepare me for a fall season of working and auditioning. I hope to find work for the summer at dance studios teaching summer dance classes, and I also hope to find a barre fitness studio to work at and become a certified barre fitness instructor (most barre studios will pay for your certification process if you’re working for their company).

Other than trying to find dance-related work, I have some exciting news!! I am going to be attending the American Dance Festival (ADF) in Durham, North Carolina this summer! It’s been a dream of mine to attend this festival for three years! For those of you who don’t know what ADF is, here’s a little excerpt from their website!

“Since 1934, ADF has remained committed to serving the needs of dance, dancers, choreographers, and professionals in dance-related fields. Remaining true to the goals of its founding artists, ADF’s programs are developed based on its mission: to encourage and support the creation and presentation of new modern dance work by both established and emerging choreographers, to preserve our modern dance heritage through continued presentation of classic works as well as through archival efforts, to build wider national and international audiences for modern dance, to enhance public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its cultural and historical significance…” 

(You can read the full mission statement here:American Dance Festival: Who We Are)

The American Dance Festival offers one week, three week, and six week programs for dancers, dance educators, and choreographers. The festival involves taking dance and somatic classes, participating in panel discussions, watching professional performances, and opportunities to work with modern dance companies to learn repertoire and audition!

Because I have plans to work this summer (to start saving money to pay off my student loans), I will be attending their Dance Professionals Workshop (DPW) which is a week-long program for dancers with five years of professional experience, or dancers who have completed an undergraduate program (ie: me). DPW allows participants to take any classes they want, in addition to DPW specific discussions and classes. DPW attendees earn a workshop completion certificate at the end of the week as well! Furthermore, I will have the opportunity to see professional dance companies perform at the Durham Performing Arts Center, and will be living for a week on campus!

I literally am so excited for this because I haven’t been able to afford a summer dance program in almost seven years! I’ve also been wanting to attend ADF since I was a college freshman, and I finally believe I have the physical capabilities and the financial means to send myself there and complete their summer dance program. Most importantly, this festival will be another stepping stone on the journey to living my dreams! Since this is the first summer I don’t have to take a summer academic course, and since I will not be returning to school in the fall, it’s a great opportunity for me to train over the summer and keep myself in dancing shape, network with professionals, and audition for companies!

The applications are available for early registration later this month, so once I submit my application, they will send me a whole packet of registration information. Moreover, early in 2017 (March) when my college dance department attends the American Dance Associations Northeast Conference, there will be an opportunity for me to audition for a scholarship to ADF, and if I get a scholarship, maybe I will be able to attend the festival for a little longer (who knows).

Either way, I’m going to be attending for at least a week, and I am looking forward to my experience coming up this summer! I love North Carolina, and I’m excited to see Durham! Summer 2017 is looking better and better and it’s only November!!


Are you already planning your summer? Are you dancing over the summer or attending some sort of festival? Let me know!

Until next time loves – always believe in the beauty of your dreams!



Dance Major Daily Makeup Routine

Hello internet beauties!

My final fall semester of undergraduate work has begun, and I am so excited for this year!! I have a lot of big projects I am working on this semester, and I can’t wait to share with y’all all of the cool tasks I’ll be taking on. I apologize for the lack of posting in the past week – between packing and moving to school, the first week of classes and rehearsals, and trying to have my last bit of summer fun with my friends, I’ve been a little distracted. Nonetheless, one of my goals this semester is to post more often, and today I have a makeup routine I want to share with you all!

Since I dance and workout almost every day of the week, I’ve had some people ask me what I do for my beauty routine during school since I exercise and sweat frequently throughout the day. I think finally, in my senior year as a dance major, I’ve nailed down a beauty routine that keeps my face acne and shine free, yet allows me to feel comfortable walking around campus not looking like a hot mess.

What I use everyday are the following products! (By the way, this makeup routine takes 10 minutes tops!):


The products shown include:

  1. Eco Tools Small Powder Brush
  2. NYX Microbrow pencil in the shade “Taupe”
  3. e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in the shade “Tea Rose”
  4. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in the shade “Black”
  5. Essence Cosmetics All About Matt! Fixing Powder
  6. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Liquid Foundation in shade 205 “Natural Beige”
  7. Boo Boo Coverup in the shade “Light”

These are a lot of my favorite products, and here is a quick breakdown of how I do my face every day for school!

  1. I prep my face by washing it with Clean n’ Clear Morning Burst, and then rubbing a small amount of moisturizing lotion all over my face (instead of using a primer)
  2. I add some Boo Boo Cover up under my eyes to help conceal the dark circles, and also blend the concealer up to my temples and on/around my eyelids. This gives me a more even-toned base for the foundation.
  3. I only dab a few dots of Covergirl foundation onto my T-zone (under my eyes, a tad on my forehead, nose, and chin). I don’t add a lot of liquid foundation because I will be sweating and don’t want beige stains all over my rehearsal clothes. I blend this in using a disposable makeup sponge.
  4. I comb my brows with the spoolie end of the NYX Microbrow pencil, and fill them in using the opposite end (the wax crayon). I finish my brows by combing them/shaping them one last time with the spoolie. ** I repurchased the NYX microwbrow pencil recently and decided to try it in the shade “Taupe”. The last time I bought this product, I purchased the shade “Brunette”, and it was a few shades too dark for my hair color.**
  5. I add a lot of mascara! I also only apply the mascara to my top lashes. Recently, I’ve been loving the way my eyes look when I only apply mascara to the top lashes, so I use the Voluminous mascara to achieve long lashes! Plus, when I sweat, I don’t want to wipe under my eyes and smudge mascara on my bottom lashes, so the top lashes look fab by themselves.
  6. I dust my face using the Essence Cosmetics Matte Fixing Powder using the Eco Tools small powder brush. This sets my foundation and concealer, and again helps even out my skin tone. This helps keep my face shine free after a dance class or workout, and if I sweat, it doesn’t leave a beige colored residue on my hands or clothes if I wipe sweat away using my shirt or sleeve.
  7. Finally, I apply my FAVORITE e.l.f. cosmetics matte lip color! “Tea Rose” is a rosy mauve color, and is subtle enough to look natural, but pink enough to add a feminine pop of color to the lips! I can’t rave enough about this color!! I bought it for my mom and myself, and I want to also buy it for my sister and my best friend since they tried mine and loved it! Plus it’s $3.00 USD! If you don’t own it, you need to go out right now and add it to your beauty arsenal!

Here are some swatches of the products I use so you can see how they look on my skintone. I have a fair/medium skin tone, and swatched these on the underside of my forearm:


From left to right: Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation in shade 205, Boo Boo Coverup in the shade “Light”, e.l.f. cosmetics matte lip color in “Tea Rose”, NYX Microwbrow pencil in the shade “Taupe”

This routine is quick and simple, and allows me to go to ballet, modern, and rehearsal feeling like I look somewhat put-together. Additionally, when I go eat in the cafeteria or go to my academic classes, I don’t feel like I have to go reapply a whole face of makeup. To touch-up I can just dust on a little more fixing powder, add a bit more mascara, and reapply my lip color! So simple and easy, and it keeps me feeling confident throughout the day! I did my makeup like this today so I could show you the final result!


The lip color as I mentioned before is very subtle, but I think the result gives me a natural look and an even skin tone. I feel the prettiest this way too (even though I love doing a full face of makeup).

This is my dance major daily makeup routine, and I hope if you are a dancer or a performer of some type and need suggestions for makeup to last you through your rehearsals, this post helped you out! You can find most of the products mentioned at any drugstore (except the Boo Boo coverup).

Thanks for reading y’all! Until next time!