How to Self-Remedy for Auditions When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Happy Sunday everybody!

I have not felt well the last few days, and I had an audition this morning so I had to take some affirmative action to try to make myself feel better beforehand. Today I want to share some home remedies I follow to help myself feel audition-ready, even when I don’t feel like I can be. Here are some ways to take care of yourself and your health before an important audition or even an important performance.
1. Vitamin C


Vitamin c is essential for your immune system! Because it is a water-soluble vitamin, it takes a large dose of vitamin c to have too much. However, always follow the instructions when taking vitamins! Anyway, when I’m not feeling great, I blast my body with vitamin c to try to give my immune system a boost to kick the under-the-weather feelings. Vitamin c tablets, orange juice, grapefruit juice, and citrus fruits are great ways to get your daily intake of vitamin c.
2. Zinc


Dissolvable zinc tablets like Zicam are great for blasting your body with zinc. Zicam is supposed to be taken right when you start feeling lousy, and a lot of the time, they help kick a cold before it starts. Just be careful with the dissolvable tablets – they stain your teeth!
3. Kombucha teakombucha green tea

I was introduced to Yogi Kombucha Green Tea by a manager when I worked at the mall and came in sick one day, and she went to the store to buy me some tea bags. The healing and active ingredients in kombucha are great for your immune system, and for providing your body with antioxidants it needs to fight illnesses. I’ve had this Yogi brand hot tea, other brands of bottled “iced” kombucha tea, and homemade kombucha tea my uncle has made. It is a great way to remedy yourself at home! Plus, it’s pretty yummy!
4. Quality Sleep


When I’m not feeling well, I sleep a lot! And I’m not usually a napper, so when I feel the need to nap I know something is off. Quality, uninterrupted sleep is essential for your body to heal and repair itself. Try to sleep for 7 hours or more the night before an important audition or performance day so you’re awake, refreshed, and at least a little more energized than you otherwise would be if you were up late watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram.
5. Hydration


WATER WATER WATER! I know drinking enough water throughout the day is annoying and surprisingly hard to do for many people (including myself), but staying hydrated will make you feel so much better! Most headaches and muscle aches are caused or exacerbated by dehydration, so staying hydrated will not only keep your body hydration at a healthy level, but also relieve muscular tension caused by dehydration.

I am by no means a doctor, nor do I know much about herbal medicine, and I am not claiming to know anything! However, those are my top 5 home remedies that I know work for me to help me kick the signs of a cold before it has the chance to start. These remedies are helpful during audition and performance season if you are in a pinch for time and need to feel better quick.

Let me know your favorite home remedies below! I’d love to read about your favorite self-care tips!


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Audition Season is Coming – Here’s How to Prepare


OKAY EVERYONE DON’T PANIC. Audition season is almost here (if not here already!), and it is time to buckle down and focus on what we need to do to make it through (and hopefully land a job or two!!). Here are my best tips on preparing your body and mind for a grueling and competitive audition season.

  1. Start training for the jobs you will be auditioning for – If you haven’t taken ballet or modern in over three months, or you haven’t even attempted to get your booty into a jazz class, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT. Figure out what dance jobs you are interested in, and find a way to take classes in those genres. You want to feel as prepared and as technical as you can for your auditions, so make sure you keep up with classes, or if you’re not taking class you get yourself into some RIGHT AWAY.
  2. Cross-train at the gym (yes you have to work out in addition to taking class) – YES we as dancers need to do other exercise that is not just dance class and rehearsal. During a workout you can target other muscle groups, and focus on strengthening the muscles that will help you improve your technique and your stamina.
  3. Eat healthy! – This is a given. If you feed your body healthy foods, you will feel healthier, and actually be healthier. No, eating healthy on the week nights and going out binge drinking and partying on the weekends DOES NOT count. You must properly fuel your body every day because guess what? There are 300 other dancers who could be auditioning for the same job who are are not regretting Friday night’s drunken stay out.
  4. Catch enough Zzz’s – Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night the week of your audition. You will thank yourself when you feel alert and refreshed. Catching enough sleep will help you focus on the material being thrown at you during the audition.
  5. If you want to exercise the day before your audition, try something restorative – The day before an audition is not the time to sign up for Crossfit or workout for three hours straight. Give your body a restorative break and try a restorative yoga class, or some other gentle exercise to keep your muscles loose.
  6. Prepare your headshot and update your resume – Update your resume and headshots if you need to. You can read more about this in my article Staying Organized and Marketing Yourself as a Dance Professional. Your headshot and resume are how the casting directors know who you are, what you’re about, what you’ve done, and what you look like. You don’t want to be that person who comes to the audition without those materials prepared. You probably won’t be called back if they don’t have your cellphone number 😉
  7. Find time to unwind and recharge – Audition season is long and taxing on the mind and body (especially because most often dancer’s hear the words “no” instead of “yes”). So, find time to journal, create, engage in your favorite hobby, or just relax. Our lives are busy, and squeezing in auditions takes a lot of commuting, time, and money. Even the day of the audition if it is just on the train/bus/car ride to the audition, listen to some music that calms you down or do something leisurely to fight off nerves and recharge your mind.
  8. HAVE FUN – Auditions are just as exciting as they are nerve-wracking. Try to have fun and make the best of all of your auditions because you are there for YOU and to show the directors the best YOU possible. So be happy, optimistic, and respectful and you will most likely have a good time!
  9. Do your best, and don’t let the “No’s” make you feel less than – Listen, we are going to be rejected by more people than who is willing to give us a chance. That doesn’t mean we aren’t qualified to be there, it means we are just not what they are looking for at this time. You are talented, worthy, and a great dancer. This profession takes commitment, time, and patience, so keep your goals in mind and don’t let anything make you blue.

I hope these tips were helpful, and I hope you all have a successful and FUN audition season. ❤ Let me know what you’re auditioning for – WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER!


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