e.l.f. Cosmetics Skin Hydration Order

Recently I received a package I ordered from e.l.f. cosmetics where I ordered some products that I thought might help hydrate my skin. I wanted to try some of these products for a long time, and I was happy to order because my skin is in a S.O.S. state of dryness right now!


I ordered three products and got a three product extra gift free with purchase:

  1. Hydrogel Under Eye Masks
  2. Daily Hydration Moisturizer
  3. Booster Drops
  4. Coconut Lip Exfoliator (GWP)
  5. Hydrating Water Sheet Mask (GWP)
  6. Beautifully Bare Cream Blush in the color rose blush (GWP)

I’ve been using some of these products for a few days now, and I am pleasantly surprised with how they work. I decided to make the order the day the Booster Drops launched because I thought it was going to be the answer to dry skin problems.

Unfortunately, the Booster Drops alone don’t work as well as I thought they would. They dry really quickly when applied and rubbed into the skin, and they don’t really leave my skin feeling hydrated. They do work well, however, when you mix them with foundation. My foundation has looked dry and cakey lately because my skin is so parched, and mixing the drops in the formula helps the foundation formula tremendously!

I love the under eye masks, and they left the skin under my eyes feeling refreshed and hydrated. I will probably order those again, and I can’t wait to use more of them! As for the Daily Hydration Moisturizer, it smells delicious and actually feels nice on the skin. It is a great preparation before applying foundation, and awesome to use every morning.

I will let you all know how all of the other products work, but right now the e.l.f. skincare line is doing pretty well for me! Have you tried any of these products? What did you like or dislike?

Thanks for reading, until next time

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The Inspiration Behind my Blog and Etsy Shop

Hello beautiful internet people!

I wanted to tell you all a story this evening about the inspiration behind Julia’s Leaps of Faith! There are so many reasons why I started my blog, but the blog it is today is completely different than the blog it began as, and the direction my blog is headed now has a definite backstory I think is important to share! There are two influences that helped me shape Julia’s Leaps of Faith into what it is today, so here we go!

As a child/teenager, I danced a lot at my local studio. I was taking seven classes a week, and to be honest I was no where near my peers in the amount of classes they were enrolled in. Truth is – dance lessons are super expensive, especially for parents of three who are paying for three childrens’ extracurricular activities, sports, and living expenses. I could not afford to dance as much as my peers, but in order to continue dancing as much as I was, I partook in a workstudy program at my studio. I student-taught/assisted classes each week, and I was given an hourly stipend to cut the costs of my monthly tuition (to help my parents pay the bills!).

This definitely helped my parents afford my dance lessons, and all the while I was able to assist my favorite teacher, Miss Sarah, in her ballet classes. Thursdays were the best because I helped Miss Sarah teach for two hours in the evening, and then I took two hours of her advanced class at night. Plus, I would buy us both Dunkin Donuts coffee every week, and in the fall we would delight over our obsession with Dunkin pumpkin coffee (hot with milk and sweetner on the side). See, Miss Sarah was a professional ballerina and always came to class with her hair in a PERFECT French Twist slicked back and pinned, her eyeshadow was flawlessly done, and the colors of her eyeshadow complimented her leotard and ballet skirt, and it complimented her earrings (she wore the prettiest earrings!).

I always admired her eyeshadow and earrings, and I knew when I was the lead dance teacher in the future I was going to try to compose myself in the way Miss Sarah did so gracefully! Miss Sarah also was the only teacher who never waivered in her belief in me to suceed and achieve in dance, and in all of my other endeavors. She is a big reason I am where I am today as a dancer/performer. As you can see, I only have very fond memories of this teacher, and she clearly left a positive impact on me!


Always leaping!

The same year I began student teaching with Miss Sarah, I also began dancing in my high school’s musical productions! It was the first musical I ever danced in, and I began experimenting with makeup A LOT. I never wore a lot of makeup – a little mascara and blush, but I didn’t wear eyeliner or eyeshadow. But since I was going to be performing on stage as a character, I needed to improve my makeup skills. I bought a Maybelline and a Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow trio, and I began my experimentation! I also tried to mimic the winged liner I saw all of the other dancers wearing!

Thus, this experience catalyzed my obsession with makeup and eyeshadow, and I have not stopped experimenting with makeup or beauty products since. I was 15 when this all began, and now as a 22 year old woman I am so thankful dance and makeup go hand-in-hand, and that I can merge my two favorite obsessions together! ❤


Talk about a throwback… Here is 15 year old me experimenting with layering white eyeliner on top of my winged black liquid liner. This picture was taken in 2011 (check out my auburn hair!)

I started making makeup because I wanted to have my own makeup collection available to performers and people everywhere who need cruelty-free and quality makeup, whether they need to perform on stage or at their workplace! Doing your makeup makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you shine! I want people to shine and feel as beautiful as they can because they deserve to! And who knows, you may be the person who inspires another young kid to go pursue their dreams and work hard, and to have kick-ass eye makeup while doing it (like Miss Sarah did for me)!

If you would like to purchase any of the makeup I make, or purchase a custom palette, visit my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/juliasleapsoffaith! The link will direct you to my page.

Xoxo lots of love and positive energy

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Julia’s Leaps of Faith Etsy Shop is Open!

Hi blog readers!

I am so excited to announce my Etsy shop – Julia’s Leaps of Faith – is now open for business! Remember back when I announced I was making my own makeup? (You can read about it here: Leaps of Faith Vegan & Cruelty-Free Homemade Eyeshadow). I have since been testing out different formulas and have sent some to friends and other bloggers (like Dating Through the Distance!) to try my homemade cosmetics, and I’ve received such good feedback! ❤ For this reason, I decided to take the leap and jump into running my own Etsy shop which consists of homemade eyeshadow, custom eye palettes, and soon screen-printed t-shirts! I am very excited about this endeavor as I venture into my first fall without college to worry about! Below are some swatches of colors that are available to purchase right now (more are to come!).

Also available are custom four pan eyeshadow palettes! They are so so so pretty and conveniently sized for travel or in the pocketbook! The colors will be sure to make your eyes pop whether you are performing on stage, on a date, running errands, or hanging with your besties! ❤ Check out some of my images below!

My eyeshadows are pressed in 26mm magnetic pans! The individual pans are selling for $5 individually, and the custom palettes are $20 each with the magnetic palette! 🙂 You can follow this link to check out my Etsy shop: JuliaLeapsofFaith Etsy. All of the eyeshadows are cruelty-free and most are vegan unless they contain carmine and are specified otherwise! 🙂

I hope you all enjoy my shop! I will still be reviewing other makeup, beauty, and dance products on here, but I will be promoting my own brand from time to time too 😉 You can always comment, or DM my Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions about ordering!

Let me know what you all think!


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Review of Leaps of Faith Eyeshadows

Hello internet beauties!

I’ve been playing around with formulating and making my own eyeshadows, and recently I gave one to my sister’s best friend to test out for me! She really loved Dusty Tulip, so I gave her a fresh-pressed one yesterday morning to have and test out for me! She used it in her eye makeup look tonight, and blended the pink color with some smokey colors to make her look. She sent me a picture and SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS! Here is the look she created:


The picture quality from her camera was a tad bright a bright, but you can see she blended it through the center of her lid and some through her crease! She said she absolutely loved it, and that it is very pigmented! I am so excited to have received such good feedback. If you don’t know what Dusty Tulip looks like, you can read about it in my post: Leaps of Faith Vegan & Cruelty-Free Homemade Eyeshadow

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to start selling my own eyeshadows! I hope to hear some more positive feedback from other people I make eyeshadows for! ❤

Let me know what you all think of her look!