Re-Inventing Myself for Year 25

Hi readers!

It’s been a long time since I posted, and believe it or not, a lot more has changed since I received my acceptance letter into graduate school! I landed an amazing job, I re-built my wardrobe so it isn’t just athleisure, and I adopted a furry friend! In addition, I changed my hair style and color, and have been waking up genuinely happy for a consistent period of time (which is probably the longest stretch of waking up geuninely happy I’ve ever experienced). Additionally, I turned another year older, and am officially a quarter of a century old! Many changes have happened, and I’m sure many changes will continue to occur. But I wanted to let you know how my summer has been going, and how these changes have been woven into my day-to-day life.

Let me begin with my job! I am a mental health aide/recovery assistant at a residential eating disorder program for adolescent girls. I’ve been wanting to work at this facility for a year now, and finally landed the job back in May! I have learned A LOT already from working there for two months, and I know my experience at this facility will really benefit me with all of the counseling theory and training I will receive in graduate school. The job is super demanding, and really difficult at times handling so many patients, but I really appreciate my opportunity, and I love the facility I work at because it is absolutely beautiful! As someone who has recovered from anorexia nervosa, this is a very special way for me to utilize my experience with the disease to help young women.

Next, now that I have a full-time job, it has required me to buy clothes that are not just athletic clothing since I am no longer dancing or teaching four times a week. This, in turn, has allowed me to afford buying some new clothes simply for day-to-day, and social outings also, and for once I feel like I have a “style” to the clothing I wear. It’s been really fun playing with prints and colors, and the patients I work with have told me I have a very “bohemian” flare to my style, which is cool! I haven’t been choosing a bohemian style of clothes in particular, but it’s nice to know my clothing has a style coordination of some sort.

On my off days (which are during the week), I have been going down to my family’s beach house and meeting up with my good friend from undergraduate school. We’ve been going to the beach, and the boardwalk, and shopping! It’s been really fun to have some girl time, and also be TAN! I’ve not been this tan in such a long time, and I really love how sunkissed I look nowadays. I think the influx of vitamin D has been helping me feel so happy all of the time!

As you probably saw in my post about graduate school, I dyed my hair red. Then two weeks ago when I got a haircut for the first time since March, I decided to cut my bangs which was also an impulsive decision. But I really love them! I’ve been craving changes, and changing my hair is a really simple, and fun way to do it. I also feel like I’m truly starting to get to know myself in an authentic way, and my hair definitely represents this process.

Probably one of the cooler and more drastic changes I’ve made is I adopted a cat!! She is a tortoise shell colored cat named Sally, and she is super sweet. I’ve only ever owned dogs, so learning cat behavior is a tad anxiety-inducing, but also pretty cool because she is a gorgeous cat, and pretty mild-tempered for being a rescue and never being in a home with dogs before. I am looking forward to getting to know her more and learning her likes and dislikes so she can have a happy, and safe forever home with me.

Finally, I’ve been catching up with a lot of my cousins on my mom’s side of the family, which is awesome because I really enjoy my cousins and wish they lived closer. Most of them live on the West Coast or near the West Coast. But technology and social media have been fun ways to keep in touch and catch up on our lives amid this COVID-19 crisis!

Something else I’ve realized through the last two months was I really am not in the headspace to start dating again. I spent most of 2019 trying to find someone to date, and even had a boyfriend for half of a year, but we were at different points in our lives and decided to end things. I am working full time now, assimilating my rescue cat into my family’s home, and I am going to start graduate school full-time in about six weeks (which means I will have NO days off). On my off time, I want to spend it down the shore, or with my family. I officially deleted all of my dating apps/accounts, and after a year and a half of online disappointments, I am going to give digital dating and dating in general a rest. I’ve realized that being single at 25 years old is pretty “normal”, and I am definitely in no rush to “settle down” or get married.

So, I’m devoting the rest of 2020 (well, indefinitely) to myself and my goals and working hard and saving money. I will practice self-care and have fun when I can have it, and focus on what’s important – my degree and my family and my job. I have a lot of goals, and if someone told me this is what my life would look like at 25, I wouldn’t have believed them. But as I mentioned before, I’ve been waking up genuinely excited for life and happy for the first time in my whole life. I never remember being this consistently happy in my 25 years on this Earth. But who knew through this pandemic and all of these life-altering changes I would find and experience actual happiness for the first time ever?

I hope your summers are going well and hope you are finding joy in every day, and something to be grateful for. Keep working hard, staying positive, and manifesting your goals.


Marshalls Haul & Try-On

Hello internet loves!

Yesterday was Saturday, and I officially deemed yesterday, “Treat Yourself Saturday”! I’ve been going through a rough time, and I decided to go to Marshalls and try to find some new sneakers, and new clothes for my summer at the American Dance Festival! Here are some of the awesome clothes/shoes I found while I shopped! 🙂


These sneakers are ADORABLE. I love that they don’t have laces, yet they are snug and supportive of my ankle and foot. They are light weight, and would be great for treadmill running, exercise, and everyday running to and from my different jobs/rehearsals.

OMGosh! I’ve been DYING for a pair of Danskins ever since Jenna Dewan Tatum became a spokesperson for them (lame I know, BUT I love her, soo…). As a teenager, I bought Danskin shorts and yoga pants from Wal-Mart, but the Danskin line in Wal-Mart is not the same as the leggings you get from the online store, and these are the ones from the online store! They are high-waisted and long in length which fit my legs so nicely! The compression and shaping are great, and they are not see-through at all. I LOVE them! They also make the booty look good, so that is not a bad feature either 🙂


Please ignore the stains on the mirror, they are paint and not makeup or anything. Just paint spots that won’t come off!

These are so cool, I had to buy them! Not only do they fit well, and are not see-through, they have this super cool design on them that is super unique. I’ve never seen athletic leggings like this before, and I had to have them. They were super affordable, too which makes it even better!


I really need to update my actual wardrobe. As you can see, I buy a lot of athletic clothes, and a lot of my “normal” clothes I also use for class and rehearsal. I need more blouses for going out and looking like I’m not coming from the gym, so my best friend picked out this top for me. It is such a beautiful shade of blue, and the off-the-shoulder silhouette is very summery and flattering.

I’m so excited to wear all of these beautiful clothes and shoes! 🙂 Marshalls is great for finding great style deals, and for buying cute and lasting athletic clothing that doesn’t break the bank. Marshalls also always has great deals on Skechers if you want comfortable athletic shoes at an affordable price tag!

Talk to you guys soon, xoxo

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My Favorite Dance Brands

Hey lovely followers!

There is so much going on recently, and school has been whooping my butt! But I wanted to write a quick post about my favorite dance wear brands and why they are valuable to invest in if you are a dancer!


First and foremost, leotards have to be the best, cutest, worst, best and least flattering, pieces of clothing anyone could ever try on. There are so many different brands and variations of leotards (biketards, unitards, camisole straps, strappy-back, high neck, etc.). However, leotards are also super cute and nowadays you can find so many unique types that can really highlight your personality and the way you move! Unfortunately, higher-quality leotards or super unique leotards come at a somewhat high price, so like many dancers, I usually shop at Nonetheless, I have one brand that I always come back to when I’m in need of a new one-piece for ballet class. Natalie dancewear is by far my favorite! Not only do they have super cute styles, colors, and cuts of the leotard, they are also very affordable – usually running between $25 and $35 dollars a piece. Additionally, for a dancer more well-endowed like myself (in the chest area), Natalie leotards give me a lot of support and shape me well so I don’t have to wear an annoying sports bra under my backless leotard (because when you buy a backless leotard, the one thing that ruins the line of your body is a blocky sports bra cutting your back in half).

Buy here: Two Tone Leotard


Okay, I’m going to be honest here. I hate tights that dig into my sides and are too tight in the waistband. I also hate tights that don’t have a thick waistband that is distinct from the actual tights themselves. Another thing I don’t like about tights? Paying $18 per pair which will get ruined after two weeks of use (I go through tights fast). I finally found a brand (since I have been a dance major in college) that suits my body and my needs, that wicks moisture away pretty well, while simultaneously holding up through many hours of technique and rehearsal! This brand is called Theatricals, and it doesn’t hurt that they run around $6.75 a pair! I usually buy multiple pairs at a time, and they come in a huge variety of colors! Theatricals is definitely something to invest in the next time you shop for dance stuff online.

Buy here: Convertible Tights

Ballet Slippers

As a dance major who has four days of ballet class a week, my ballet slippers wear out quickly! I never have time to sew on new elastics (or the patience I’ll admit!). My solution? Bloch Zenith canvas ballet slippers! They come pre-sewn and mold the shape of my foot perfectly! They also accentuate my arches, and make the line of my foot look finished and neat! Also, if you buy them at DiscountDance, they are super affordable (around $23), as opposed to some mom & pop run dance stores which sell them at a hefty $36 a pair. These shoes come in a few different colors too! Definitely shop online for  these if you new ballet slippers are what you need, and if you are looking to get new dance gear and stay on budget.

Buy here: Zenith

These are my top 3 dance brands at the moment! I do love many others, but recently these have been my go-tos. DiscountDance is a great resource if you are a student on a budget, and I hope my fellow dancers out there find some awesome new dance wear to wear to ballet or modern class!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

OSUT Graduation – What I’m Wearing!

Hey guys!! I’ve been super busy packing and trying to find everything I need for my trip down to Georgia this coming week! I am so shocked and stoked that the day is almost here already!! What a whirlwind of three and a half months! I decided I’d post some (rather terrible quality) pictures of my outfits and what I am wearing for the five days I will be down in Georgia! I apologize in advance for the awful quality of the pictures – the lighting in my bedroom is terrible; especially when I tried to lay out the outfits on the floor and had to try to get my shadow out of the way! Ha! However, you will get the jist of the outfits I am planning on bringing!

Outfit #1: Is my outfit I will wear the day I am traveling down to GA. I won’t post it because I am wearing it now and I’m too lazy to take it off! Plus, it is just some Nike shorts and a tank top – something comfortable and cool!

Outfit #2: This is the outfit I will wear to the “Turning Blue” ceremony. My boyfriend really wanted me to wear a yellow dress. I hunted around for one, and all of the plain yellow dresses I found (which were few!!) were way too heavy in material and way too formal. So I finally found this cayoot yellow and white striped romper with a crochet trim. It’s open-back too so it’s really breezy and it looks super retro/pin-up which I love! I also am wearing a white half tank top underneath to cover my bra, and a charm necklace I received for my birthday which says “Support Our Troops!”. I will finish the look by curling my hair and pinning it back with a custom bow I had made that is Army ACU print and has my boyfriend’s nametape on it.


Outfit #3: This outfit is what I will wear on the Friday where the guys will finally “graduate” as soldiers. This ceremony signifies basic/infantry training is officially over. I will be wearing this tank that I received for my birthday, along with white midi shorts. I will probably wear my charm necklace again, and my favorite Alex & Ani bracelets (one being my U.S. Army bracelet!).

nude dude

Outfit #4: On Saturday, my boyfriend and I have the day to ourselves, so I will be wearing this adorable romper I bought at Garage, as well as a double layered necklace I also purchased there! I have a cardigan just in case I get chilly, but I don’t think I will need it for the hot and humid Georgia climate. The romper is a colorful paisley print (you can’t tell from the photos – I warned y’all they were bad), and the necklace kind of reminds me of Game of Thrones and that’s why I like it, haha!


Outfit #5: I will be wearing this shirt on the return home! I will probably pair it with a pair of old shorts that are comfortable, and I will wear my hair in a high messy bun with my nametape bow pinned under the bun on the back of my head!


Finally, here is my new favorite eye shadow palette I’ll be using to do my makeup each day! It’s from The Balm cosmetics, and is the “Nude Dude” palette! The colors are so pretty and feminine and they aren’t too heavy, nor do they look clowny. I definitely recommend this brand!outfit4

I can’t wait to dress up in all of these new clothes and looks super cute for my guy! I hope the heat agrees with my hair and I will be keeping emergency perfume and deodorant in my purse at all times! I am so excited I can barely contain myself! I can’t wait to go down! Only a few more days!

Here is a list describing where I bought the clothes pictured:

Outfit #2:

Yellow Romper – Kara

White 1/2 tank – Garage

Necklace – “Love This Life” brand (Kohl’s)

Nametape Bow – AnAnchorOfLove (Shop on Etsy)

Outfit #3: 

Tank – I don’t know it was a gift

Shorts – Lauren Conrad (Kohls)

Bracelets – Alex & Ani

Outfit #4:

Romper – Garage

Necklace – Garage

Outfit #5:

Tank – Garage


Eyeshadow palette: “Nude Dude” by The Balm cosmetics (Kohl’s)