Birthday Wishlist – It is my Jordan Year!

Hello readers!

My 23rd birthday is coming up on July 3 – and I cannot believe it is basically a month away! I feel like I just turned 22, and I have never been more excited to turn a specific age. For real – even 21 was kind of lame and not as exciting, and I am SO ready to leave 22 in the past.

People say 23 years of age is your “Jordan” year, also known as, the BEST year of your 20s. They say this because Michael Jordan’s basketball jersey number was 23, and he led a fantastic and successful career. Within this context, I am very much looking forward to my 23rd year. I went through a lot in the first half of 2018 (and the last half of being 22 years old), learned a lot of tough lessons, and made a lot of hard decisions. I will eventually write a lengthy post about what I went through and why it is so significant to me turning 23, but for now just know I have a feeling 23 is going to be an AMAZING year.

Nonetheless, if anyone was thinking of what to buy me for my birthday, here are a few items I definitely don’t need, but totally want if anyone was wondering what I have my eyes on.

Vanessa Long Maroon Crewneck Sweatshirt


Vanessa Long Sweatshirt

For those of you who don’t know or didn’t get the chance to read my post My First NYC Dance Job Starts this Fall!! (2018), I am starting a training company position in NYC starting in October with the Vanessa Long Long2 Dance Company. This opportunity came to me immediately after a VERY significant event in my life back in April. This opportunity means so much to me that I would really love this sweatshirt to relish in the memory that is this opportunity. Also, it is adorable and I love the maroon.

Bad Habit Beauty Arabesque Palette (on Shop Hush App)

Arabesque Palette

Omg, this palette is adorable! It is not only dance themed (which you all know I love), the packaging and color scheme is AH-MAZING. This palette gives me serious Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam vibes, which at $16, this seems like a great dupe! I’ve watched a lot of YouTube reviews of this palette, and a lot of YouTubers agree that this palette is an affordable dupe for the ABH one. Plus, it’s dance-themed. So in my book, it’s automatically better. LOL! This palette is only available to purchase through the Shop Hush Phone App, which is kind of weird since you can order other items through the Shop Hush website. I don’t need any more palettes or eyeshadows, and I’ve been really good about not buying any. However, if someone bought this for me, I would not be upset or opposed. 😉

Phenomenal Woman Campaign T Shirt

Phenomenal woman t shirt

Phenomenal Woman T-Shirt

Maya Angelou is such an inspiring poet and woman. She spoke eloquent truths regarding her experiences with racism, sexism, and life in general. I love her poems, especially “Still I Rise”, and “Phenomenal Woman”. Since I love the poem and come from a lineage of Phenomenal Women (Yes mom and grandma, I am talking about you!), I feel like this shirt is such a proud statement. Yes, I am phenomenal, and yes the women who came before me and who bore me are phenomenal, and I will be a phenomenal woman proudly. Funds from t-shirt purchases go towards the Dr. Maya Angelou Foundation, Essie Justice Group, Girls Who Code, Higher Heights, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Planned Parenthood, and The United State of Women (which is super cool).

Natalie Dancewear Padded Turn Socks

natalie turn socks

Natalie Padded Turn Socks

 Okay, so I usually am loyal to my cotton crew socks from Forever21 for dance socks, however, these have piqued my interest. I know there are a lot of dance companies that market “turning” socks, and I have never justified spending money on them when I can get my 3-pack of cotton socks from the F21 at the mall for $3.80. Nonetheless, I love Natalie leotards and tights, so I am sure if this product is anything like those, it is a higher quality product. They have padding where the pads of the feet are for turning, and I am not sure how comfortable they would feel. I’ve read reviews saying they are great, and others saying they are very slippery on Marley floors, and the pad uncomfortable. Either way, these are last on my list because like I mentioned they are completely unnecessary. But, since I love Natalie products I feel like they might be worth a shot. Plus, they come in cherry red which is a hot color!

Those are the products I have been eyeballing lately. Of course, they are unnecessary, which is why I haven’t bought them myself already. But they are fun, and I would use each of them!

I can’t wait to turn 23, and I hope my last month of being 22 is amazing!

Until next time, xoxo

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21 Birthday Gifts – Makeup Edition

Hello beautiful people!

I just wanted to show you some fun makeup I received for my birthday! There were three items gifted to me from my boyfriend’s mom, and then some makeup brushes I bought myself as a gift (haha, that was my excuse for purchasing them anyway!).


Fun birthday goodies

My boyfriend’s mom gave me the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette, a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade “Opal”, and a Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Cool Girl”.

I ordered these four ADORABLE brushes from Wet N Wild, which are vegan and cruelty-free! The bristles are a white to pink ombre color, but as you can see, I’ve been using these brushes a lot and their original coloring is hidden beneath eyeshadow pigments!

I won’t go into too much about the brushes, but I have to say for the price I paid, these brushes are durable, super cute, and help pick up eye shadow very easily. They are my go-to brushes to use with the eye-shadows I create/make, and I am happy I invested the money to order these from the Wet N Wild website.


Too Faced Sugar Pop palette

As for my other birthday makeup gifts, let me start with the Too Faced palette! I am IN LOVE with this!! I didn’t expect to like the color scheme so much, however, since I’ve been playing with it for a week, the colors are SO VERSATILE. I really love the bigger pans (Rock Candy, Strawberry Ice, Peach Fuzz) as all-over lid colors, and Macaron has to be one of my favorite colors out of all 9 in the palette! Blackberry is also a great outer-v shade when it’s buffed out, as is Malted Milk Ball. These colors stay put all day, and are really creamy, pigmented, and easy to apply!


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

This Becca highlighter is literally to die for! My boyfriend’s mom has told me in the past it is her holy grail highlighter, and now I understand why! A little goes a long way with this highlight, and it really helps the face glow! ❤ I can’t get enough of it. I have been using it every day since she gave it to me, and I am so happy I have a new highlighter I know works for me and my skin tone.


Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Cool Girl”

I’ve heard so many great things about the Too Faced Melted lip products, and these liquid matte tubes were new-ish, so my boyfriend’s mom also decided to give me one to try. This is a really pretty matte neutral brown/nude. It has cool undertones, and it literally stays in place for HOURS. Literally hours. Liquid matte lipsticks really stick to the creases in my lips (I have chronically dry lips), so I have to exfoliate them and moisturize before applying this. However, it looks gorgeous on and I really like the consistency and texture.

My sister also gave me a $50 gift card to Ulta, and a few days ago I ordered a few things I’ve been meaning to pick up! I expect to receive that package tomorrow, and I am really excited to do an unboxing of all of these new fun products!

Do you have any of these makeup products? Have you tried any of them? Do you like the Wet N Wild brushes? Let me know!

Thanks for reading Leaps fans, and in near-future posts you will see a post about my Ulta order, a Vera Bradley order I made when they had their 4th of July sale, a post about new shadows I’ve been making (Leaps of Faith Vegan & Cruelty-Free Homemade Eyeshadow), my July Ipsy bag, and maybe even my Profusion Cosmetics ProBox that should be shipping to my house soon! ❤ There are so many fun things I want to show you all, so keep your eyes out!

Until next time beauties!


Happy 21st Birthday to Me & 240th Birthday to America

Hey everybody!

Sorry I went MIA this past weekend. My boyfriend came home for a very quick visit for the July 4th weekend! I turned 21 on July 3rd, and it was also my mother’s birthday (yes, we were born on the same day!), so there was a lot going on between running to and from the airport, dinners, and family events!

I had the best time this weekend, and it was nice my boyfriend was in our home state for the first time in 7 months! We went to hot yoga with his mom, went to the Melting Pot with my family, and I had my first legal drinks! The night ended with my sister, my boyfriend, and I being locked out of my house, so we had to climb through a window! It was definitely a 21st birthday full of shenanigans.  I also received a lot of generous and beautiful presents, so I will definitely post a birthday present post to show you all some fun makeup, yoga and gym gear, and alcohol related presents I received as gifts!

Thank you for being patient with my blog posts, and if you liked the outfit I wore for my 21st in the picture below, I will list where I bought the different pieces of my outfit!


The love of my life and I ❤

Listed below are the details of my outfit!

Body suit: Garage Clothing

Shorts: Garage Clothing

Necklace: Icing

Sandals (not shown): Urban Bay/Kohls

Earrings: Forever21

I hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend! Mine was very memorable even though it was a whirlwind of three days! ❤ What did you all do this weekend? How did you celebrate the birth of our country? Any birthday twins out there?

Talk with you soon!


My Aunt’s Birthday

Hi everyone! DC was so much fun, & I will write a post about my trip soon! Today, however, is my aunt’s birthday! As you guys may or may not know, I live with my aunt and my uncle while I go to school. My semester starts tomorrow (my school doesn’t get MLK Day off unfortunately), and today we’ve been celebrating her big day! Since I went to DC on Friday and Saturday, I didn’t really have time to buy her something. This afternoon, I went to Target and I wanted to buy her a small present to let her know I was thinking of her!

I was at a loss as to what to buy her since I’m sort of short on money, & my handsome boyfriend had a great idea! He suggested buying her some of her favorite beauty items because I blog about beauty so much 🙂 So that’s what I did! Here’s what I ended up picking out for her!


I bought her a small cosmetics bag and filled it with some fun items and some pretty tissue paper! I bought her favorite mascara (Maybelline Great Lash), an e.l.f. cosmetics Total Face brush, Puffs tissues, eos cucumber hand lotion, & Simple Pleasures berry scented nail polish remover wipes! It was affordable, & she really liked it. The best part is she can just unpackage all the items and throw the cosmetics bag in her purse!

Need a last minute gift? Get a cheap cosmetics bag and fill it with full-size and travel-sized beauty products!

Sharing My Birthday & The Meaning of Birth

I was born on July 3rd, 1995. Yes, my friends – I just turned 20! THANK GOODNESS. My mother was also born on July 3rd (I will withhold the year because my mom is so youthful in her heart and soul you’d never guess her age right if you saw her – plus, it’s irrelevant). Also, as all of you SHOULD know, America was born on July 4th, 1776! I always loved my birthday because of this! The date is so special not just because it’s a rare occurrence that my mother were born on the same day, but also because American Independence Day is always a reason to celebrate!

I was lucky enough that this year my birthday fell on a Friday! I live on a huge lake, and there is always a fireworks display for the 4th of July. This year, the fireworks fell on the Friday before – July 3rd. I had all of my closest friends over (the ones who could make it), I had my family around me, and my neighbors. We grilled so much food, went in the hot tub, went on the boat, ate great desserts (some of which I made), sat around a fire, and just relaxed. It was probably the best birthday I’ve had yet! The weather, food, and company were all perfect. The only thing that could have thrown it over the top were if my boyfriend were there. He is still training at Fort Benning. Yet, SOMEHOW, my love managed to send me a birthday card and a present! I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how amazing that was that he managed to get a birthday present to me on my actual birthday. Although he couldn’t physically be here, it was nice to have him here in spirit.

The night was just magical. I couldn’t have been happier with the way anything turned out. I am so thankful that even though it’s my mom’s birthday too, she still encouraged me to have my friends over and helped me cook and serve all of the food and drinks. My mom and my dad had a lot of fun, and they agreed the night went as perfect as it could’ve been. I tried helping my mom as best as I could, and my sister and her boyfriend helped out a lot too to try to let me and my mom relax as much as possible. In general, the community effort made the night more special.

(Almost) sharing my birthday with America also means something special. The fireworks on the lake are a crazy awesome show each year, but this year the presenters of the fireworks really outdid themselves. The explosions were HUGE and the finale… everyone on my boat was awestruck. We all were certainly proud to be Americans watching those star-spangled colors burst across the night sky and reflect off of the lake, creating a multi-dimensional patriotic spectacle. Every birthday and fireworks display each year I feel an overwhelming sense of American pride, and an overwhelming sense of joy to be able to share my birthday celebration not only with my beautiful mother, but also with this beautiful country we live in. To most other people, July 4th is just another holiday that isn’t as big of a deal as Christmas or Thanksgiving (even though I think it should be). However, to me, July 4th is a day in which I honor the birth of my mother and her birth of me, and also honor the birth of America. I believe due to my birthday falling on July 3rd, I have a deeper appreciation of the birth of our nation because I know how rare it is for these types of births to happen. It is rare a baby and her mother are born on the same day, and it is also rare that a group of patriots in another country’s colonies can rise up and actually overthrow a centuries-old aristocracy/hierarchy. Both are special in their own rights and amazing physical feats.

To all of my readers out there today, remember what today is about. Birth is messy. Our nation isn’t perfect. But America is our home and we are her people. Let us also remember our former and current service members who defend our original doctrine which let us continue to be a free nation. I hope you guys spend some time with your mothers and fathers also because all birth is special and it took them to make you. I am so lucky to be able to share my day with my mom and this amazing country we reside in, and I hope today amongst all of the red, white, and blue, you can reflect in those colors and what freedom and the birth of a nation actually means.

God Bless America and have a wonderful holiday.

Sharing my birthday

My mother and I last night on the boat watching the fireworks display