Aerie Chill Play Move Review and Photos!

Hello everybody!

As you all know – I am a HUGE fan of Aerie. Aerie is a ladies loungewear, activewear, underwear store, and is a sister store to American Eagle Outfitters. About a week ago, I took advantage of a rewards member discount, and purchased two sports bras, a tank top, and a sweater! I loved the pink sports bra I bought because it matched a pair of leggings I bought from Aerie back in the spring time. My best friend and I were already planning to have a photoshoot day, so once my order came in, I knew I wanted to take some pictures in my new Aerie apparel. I also needed new headshots and action shots for auditions, so we grabbed our cameras and took some dance photos!


The sports bra I am wearing in these images which is one of their Chill, Play, Move bras in the colorΒ ballet pink.Β I am also wearing their highwaisted Chill, Play, Move leggings which are a grey and pink floral print. Can you tell I love them!? The bra is so comfortable, and it offers a lot of support for the girls (if you know what I mean). The leggings are great too, and hold me in while giving me full range of motion!


If you have not checked out Aerie’s apparel, you should definitely give them a chance! They always have great deals on their website, and most of the time they offer free shipping. The best part about Aerie is that they do not retouch their models, and they have models of all body types and ethnics in their marketing. The company campaign is #aerieREAL and being proud to show the world the REAL you! I love my body and am proud of who I am, and I am happy to know one of my favorite retailers supports all body types and different kinds of women wearing their brand!


If you like my makeup in these photos, I did my makeup myself and used the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette on my eyes. I also used the Cailyn Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Lust Tint + Velvet in the shade Practicable (seriously it is a favorite of mine!!) on my lips.

What are your favorite activewear brands? Do you like Aerie? What do you love about them? Let me know! ❀

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Aerie Bras/Bralette Haul

Hello beautiful people!

I am really sorry I have been missing in action lately. Β A lot has been going on – between my second summer class ending, traveling to Nevada/California for a week, and my personal goings ons, I have barely had time to sleep (or eat, or take care of myself). So today after my shift at the mall, I decided to head over to Aerie (which is my favorite place to shop for bras and underwear) and do a little financial damage because with this past week I’ve had, I think it was necessary to treat myself. Here is what I bought:


2 Sunnie bras, 2 bralettes

Aerie is running BOGO free regular-priced bras right now, and the Sunnie bra just launched a bunch of new designs. If you don’t know Aerie, all of their different bra fits and styles are named after different girls’ names, for example Sunnie, Bridget, Blakely, etc. The Sunnie bra is my favorite, so I grabbed two – one pretty pink one, and one burgundy bra with this cool twisting racer-back detail. I love both of them!!


I also went into Aerie today to buy a bralette for the days I want to feel girlie without wearing something with underwire. Their bralettes are all on sale for $22 each, so I grabbed a mauvey-rose colored one, and I grabbed one off of the clearance rack which was an additional 60% off!! (Only clearance items were 60% off, but how could you beat that deal?!).


Altogether, my total came to $81.34, but I decided to apply for the Aerie credit card to get an additional 20% off of my final total (the discount comes off with or without approval!). To my surprise, I was approved for the credit card, and not only that – I was approved for the Aerie VISA card, which I can use anywhere I want! I was sooooo excited!! When I used to work at American Eagle back in high school, I always wanted an Aerie credit card because I love shopping there, and it’s a simple way to build credit (plus, you earn lots of coupons as a card holder). If you opened or used your Aerie or American Eagle credit card today at the mall, you saved an additional 20% off your total purchase. Since I was approved, my total came to ~$65. If I had not received any sale or promotional value, my total would have equaled about $146.

I am really excited I not only got such a good deal, but now I have my first credit card to start using/adulting with. It seems silly that this is exciting me so much, but nowadays I take the little things as reasons to be happy about life.

If you’d like to shop at Aerie, take a look at their online store which I will link below:

Aerie For American Eagle: Lingerie and Apparel

Until next time pretties, xoxo