Teamoy Crochet Hook/Supplies Organizer

Hello everyone!

If you are a crafter like me, I am sure you like to keep as organized as you can. When dealing with fiber crafts such as crochet and knitting, you not only have to keep track of your yarn, but also your hooks, needles, tapestry needles, measurings tapes, stitch markers, etc.


I found the cutest crochet hook organizer on a while ago, and I’ve been loving, so I wanted to show it to you! For $8.99, you can choose from a variety of patterns! I choose the fair isle with the blue moose print because it is wintery, and the moose are adorable. They also have other cute prints such as owls, elephants, watercolor painting print, and florals!

There are two sections specifically to store your different sized crochet hooks, and three mesh pockets to store literally everything else! I even fit my largest crochet hook in the largest pocket, which is nice because now all of my hooks are in one place!

In the smaller pockets, I store my darning needles and measuring tape, and also my elastic I use to make my crochet bun covers. I used to store all of my crochet supplies in a plastic bag in my yarn box, but all of my supplies would fall out and get lost among the yarn. This canvas wrap helps keep my supplies snug, but separated.


If you’re interested, you can purchase one of these organizers at this link: Teamoy Crochet Hooks Holder. This is not an affiliate link, but the same link I bought mine from to the $8.99 listing on Amazon!


If you are a crafter/crocheter, definitely pick one of these up from Amazon because it is amazing and a life-saver! It’s also small enough to throw in a bag for travel without having to worry about loosing any of the supplies on your journey!

How do you organize your craft supplies? Let me know in the comments if you’ve used one of these before and if you like it!



Why You’re More than a “Military Spouse”

Good morning everybody! Today I want to discuss something I believe deeply that I feel military spouses of all kinds need to think about.

I actually do not like the label “military spouse”. For as many reasons I can find to why it is beneficial, there are just as many I can think of to why it is not. I think the term “military spouse” gives partners of military service members a sense of community. It provides a network of people who share similar struggles, and a support system of people who understand military lifestyle. For these reasons, the term is good.


HOWEVER. I think a lot of military spouses (women in particular), find the need to identify as a “military spouse”, and that alone. Their identity rests in their husband or wife’s accomplishments and career goals, and they forget about their own. Now, I am in NO WAY saying we should not whole-heartedly support them. Soldiers need our support, especially from their families and spouses. Nonetheless, I don’t believe significant other’s must “identify” as a “military spouse” because I think it takes away our own goals, accomplishments, and at the core – our own identity.

I will speak about military wives in particular since I will be one in the somewhat near future. How many times a week, or even a day, do we see military significant other’s posting on social media about their husband’s job or how hard it is to be in a relationship with someone in the military? As proud of our spouses as we are, and as hard as our relationships are and can be, why are these areas the primary focus of military spouse conversation? Why can’t we discuss our own dreams and career goals, and help each other meet them, instead of focusing all of our energy on our partner’s career? How many times a week do we see military service members posting socially about how proud they are of something their wife or partner has accomplished?


I can’t speak on behalf of any other relationship, however, I see more military wives and girlfriends posting about their husband’s career more than their own career, accomplishments, or success. I feel like in 2018, military significant others need to start taking responsibility for their own success and career, and stop living vicariously through their partner’s accomplishments. Don’t think being a military spouse is the sole reason you were put on this Earth, and the only accomplished title you can have during your partner’s term of service.

Embrace who YOU ARE, your UNIQUENESS, and your PURPOSE. Yes, you are technically a military spouse (we all are), but THAT IS NOT YOUR LIMIT. I am so sick of seeing women settle for just their milspouse title, and I see it in women from all walks of life. Your goals are not unrealistic, and just because your partner is living their dream doesn’t mean you can’t live yours.

There are some factors that are discouraging. If you choose to live with your partner, and you are stationed in Guam or Diego Garcia, or even in Rota Spain, yes that makes accomplishing your dreams more difficult. If you choose to live apart from your partner, it makes the dreams you want to accomplish with your partner more difficult, or relishing in your personal victories difficult because your partner isn’t there to celebrate. But we can choose to look at this lifestyle negatively or positively. If there is a will, there is a way, and no amount of distance and no location can stop you from working towards some sort of goal you have! As long as you are proud of yourself and the work you do, you can be proud of the identity you’ve created, and stop settling for your partner’s identity.


Let me be clear and also state that this is not the case with every military couple! There are plenty of successful military spouses who have partner’s who are very supportive and proud of them. And not every woman spouse I’ve met or known thinks this way or is this way. But there is a large majority who do, and I think it’s time to speak on it.

Stop settling for less and chase after more. For example, my career goals are just as varied an unpredictable as my fiance’s, but we support each other even though it means it makes our lives more difficult. As a dancer, professional work is not guaranteed, and I have to audition for jobs that could take me to a new state, take me on a cruise line for 9 months, or keep me in the NYC area and away from my partner. My personal sentiments are if I don’t give myself a fair shot in this lifetime, when will I ever give myself the time to flourish? And if your partner doesn’t support your goals and dreams, then that is something else to think about too.

To wrap this up, it all boils down to knowing the difference between unconditional love and support for your partner and their job, and identifying yourself with your partner’s job. Be supportive of each other, love each other, and embrace who you are because it is just as IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL as your partner’s identity. Set goals, crush them, and be proud of YOU!

Until next time, xoxo

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Cranberry Orange Scones

Hi everyone!

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of accompanying my mom to go see my grandma at her house. We wanted to have dinner with her, and my mom and I wanted to make her scones from the CookiesandCups cookbook!

My fiancé’s stepmom is the owner/founder of CookiesandCups, and if you don’t know Shelly or her recipes, definitely check them out because they are delicious! I found the recipe in her cookbook, and wanted to show you how delicious they turned out!

scones (1)

The finished product with the glaze!

Now there is a story behind these scones so bare with me! For those of you who don’t know, I recently lost my grandpa. Before my he passed away, my mom and I promised him we would make him scones from Shelly’s cookbook. He loved scones and I knew Shelly’s recipe was amazing. Unfortunately, a day or two after we promised my grandpa we would make him scones he was put on a strict diet because of the cancer.

scones (3)

The pretty dough!

We never had the opportunity to make them for him, but on Sunday my mom and I finally were able to make them for my grandma. When they were done, we toasted scones to my grandpa because we knew he would have loved them (they came out great). It meant so much to me to finally bake them for my grandma. 🍊💛 I know my grandpa was there with us, and it was just a great day all around!

scones (2)

The recipe from the cookbook

I love spending time with my family, and I really do enjoy baking something new every now and then! I hope to try more recipes from her cookbook, and I hope to make these scones again sometime soon!

How was your weekend? Do you like baking with your family?

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National Lash Day Eye Makeup

Hi beauties!

Apparently yesterday was National Lash Day, so to celebrate I created a gorgeous eye makeup look using the MorphexJaclynHill palette (WHICH IS AMAZING BTW). Anyway, here is the look I created, and a list of the colors I used to create it!

lashday18 (3)

I prepped my eye using the Essence Cosmetics I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer (I love this one, and it just so happens to have a performance theme which is great!). Next, I used the e.l.f. Cosmetics cream blush from their Beautifully Bare collection in the shade Rose Blush, and rubbed it on my eyelids and in my creases to give my eyes a youthful peachy glow as a base for the other colors!

I then used the color Pooter in my crease, and buffed it from the inner v through the crease, to the outer v. I then added Faint to the center of my lid to give a shiney radiant color, and also added this color to the inner corner and slighly under the inner part of my lower lash line.

lashday18 (2)

I darkened the outer v with the color Buns, and also took what was left of it on my brush and buffed it through the crease and inner v as well. I brought Pooter and Buns underneath my lower lashes to complete the eyeshadow look.

lashday18 (1)

Since it was National Lash Day, I can’t fail to mention the mascaras I used! I used the Superhero mascara by It Cosmetics (which is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used), and the Monsieur Big mascara from Lancome. I used the It Cosmetics mascara first for length and volume, and then went in with the Lancome one for more volume and definition.

For my eyebrows, I brushed them and filled them in with the Chella Beauty Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Cream, and then defined and filled them further with the It Cosmetics Brow Power brow pencil in the universal taupe color! Then I set them with the Essence Cosmetics Make Me Brow gel in the color Soft Browny Brows.

What is your favorite mascara? Did you do your makeup for #NationalLashDay?

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Alias Grace – What You Need to Watch This Weekend

Drop everything you’re doing and pop some popcorn because here is what you should binge watch this rainy/snowy weekend!!

Go to Netflix and search “Alias Grace”

I stumbled upon Alias Grace on Netflix earlier this week, and as we all do, I finished the whole 6 episode mini-series within a 24-hour period. This Netflix hstorical fiction drama depicts events from an actual murder that occurred in 1843, supposedly by a woman named Grace Marks and James McDermott. Marks and McDermott were both Irish immigrants to Upper Canada who worked as servants for a man named Kinnear. Marks and McDermott were apprehended and convicted of killing Kinnear and his house mistress Nancy Montgomery.

This show is told from Grace’s perspective as she is interviewed by a psychiatrist named Dr. Jordan while she is in the state penitentiary. She begins her life story from when she first immigrated to Canada with her family aboard a ship, follows her struggles leading up to the murder, and her story ends in the “present time” as she grows close to her psychiatrist. There is a prologue as well, so you see where she ends up.

Alias Grace

Both McDermott and Marks were convicted and sentenced to death, but only McDermott hanged and Grace’s sentencing was changed to life in prison. Before McDermott is hanged, he claims Grace planned the whole scenario and made him do it. Now, from the first episode you are wondering if this girl is bats*** crazy, or if she is an unfortunate unwilling accomplice, or if she was in on the plot to kill Kinnear and Montgomery.

Now McDermott is hot-headed and did serve in the Canadian military before working for Kinnear, so he is definitely suspect. But throughout the story, you feel a lot of emotions towards Grace. A lot of the time you feel bad for her, but then sometimes you feel like she is totally guilty. And I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but let’s just say the ending makes you THINK HARD!!!

If you have not watched this program yet, I totally recommend it! It combines murder mystery, with Canadian/American history, and even some supernatural!! I would definitely watch this series again because it is so intriguing, and paints an interesting portrait of the way women were viewed during this time in Nothern American history.

If you watched this show, comment below and let me know your thoughts on it! I thought it was brilliant!

Happy bingeing!

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