Julia – You Got WHAT Pierced?!?

Hiya sweet things!

It’s Sunday night, and in my last post I promised to explain the new piercings I had installed in October. (See: October Blessings – Reflection) These piercings meant a lot to me for a multitude of reasons.

I won’t go into detail about the reasons because there are a lot of them, and some of them are very personal. However, I am excited to share my experience with you all because when I was doing research on the piercings before booking my appointment, I realized there was not a lot of reliable information about them available online. I hope my sentiments and thoughts on my experience help someone understand what it is like.

Back in August, I finally met with a reliable local piercer, and booked my appointment to have my nipples pierced! Yes – my nipples! I always played with the idea of having mine done since my freshman year of college, but never encountered a time where I could afford fine jewelry, the piercing itself, or the pain since I was a dance major and was always rolling around on the floor for modern dance class. I did my research, and found a local piercer with a reputable name. I met with her in August, she measured me (yes they have to do that!), and I looked through some catalogs for custom jewelry.

nipple bars

All of my options from Neometal

I am allergic to nickel, and even the basic surgical steel bars they use for the piercing have some traces of nickel in them. To be safe and avoid an allergic reaction, I decided to splurge and order 100% titanium nipple bars (They were really expensive). I figured if I slurge now, I wouldn’t have to worry about changing them to prettier ones later on. Mine are anodized rose gold, and have threadless lavendar opal ends! THEY ARE STUNNING. Anyway, I ordered them from Neometal, and waited 8 long weeks for them to come in! Once they came in, I booked the first appointment I could make with my piercer.

My sister came with me, and let me tell you – THANK GOODNESS she was there. I was an excited, nervous wreck. Once I was in the room, I took my top off and the piercer cleaned and prepped the area for piercing. Additionally, you have to sit on your hands when you are pierced so you don’t flinch and mess up the piercing. No pressure, right? My sister held one hand and I sat on the other.


Many people contemplating this piercing wonder about the pain. I have a high tolerance for pain, and I am not going to lie to you when I say this hurt REALLY bad. I mean, REALLY REALLY bad. My left boob was done first, and it felt just how you would imagine a 14 gauge needle going through your nipple would feel – AWFUL. They also have to leave the needle in before they slip the jewelry in, so the exchange of needle to jewelry is also a painful and awkward sensation since your body is in shock, and your nip is just chillen with a deeply punctured needle sitting in it.

The second one hurt even worse. The piercer said the second side hurts worse because once the first one is done, your body’s adrenaline drops because mentally we believe the pain is over. For me this was true, and the right nipple has been healing slower than my left one. However, I was also told from the piercer that is normal because we are not symmetrical beings.


Anyway, afterwards I was given the aftercare – a sterile saline solution with gauze – and was told to spray the piercings 2 to 3 times a day and that’s it! Do not turn your piercings, and do not touch them! Mine only bled for the first four days, the first two days being thicker blood. Bleeding is normal, and I was told they could potentially bleed for the first two weeks. I was instructed to let the water in the shower clear the piercings off, however, if the blood was really bad, I was told I could spray the saline solution on a q-tip and gently try to clean them off.

If you wear the gauze in your bra for the first week, spray them consistently, and maintain your hygeine with daily showers, they will heal fine. I’ve had mine now for three weeks, and they are perfectly fine. I barely even feel them honestly, and after the first week, the residual piercing pain had almost totally subsided. The day after mine were pierced, I had to teach fitness, dance through a 3 hour rehearsal, and then teach dance at night. Even after all of that exercise and moving, they didn’t really interrupt my day at all, or my dancing, which is what I was most worried about!

nipple bars2

They start you with slightly longer bars to account for swelling, but after 6 months you can have them sized down to have a more snug fit. Full healing takes 9 to 12 months, and you’re free to change them whenever after a year. I don’t have a significant other at the moment, but my piercer also said comically nipple piercings can have oral contact after about 8 to 12 weeks. LOL thank you for the tip sis!

I am so happy with my piercings, and I just adore the way they turned out! The first week, I continuously peeped at them because I couldn’t believe I finally went through with it and had them done. They’re also super cute, and make me feel 1000x more confident. I love them and I hope if you’re contemplating this type of piercing, this post gave you some insight into the process and aftercare.


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