Photoshoot with Jessica Warren Portraits

Hi everyone!

I had the privlege of working with another photographer this summer! Her name is Jessica Warren and she is based out of Philadelphia. She is new to the dance photography realm, but she needed models for practice photos and I was able to help her out! My shoot with her seemed to be more of a learning resource for her instead since she is very new to the dance photography niche.

These photos are a bit roughly edited, however, they are pretty nonetheless. The key to dance photography is great lighting, accurate timing, and the willingness for the dance and photographer to move about the room A LOT to get the right angle for the right shot. Some of these photos would have looked better at other angles, but the results were still beautiful.

I am wearing a charcoal gray set from Double Platinum Emballe line sold at, and a one-piece leotard dress from I LOVE both of these dance outfits so much, and they photographed so nicely.

I love taking dance photos, and can’t wait for fall foliage to be able to shoot some photos outside surrounded by color! It is incredible to think I set my mind to making 2018 my year, and I’ve been falling into so many amazing opportunities!

What do you think of the photographs? How do you like them?

Happy Sunday!


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