Rockette Mini Intensive – I Was Invited!

Oh my gosh you guys! Life has been throwing me blessings on blessings this last month!

I’ve auditioned for the Rockette Summer Intensive (RSI) four times. I auditioned once when I was 16, once when I was 17, once when I was 19, and this year at age 22. I’ve been rejected from their summer intensive four times, and at this point I did not really think much of it because it is a VERY competitive summer program. I am not sure if this is true, but I believe I read that only 640 girls out of the 2,000 who audition every year earn spots for the summer. RSI also has a limited number of open spots because alumni who attended within the last 2 years do not have to re-audition, and have an automatic spot in the summer program available to them. Obviously, a lot of girls come back each year (because who wouldn’t want to dance with the Rockettes every summer?! Uhm, hello). Thus, it is very competitive and I didn’t expect to get in because I have been denied admission every year I auditioned.


This picture was snapped in November 2017 when my dad took me into NYC to buy my first pair of La Ducas! ❀

Now although I was denied the initial summer intensive, by some twisted act of fate (or God working his love), I was invited to attend their “mini” intensive (RMI), which is a three day version of their five day summer intensive. I didn’t even know the Rockettes had a “mini” intensive available because it is not even listed on their website! Nor did I realize there was this opportunity for me! I can’t find much about RMI online, but what I did discover is that the mini intensive has less girls than the regular 80 girls for RSI. There is also no formal showing for RMI, I believe it is just a studio showing. However, I could be totally wrong because I do not know much about it and this is all assumption based on a few videos I saw online!

I am so excited I was invited I cannot contain myself! Unfortunately for me, I cannot attend because all of the mini sessions run concurrently with the American Dance Festival, so I will not be in the NY area to be able to attend! 😦 Of course the summer two HUGE dance goals of mine are finally tangible, they conflict. I guess that is just my luck!

Nonetheless, to have even been invited is really humbling. I’ve auditioned four times within the last six years, and now I finally have a small window of opportunity. This is the first time I was ever invited to this mini intensive, and I cannot believe they even asked me! All of my hard work seems to be paying off, and I cannot wait to see what life throws at me next!

It is so crazy to see these long term goals becoming reality. Im definitely auditioning again next year! I am so motivated to continue grinding and pursuing my dreams! Anything is truly possible!


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