American Dance Festival Scholarship Update!

Hello lovely followers!

On Friday, I received word that I was awarded a Staff Assistant Scholarship to the American Dance Festival!!! I will be completing an arts administration work-study in their PERFORMANCES office! I AM SO EXCITED I CANNOT CONTAIN IT!


I wrote previously that I’ve been selling product on my Etsy to help fundraise my expenses for the festival. Along with my Etsy, this scholarship is going to help me tremendously afford my summer experience in Durham, NC and I cannot be more grateful or excited for this opportunity!


I grew so much in one week last year at the Dance Professionals Workshop, and I can’t imagine how much I will grow over the course of 7 weeks this summer while I am taking full-time dance classes, and gaining hands-on experience in a dance performance arts administration setting!

Don’t forget to browse my Etsy shop for cute hair accessories and homemade eye makeup! Any sale helps me towards my summer goal! Thank you to all of my followers for being so supportive over the years of JLoF and my dance dreams!

xoxo love and light to all!

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