Essence Cosmetics Gel Nail Polish System

Hi everyone!

Recently I bought some Essence Cosmetics brand “gel” nail polish, with their recommended base coat and top coat. My mom and I have been trying the polishes with the base and top coat system, and I wanted to review it for you all so you know what you are buying when you purchase these items! They claim to last 60% longer than traditional nail polish with no UV lamp required.


Let me start by saying I am really impressed with these polishes. Are they as good as a salon gel manicure or one that you need a UV light for? Honestly, no. You’re only going to get an “authentic” gel manicure by buying an at home system with a UV light or by going to the salon. HOWEVER, these polishes are super fast drying, they apply really well, and the base coat and top coat are the quickest drying base and top coats I’ve ever used. It makes it easy to have a nice foundation layer before adding color.


These polishes come in a decent range of colors, and as you can see, they have beautiful mauvey pinks, deep purple, and a mauve blue color. I love these colors so much. They also have a beautiful light purple color I want to eventually try. There is a color for all seasons and occasions which is nice.


The colors run for about $1.99 United States dollars, and the base coat and top coat are priced at $3.99 a piece which is not bad for a “gel system”. I bought mine at Harmons Face Values, but you can also purchase these at Ulta Beauty. The product claims to be ultra-long lasting, and I have to disagree. My nails lasted about two days of normal day-to-day activities before they chipped, and I’ve actually had better lasting time with other affordable polish such as Sinful Colors price.


Nonetheless, they have a normal level of staying power, and like I said I LOVE the colors they have available. The formula is a bit thicker than a regular polish for both the colors, and the base and top coats, but I think that is part of whatever makes the polish dry quickly. Although the formula is thick, it does not sit heavy on the nails nor does it feel goopy or chunky which is a definite plus. The wand and brush are short and fat which makes application a little hard if you don’t make sure the product is not globbed up on the brush bristles.

Currently, I’ve tried the shades You and Me?, Jeans On!, and Plump Power, and they all look really nice on the nails. I suggest buying these nail polishes if you want a quick drying nail polish product with a lovely range of color shades. It’s great if you’re working within a budget or if you just want to try something new.

Have you tried these nail polishes before, or their gel system? What do you think?


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