Nutcracker Week – Performance Essentials!

Hello beautiful readers of the internet!

As promised, here is the third installment of my Nutcracker performance posts! Today, I am sharing with you my favorite products (old and new) for this season’s performances. I use these products not just for ballet productions, but also for contemporary and modern productions, in addition to class and rehearsal!


Of course, I had to feature my FAVORITE pointe shoes by Bloch – the Sonata (SO1030). These pointe shoes fit my feet like a glove and stay on so well! The Bloch Elastorib I sewed onto them helps ease tension on my Achilles (read about them here:Β Bloch Sonata Pointe Shoes and Elastoribbon!). All around, these pointe shoes are the best! In addition to my favorite pointe shoes, I wanted to display my favorite and never failing gel toe pads. The Eurotard Feather Lites are so comfortable. They cushion and protect my toes, while never taking up too much room in the box of the shoe. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a thin, light toe protection option.


I picked up a new pair of seamed tights for this weekend’s performances. I decided on Body Wrappers Seamed Transition Tights in the color light pink after the woman at the dance store recommended a few brands to me. They are not mesh, however, they are the perfect shade of pink, and the waistband is wide and soft-knit. For this reason, the tights don’t cut into my sides, and I am very happy with my choice.

I purchased Capezio 2.5 inch thick u-pins to keep my bun secure and on my head! I’ve been using the thicker u-pins from Goody, but they are still not strong enough to hold my curly hair in place. Hopefully the Capezio ones work well for my hair!


I needed new ballet shoes, so of course I re-purchased my SoDanca SD16s! They are the COMFIEST ballet slipper ever (read more about them here:Β National Dance Day & National Lipstick Day!). Anyway, I also picked up the beautiful champagne colored pointe shoe bag all of these products are resting on! I’ve been wanting a pointe shoe bag for some time now because I keep all of my dance shoes in a trundle box in the trunk of my car, and this bag will help me keep my shoes and toe pads together with my ballet slippers so I don’t have to dig around my trunk when I am running into rehearsal or teaching.


More important than what I have to wear with my costume is what I have to wear under it! I wanted to show you all a supportive dance bra I’ve used for a few years now. The bra shown is Capezio brand, and although there is no underwire, it is full coverage. I wear this bra under the nude leotard (I forget what brand it is!), and my chest is almost fully supported. The woman at the store gave me new straps for the nude leotard for free, and I am thankful she did so because the thicker straps make the leotard secure.

All of the products mentioned above are HIGHLY recommended. I have found these products to be repeat buys, to be durable, and to be long-lasting. I am so excited for my shows this weekend I can’t take it! What are your performance essentials? Let me know!

Happy Holidays! xoxo

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