Bloch Sonata Pointe Shoes and Elastoribbon!

Hi everyone!

My lovely boyfriend bought me a brand new pair of pointe shoes and ribbons/elastics for Christmas in 2015 (LOL) and I have been dancing on dead shoes for about two years now! I don’t recommend dancing on dead shoes, but let me explain myself.

I love the Bloch Sonatas because the shank is supportive, they fit my foot nicely, and once they are worn in, they are super flexible and mold to the foot really well. Back during the holidays in 2015, I had just bought my own Bloch Sonatas, and hadn’t even sewn them yet. So, I put my new ones away for the day I needed new shoes. I don’t do pointe as much as I do modern and contemporary, so they lasted me a long time.



That day has finally come to use my new ones, however, and I decided to try the Bloch Elastoribbon my boyfriend bought with the new shoes! The Elastoribbon is cool because the ribbon is interrupted by a piece of elastic that wraps around the achilles tendon to offer a more comfortable fit. For this reason, they were a little tricky to sew. Nonetheless, here are my pointe shoes fully sewn, and I will tell you how I like to sew them.


For my ribbons, it was weird to try to measure the length I needed because the elastic is placed in a peculiar spot on the ribbon itself. I decided to sew the ribbon in, and then measure it around my ankle, and adjust the ribbon once I determined the length needed to properly wrap around my ankle. To begin, I place my ribbon on the middle seam of the side of the pointe shoe (it is covered by the ribbon in this image), and sew it in place. As you can see, it is folded and sewn down to shorten the ribbon once I knew how long I needed it to be.


For the elastic that supports the ankle and wraps only around the ankle, I use the back seam as a guide, and angle the elastic out and away from the seam. So the elastic exits the back of the shoe about an inch away from the seam.


As you can see, where the elastic appears off the back of the shoe is about an inch away from the back seam.

Here is the finished product, and a demonstration of how the elastoribbon looks on my ankle and supports the achilles


I am curious to try these new bad boys in the studio. I need to break the shoe in a little bit because the shank is really stiff right out of the box, but I plan to do an update once I know how these hold up. The color of the elastoribbon matched the color of my Sonatas perfectly, though! I’ve tried a few brands of pointe shoes, and Bloch Sonatas have been and still hold first place for me in comfort, shape, and support. ❀


If you have used Elastoribbon before, drop a comment and let me know how you like it! I am so pleased with how beautiful my shoes look, and I can’t wait to break them in! Hopefully the ribbon works well for me and my body!

Until next time, happy dancing!


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