My First M.A.C. Products!


New M.A.C. products!

When I was in NYC last weekend, my parents and I stopped in the M.A.C. store in Times Square. Because my mom is awesome, she decided to buy me an eyeshadow and an eye pigment that I ADORED. I picked out an eyeshadow in the shade Quarry and an eye pigment in the shade Kitschmas. They are beautiful, and here they are swatched below!


Top swatch is the eye pigment in Kitschmas and the bottom swatch is the eyeshadow in Quarry.

The eye pigment stood out to me right away – it’s a light pink taupe with amazing shine! I love it so much, and it looks beautiful with Quarry in the crease! I knew right away I needed both of these colors to wear together. This is the travel-sized pigment, and it retails for $10.


Eye pigment in Kitschmas

Quarry is absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful. I’ve never seen a shade like it before. The swatch does not do it justice! It is a grey taupe with brown undertones and it is super pigmented! I have been wearing it all week, and it is versatile enough to wear with a bunch of different other colored shadows. I’m in love, and this shade is a necessity in my collection of eyeshadows! This shadow pot costs $16.


I’m in love with this one!

This is my first time ever receiving or using M.A.C. and I’m so thrilled with how amazing it works! I definitely will be browsing more of M.A.C.’s products, and hopefully the next time I am in Times Square I can stop in their store again!

I definitely recommend both of these products if you are looking to try M.A.C.!

Much love to you all, have a great day!


6 thoughts on “My First M.A.C. Products!

  1. MAC is one of my all time favorite makeup brands. Until recently most of my products were from MAC and I am sad they are all running out. Be sure to check out their give back program, you take 6 empty plastic cases and receive a free lipstick! I am about to empty my 6th and grab a lipstick tomorrow. Gorgeous colors!


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