Natural Tones: ColourPop Mini Haul

Hello everyone!

My ColourPop order arrived in the mail today (I think it’s delivery was delayed by the snow storm last weekend because it arrived a day late), and I can’t wait to try these products out, swatch them for you, and write a review! Unfortunately, tonight I have to do homework, but keep your eyes out for my post this weekend. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of the products I bought. I bought more subtle and natural toned products this time around rather than going for brighter/metallic colors.


Lippie Stix in the shade Aquarius, SuperShock Cheek highlighter in the shade Wisp, and SuperShock EyeShadow in the shade Cornelious.

I am super excited to try all of these, but most of all I am excited to try the highlighter because I’ve heard great reviews about ColourPop’s cheek highlighters. I think Cornelious will be a great crease/transition shade, and everyone needs a good nude/brown lipstick (although it looks a bit darker than I expected!). Have you tried any of these products out? Let me know!

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