Crazy Spring Schedule!

Hello everyone!

I am sorry for not posting all week without warning! My semester started this week, and let me tell you – I am going to have one helluva work load for the next three and a half months!! I am dancing 23 hours a week if you combine my rehearsals, technique classes, and my choreography class, on top of three academic courses, a part-time job, an internship, and trying to keep up with my blog! It’s all a lot to handle, but this semester is going to fly by, I know it! I just have to make time for my blog, and for all of you lovely readers ❤

I am going to schedule blog posts so you all know when to expect updates. I will probably be posting one or two articles a week on the weekends (Friday-Sunday), and every now and then I will post on Tuesdays. I hope this helps you all so you don’t feel like I left you in the lurch!

My classes are wonderful so far, and they include Ballet technique III, Modern technique III, Choreography II, Tech and Lighting for Dance, Dynamics of Group (psychology course), Women and Gender Studies, and an internship writing for my one professor’s dance company! I am SWAMPED, the work load is hefty, and it has only been a week! I am feeling super motivated though, and I can’t wait to just push through these next few months and end this semester strong on stage at my spring dance concert in the beautiful month of May! Then I can relax for the summer (sort of).

Future blog posts will include makeup reviews (I may or may not have yet another ColourPop order coming in the mail… I don’t regret my life choices), a letter to my ballet teacher, a reflection on an audition I will be attending next Saturday for a summer dance program, a recap of my trip down to see my boyfriend in February, and some beauty wish lists! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all!

I hope this semester is successful not only for me, but also for all of you! What are some goals you are looking to achieve by the summer time? Let me know!



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