Running With Scissors – Esty Shop Review

Hello beautifuls!

Today I wanted to show you the COOLEST necklace I bought off of Etsy from a shop called Running With Scissors (aka: RWS). She is an Arizona-based artist who makes laser-cut acrylic jewlery, and I found the coolest pin-up girl necklace on her page! This listing was described as a “Hula Girl Silver – Laser Cut Acrylic Pinup Charm Pearl Pendant in Silver Mirror”. HOW ADORABLE IS IT? (Especially with my romper which also looks retro?)


The owner of the shop is named Stacy, and she makes earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings – you name it! And she also takes custom orders. Her jewlery makes a statement, and is definitely sure to catch someone’s eye! From when I received this item (I bought it and it was in my mailbox 3 days later BTW!) until now, I’ve worn this necklace literally every time I’ve gone out somewhere. And everywhere I’ve been, people were intrigued by my necklace and complimented it! I adore the Sailor Jerry vibes I get from this design, which makes it perfect for summer. Yet the silver color allows it to be versatile for year-round use! This particular necklace was listed on the RWS “$5 sale” page, so it was a steal! ❤ I am in love with it!

Additionally, all of her orders come with a free acrylic ring, and come already gift packaged! Check it out below.

Recently, I’ve been loving acrylic jewlery that looks retro to add a fun element to my outfits. This was my first purchase of acrylic jewlery off of Etsy, and I recommend checking out the Running With Scissors shop if you want something cool to wear that you can’t buy at a regular store. I’m so happy I found this shop to help fuel my obsession with 40s-50s pin-up art/style.


If you would like to visit her shop, follow this link! Running With Scissors Etsy


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DIY Hair Accessories for Dance Costumes

Hi everybody!

The recital for the studio I work at is this Saturday, and one of my dances needed a hair accessory to match their costume. The hair clip that came with the costume was a simple, rhinestone bobby-pin type hair accessory, and I thought my dancers needed something flowery and bigger to compliment their costume. I decided to visit the local craft store and make my own hair accessory – a summery, warm, shiny hair flower bouquet! I wanted to show you all how to make them if you are someone who has students or dancers who need better hair accessories for performances.

Step 1: Materials

You will need fake flowers of your color choice, scissors, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, and Goody hair clips (or brand of your choice).

Step 2: Cut flowers and leave stems, glue the first few flowers together

For this step, take the first few flowers you are bundling for the hair piece and glue their stems together. It will make gluing the remaining flowers on easier.


Step 3: Add the last of the flowers to the bundle

Cut the stems so they are even and shorter (i.e.: easier to glue to the hair clip).


Step 4: Hot glue the flower bouquet to the hair clip

After the stems are trimmed, hot glue to bundle to the hair clip in the position you want it to lay.


Step 5: Hide the glue with another flower! Cut the stem of the flower so the back of the flower is flat.

This is where you can get creative!! Arranging the flowers together is super fun, and allows you to make pretty arrangements. What is great about synthetic flowers is that the actual flowers pop off the long stems. So after everything is glued, you can pop another flower off of the fake bunch, and trim the back so the back of the flower is flat, and then glue it on top of where you glued the bundle down to mask the ugly dried melted glue.


Cut the yellow stem off.

Step 6: Let it dry, pull off any strings of melted glue that might be tangled in the flowers.

Put it in your hair, on your bun, above your pony tail, etc. and ENJOY! ❤


I hope you enjoyed this post – these are super simple, fun, and easy to make! Comment below if you want more DIY project posts like this one in the future!

Xoxo happy dancing and happy summer!


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ColourPop Pressed Eyeshadows – A MUST HAVE

A few months ago, I made a Colourpop order because I wanted to try some of their pressed eyeshadows and their new blotted lip products! I want to focus this post on the pressed eyeshadows because these are probably my favorite drug store eyeshadow formula!

When you order eyeshadow pans from Colourpop, a free empty eyeshadow palette is placed in your cart after every four eyeshadows you add to it (awesome, right?). So basically you create your own custom quads which you can organize by monchromatic color schemes (which is what I did). The four colors I bought are Pretty Cruel, Dreamboat, High Strung, and Pep Talk.


Pretty Cruel is a matte mauve berry tone with gold glitter flecks! It is gorgeous and is great for deepening my crease color or placing it on the outer v. Dreamboat is another favorite of mine – a perfect crease color! Dreamboat is a muted and matte dusty rose color that is buildable for a deeper color depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. High Strung is a metallic dusty rose that is wonderful for blending and shading on the lid. It can even be used all over for a deeper and more intense look. Finally, Pep Talk is my favorite out of all four. It is a metallic icy peach that gets it’s metallic sheen from fine glitter dust in the formula. It is gorgeous, and great for highlighting the center of the lid, dusting all over the lid, or blending with the other colors.


In the palette, I ordered them Pep Talk, Dream Boat, High Strung, and Pretty Cruel. How cute is the Colourpop palette by the way?! Love it!

These shadows are a must have in your collection. The colors I chose are great for summer, spring, and warmer fall looks too, so they are versatile from season to season. The texture of these are buttery and super pigmented, with little fallout. They are not dry, and are comfortable to wear. Not to mention, they last ALL DAY LONG!

I also think the colors I chose are reminscent of ones found in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, so if you’re looking for colors similar to the ABH palette that won’t break the bank, Colourpop’s pressed eyeshadows are the way to go! Plus they fit snuggly in this cute and travel friendly magnetic palette, so you cannot go wrong placing an order!


Right now, Colourpop is having a Memorial Day sale. Certain best sellers are 20% off, there is free U.S. shipping on all orders, and free international shipping on orders of $35 or more. Plus, it is Colourpop’s birthday month, so after you place $10 worth of product in your cart, you qualify for a free limited edition super shock eyeshadow. This deal is insane, so if you haven’t tried these formulas yet, definitely place an order today!


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I’m Back and I’m Officially a College Graduate!

Hello my lovely WordPress readers!

It has been a long time since I last posted!! This final semester was absolute insanity – 18 credits (5 of which were academic classes), on top of 5 rehearsals a week, working 3 nights a week, commuting to work 6+ hours a week, etc. – It has been a rough and long final haul. But fortunately, tomorrow I will be graduating with my B.A. in Dance Performance, my B.A. in Psychology, and my minor in Dance Therapy! I am finishing senior year with a 4.0 GPA, and will be graduating Magna Cum Laude, so all of my hard work has paid off! Check out my decorated graduation cap below!


Here is a little update about my life since I last was able to post!

I went on a few auditions and am happy to announce I will be performing with Introspective Movement Project which is a contemporary jazz dance company! I will also be teaching at a local studio, and hopefully blogging way more often!! I am finishing up another application to graduate school as well, so hopefully I will know soon if I am called to an interview or not. I will be attending the American Dance Festival’s Dance Professionals Workshop in a few weeks, and I will be seeing my boyfriend a lot this summer thankfully! ❤ 2017 has been a great year so far, and I hope to keep this ball rolling through the end of the year!

It killed me to not have any time to write for JLoF while I trudged through this semester. I was doing a lot of research and reading for my senior seminar project for my psychology degree, which I may or may not post as a separate page on my blog! I’d love to share some of the research I’ve gathered pertaining to dance/movement therapy, and it’s effectiveness as a treatment modality. Nonetheless, I am sorry I took a four month hiatus, but I promise I have a lot of beauty reviews, dance-related posts, and summer blog posts to share with you all!

First up is a review of some Colourpop pressed eyeshadows, so be on the lookout for those and a graduation wrap-up post after tomorrow’s festivities!!

Can’t wait to share my experiences with you all! ❤


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e.l.f. Cosmetics Mad for Matte 2 Palette Review

Hi beautiful people!

The other day, I stopped in the mall to buy a pair of jeans and hit the e.l.f. cosmetics store on my way out. Naturally, I couldn’t leave empty handed and I saw the Mad for Matte 2 palette was finally being sold in stores! Up until recently, it was solely an online exclusive item (when it was released), so I was ecstatic I could purchase it and try it out!

I don’t own the first Mad for Matte palette, however, I always hear great reviews about it. I know the first Mad for Matte palette is an e.l.f. customer favorite, and it is consistently sold out at the e.l.f. store at the mall near me, and online. When I saw they released the second edition, the colors spoke to me on a spiritual level… Ok that’s a bit extra, but the colors looked like the perfect transition shades all in one palette! I’ve been eyeing this palette since September, and I am pleased to inform you all that this product is everything I thought it would be and more!


My purchase included the palette, a Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade “Rose Gold”, and a new crease brush (a perfect match for the palette). The palette itself I’ve used this whole week, and it is incredible! The pigmentation is great, even with one swipe, and the formula is buttery – not dry at all!

I’ve wanted to try the Molten Liquid Eyeshadow as well for a while, and this lived up to every expectation I had! The color and foiledness can be built up with multiple applications, but once over the lid is enough to give you a shiny, metallic all-over color. I’ve been using the liquid shadow on my lid, and creating warm orange and red smoky eye looks with the Mad for Matte 2 palette! The Rose Gold shade of the Molten Liquid Eyeshadow pairs so well with the palette, and next time I am near the e.l.f. store, I want to pick up three other Molten Liquid Eyeshadows in “Brushed Copper”, “Liquid Gold”, and “Cool Steel”.

The staying power of these shadows is incredible. They last all day (including the liquid eyeshadow), and they even lasted through an 8pm dance class I took on Tuesday night, when I had done my makeup that morning! All of these products work so well, and I recommend picking them up if you have a chance. Not to mention they are super affordable! The palette was $10, the crease brush was $3 and the liquid eyeshadow was $4. You really can’t beat the prices, or the quality!

e.l.f. is an amazing drug store brand, and their products keep evolving and becoming better and better! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know how you like them!